[Pic | Trans] Jung Yonghwa Shares Sexy Outtake from Singles Magazine Shoot

[Trans] @CNBLUE_4: Everyone it’s me Yonghwa~ kk Have you seen the latest SINGLES magazine? I will reveal a photo of the shoot!!! It’s my most favorite photo of all, so I want to share with everyone. It’s been a long time since I did photo shoot so it was fun!!! kkkk ps Everyone it’s very chilly now so take care not to catch cold!!!!

OMFGAD!! Yes Jung Yonghwa FINALLY tweeted! I dont know if he really does read his mentions but its so weird because when I tweet several times asking for them to tweet, THEY TWEET! Maybe its a huge coincidence but I’m staring to think they really do read their mentions! OKOKOK…on to the spazzz…

WTF Yonghwa, can he look any more sexy? I mean really, he’s going to kill me one of these days and I mean it! This is my new favorite picture of this shoot, too bad its a picture of a Polaroid! But I dont care cuz its FUCKING HAWT!! His expression is just straight SEX! When I say straight sex I mean, he looks likeΒ  he wants to be forced down on a bed/ counter/ table/ floor and be taken advantage of and this Noona can DO THE JOB!! Oh yeah, I’m ready and he looks like he is too hehe!

I love the expression on his face and his full lips! The makeup is just enough to accentuate all his gorgeous features and his hair, the hat…FUUUUUCKKK! I really can’t take it! I love this message too! I’m so glad he can speak so openly with us, I feel as if his messages are directed to me, I’m sure you all know what I mean! He just seems so approachable and I really feel like he loves us as much as we love him. Its just such a good feeling! I love URI Yonghwa, I really do^^


Source: @CNBLUE_4 {2)
Trans: Fizzy @cnbluestorm

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

10 thoughts on “[Pic | Trans] Jung Yonghwa Shares Sexy Outtake from Singles Magazine Shoot

  1. Wonder why the editor didn’t use this shot in the magazine? I guess there must have been hundreds of good shots that could have been used but there’s just not enough pages..haha.

  2. Wow! You have been bombarding them with tweets! Good for you! On a separate note, your spazz sessions are getting more and more hilarious! I sense a very high level of frustration LOL

    • I’m sorrrry heheh! Yes I’m guilty of both! Have I really been tweeting them too much you think? I dont mean to bother them but I imagine how many mentions they must get so when I miss them, I tweet more!

      And YES, I’m sooo frustrated lately its sooo bad! Mari needs a BF in real life cuz Yonghwa is KILLING ME!!

      • You are not tweeting them too much! Besides your tweets are always funny. They are so refreshing after all the “you are so sexy” and “marry me” they usually get. There is nothing wrong with wanting to fk their brains out,lol

        • LOL!! I love that expression,,, what to fuck your brains out or fuck the shit out of you!! Thats pretty gross if you take it literally but YES I would love to do that….GAAA

          I really hope that my tweets stand out! It’s nice to know they read the mentions right? Makes you want to really think about what you want to say to them!

          So how have you been Kat?

  3. “Have you seen the latest SINGLES magazine?”
    My answer: YES! Seen the pics. Drooled over them. And, forked over $50 just to have the freakin’ physical copy of it!!

    ~OK, I will not think of the amount I just spent on a magazine. *sigh* But, it has been awhile since he’s done a solo photoshoot. This is one HOT pictorial. Definitely worth the wait! Am I the only one who would love to see him on the cover of GQ magazine one day? πŸ˜›

    • I would love to see him on any cover but I prefer to see a nice pictorieal like this one rather than him on the cover and just a couple of pics inside. EIther way, I’m glad to see him in a magazine all by himself already hehe!

      BTW, you are HARDCORE cuz I saw that mag for sale and some of the others for about $30 or so and I feel that’s too much to spend on a magazine when I’m used to spending $5 or less for one you know?! BUT i’m not gonna knock you for it! Its worth if you feel it is and that’s all that matters ^^

      Its good to know that you love him that much! IDKY but I feel happy that you love him so much cuz I love him too ^^

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