[News] FTISLAND’s Lee HongKi: “CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun Received Plastic Surgery”

I know that everyone has an opinion on this event, mishap whatever you want to call it! I also have an opinion on this topic so read on if you care to hear it! I honestly think that Lee Hongki had no business saying what he said. I understand that it was a spur of the moment, diarrhea of the mouth moment for him because I dont think he intentionally meant to blurt out about Jonghyun having surgery, but either way, he said it when he shouldn’t have. The fact that FNC made the final decision to let the clip of Hongki saying what he said about Jonghyun says a lot to me. I dont think that he should have all the blame put on him though. Yes, he was wrong for letting the proverbial cat out of the bag but was FNC right in giving the OK for it to air?

In my honest opinion, I dont feel that it was something that should’ve have been let out. I dont think it should’ve been up to FNC or Lee Hongki or anyone other than Jonghyun to disclose that he had surgery for whatever reason! Then when people heard the news, they jumped to conclusions about what kind of surgery it was that he had. Clearly if he wanted to have plastic surgery for ANY reason because it would make him feel better about himself then that’s his personal prerogative and no one should have anything to say about it! But the fact that he wanted to repair a sports injury is something that happens really commonly among wrestlers and the like as explained in the article and the findings put together by CNBLUESTORM.

With that said, Hongki has publicly apologized to both Jonghyun and us BOICE about the mishap so at this point, the issue should be over right? Wrong! Because fans have so to be so stupid and make things bigger than they have to be, now some BOICE have taken it upon themselves to attack Primadonnas, (FTISLAND Fans) and vice versa. Still blaming Hongki about what happened. Its not of our business what happens between these two guys people! Lee Jonghyun is a grown man and I think he can speak and stand up for himself so why do fans have to take it upon themselves to ‘fight’ these battles, I will never understand.

All I have to say is GROW THE FUCK UP PEOPLE! thank you <33


Lee Hong Ki, the vocalist of FT Island, revealed that fellow labelmate Lee Jong Hyun received plastic surgery.

On November 23, the FT Island members made a guest appearance on MBC Music’s “All the Kpop.” MC Park Jae Min asked the members if any of the FT Island members had plastic surgery.

Leader Choi Jong Hoon commented, “Our team, as well as CNBLUE , as well as our family at FNC didn’t undergo plastic surgery.” When Lee Hong Ki heard this, he inserted, “Isn’t there someone in CNBLUE? Ah, no there isn’t” and tried to cover up his slip up.

MC Boom couldn’t pass up on the opportunity and asked which CNBLUE member received surgery. To this, Lee Hong Ki replied, “Because Lee Jong Hyun’s ears weren’t pretty, he received plastic surgery.” Other FT Island members were surprised about the revelation.

This episode will…

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6 thoughts on “[News] FTISLAND’s Lee HongKi: “CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun Received Plastic Surgery”

  1. Fixing a sports injury is not even considered plastic surgery to me as far as I am concerned. What’s the big deal about something so minor?

    • Nothing at al! But of course there are those out there who have to blow up every issue! The mere fact that Jonghyun never talked about it clearly means that he didn’t want anyone to know and probably get the wrong idea about why he had it done!

  2. I agree with you, Hongki didn’t have to reveal something that didn’t concern him or his members directly and FNC is at fault too..i believe they decided to not edit that info in a way of getting “people talking” which clearly was stupid because all hell broke loose.
    The fact that JH had PS really wasn’t a surprise to me because i noticed the change in his ears since i saw a little kid JH photo and other predebut’s photos…other boices weren’t surprise either, Hongki confirmed the thing for some of us but still it was wrong.
    I personally think that eventho there was – reaction at the begining most of us let the thing go pretty fast but people who dislike Hongki took this as a chance to bash him and we (boice) ended up being blame for it….yes there was few fans who had negative reaction but there were very few of them.
    The thing that really made me wanna flip table was that some pris were blaming cnblue for all the hate Hongki was receiving because they wanted them to tweet something to stop it when most people who don’t even belong to the fandom were bashing him….Hongki is an adult and as such he must asume by himself the consequence of what he decides to reveal to the public…it’s not like he is a rookie who doesn’t know anything.
    I have so much things to rant because i saw so many pris insulting cnb but i’ll stop here. U-U

    • I’m so fucking mad cuz I wrote out this whole answer to your reply and then for some stupid reason, the fucking page changed and I lost all the damn message! Im not gonna type it again. You’re right about getting mad about how fans wanted to CNBLUE to respond about the whole shit! Honestly, I’m really glad they didn’t because its the stupid fucking fans on both sides that make a big deal about shit that not even the Idols are so concerned about!

      As far as Idols getting PS! Let them fucking do what they want to!! Who are fans to comment on whether its wrong or right?? PSH

        • Agreed! Its their choice but I really dont like that a lot of Idol feel pressured to change their appearance! If Yonghwa ever changed his teeth because he felt pressured to, I’d be really upset because I love his smile as IS, gummy and all! I love it!

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