[Scan] 121121 Jung Yonghwa’s ‘Military Vampire’ Shoot @ Singles Magazine December 2012









All 8 HQ Scans by Parishin

The leader of CNBLUE and top actor-dol, Jung Yong Hwa, revealed his chic, attractive winter photoshoot through the “Singles” magazine’s December issue. Until now, he’s shown a gentle image that earned him nicknames like “milk boy” and “pure boy”, he emitted his unique charisma in these photos.

The theme of the photoshoot is modern military look, with emphasis on the restrained and edgy wardrobe. As appropriate to the overall style, he showed utmost composure; his charisma overpowered the cameras with just one look or a facial expression.
His other garbs evoked the image of nobles from the Middle Ages, further accentuating his chic charms. For the filming of every shot, instead of simply posing, Jung Yong Hwa brought out his emotions as if acting out a scene. On the set, he received praise as being “an actor-dol indeed”.

The impressive photoshoot. graced with Jung Yong Hwa’s serious performance and the background that resembles classic paintings, is available in the December issue of “Singles” as well as their website (www.thesingle.co.kr).

출처 Source: http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=283270


Words cannot express how visually and dare I say, physically (to say the least) stimulating I found this photo shoot to be! OMFGAWD how does a creature like this exist and why the FUCK is he not my boyfriend AND IN MY BED RIGHT NOW?? Life is totally unfair for Jung Yonghwa to be this fucking good looking and be in HQ and how dare he look so totally  fuckable! This Noona can’t take his unbelievably sexy manly charms and YONGHWA IN MILITARY UNIFORMS!

Really I cant breath when I look at these scans! Look at his flawlessness in the second to last seated picture, that’s my favorite one BTW, he’s just surpassed any expectations I could have of his unending charisma! I WANT TO BEAR THIS MAN’S CHILDREN! What more can I say about this shoot other than it has given me even more mental material to use when I fantasize about this sexy man-beast. Yonghwa is just food for the eyes which fills me up & makes me a happy girl! I love him so much besides the visual, he’s beautiful on the inside as well!

*exhales* OK now that I got the rant out, I feel much better! GOOD LORD THANK YOU! heheh Wow I needed to let that out and I’m sure all you Yonghwa biased can agree!


Scans:  Parishin

News Source: justjyh.com

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

29 thoughts on “[Scan] 121121 Jung Yonghwa’s ‘Military Vampire’ Shoot @ Singles Magazine December 2012

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  2. Yes!! Finally a decent photo-shoot for Yong Hwa. 🙂 I’ve felt so deprived for many months seeing all the other boys do awesome photo-shoots while Yong Hwa appeared in the same Japanese promotion pictures everywhere. I’ve been ranting to my friends saying how he’s in the best shape of his life right now and not one decent photo-shoot to showcase his hard earned body. Even though this photo-shoot doesn’t show any skin, those well fitted suits are plenty to get my mind going…places.. lol Oh my gosh, that first pic…he’s like a prince! I actually squealed when I first saw them lol After seeing him dressed like this I really want to see him in another drama. One where he plays a more edgier character. Or perhaps… a modern day prince? kekeke ok maybe that’s hoping for too much, but I can always fantasize. 😀

    • YES I KNOW! I thought I was the only one who noticed that Yonghwa hadn’t been in a solo shoot all year where te other guys were having multiple articles & photo spreads in magazines left and right!

      I’m so glad that finally when he did have one, it was as good as this one cigs I have never seen Yonghwa look this good in a magazine before!! Like you said, it would be nice for him to show off his physique but I’m glad he didn’t or hasn’t because I dot want people to look past his talents to focus on his obviously drop dead gorgeous good looks!

      • Its ok, we could just work as his wardrobe assistants. Only we get to see what no one else can ;p A prince like him shouldn’t have to unbutton his own jacket, that’s what we’re there for xD

          • Yong’s dong! lmao xD I’ll make it easy for you girl, just re-watch You’re Beautiful, ep 6. The scene where Shin Woo is following Go Minam around the stores as he wears those sexy ass tight jeans…especially in the crotch area…boy have mercy x_x See and this is where us wardrobe assistants come in because there’s no way he can get those off all by himself. You grab one leg and I’ll grab the other! Lol

          • Oh my gosh I just remembered about this gif I saw on tumblr a while back when Yong Hwa had appeared on Running Man. When I first saw the episode I didn’t notice anything until someone zoomed in on Yong Hwa and made it into a gif. I won’t say anymore, but lets see if you can see something strange with this picture. Either its what I think it is, or my eyes are deceiving me. You be the judge 😉

          • LMAO xD Right! I thought I was the only one who was imagining things lol I know I’m perverted but gosh, I mean just look at that thing! What else could it be? xp Was he not wearing underwear? Oh Yong…you…bad boy 😉

          • Kekeke well my work here is done 😉 I tell ya, noona’s need to stick together so we can share things like this. I’ll admit I stared at it for a long time when I first saw it. So I can imagine you must be busy right now lol I’ll let you have your moment and have a great night. Filled with Yong Hwa dreams I’m sure. ;D And like a slogan that’s posted on my door at work, “Life is better with Yong Hwa.” G’night! 😉

          • Lol aw shucks, stop I’m blushing lol My twitter is AussieRay81, I don’t really post much but I definitely follow your posts 🙂

  3. HQ!!!!!!! These will go into my family treasures to be passed down to my grandchildren ahahahahah!!! Need to tell them there exists this perfect man on earth LOLOLOL ~btw idkw but i think his glare in the 5th pic is sooo cute lol makes me want to poke him and annoy him, etc etc etc kekeke~ And the last pic is my favorite too!! His pose,hair,espressions♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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