[Site News] Gleefully Announcing ColorMeCNBLUE Is BACK From Hiatus!

Dear Loving BOICE,


I would like to take this time to announce that I am back from my brief hiatus! I just couldn’t stay away from updating and most importantly, ALL OF YOU! I really planned on being away longer but just the few days that I had not updated, I felt like something was missing from my day! I just couldn’t stay away for long…hahaha I think this has to be the shortest hiatus of all time! I was so upset the day I decided to leave, to be honest, I was going to close it down completely while on hiatus where no one could access the site while I was gone but despite my anger, I chose not to do that. It was due to all the love and supportive messages that I received while I was away that really made me want to come back so soon!

Here are just some of the loving messages I got:

M: Mari~ sorry to hear about all the craziness you’ve been going through. I understand the situation you’re in, because I’ve been through it too. It’s hard not to vent your anger. Just know that there are many of us who appreciate the time and dedication you put into this site and for giving us a place to spazz about CNBLUE. I hope you’ll be back from hiatus soon. The BEST to you~

May: Mari, I am going to miss this site. You have been doing such a great job and all BOICEs would appreciate what you have done for us. As for the other person, oh well, we cannot really control what they do. But we have integrity not to do what they do…. Be strong! We love you!

Ryn: Hi, Mari. I’m Ryn. I accidentally found this site around 3 months ago and since then this site has always been the first site that i check each day whenever i open my laptop. I really love how you add your comments around our boys’ pictures, fancams, news and everything and I truly appreciate the hard work you put to share the updates around our boys with international BOICE like us. Aaaa.. I feel sad that the first time i commented, it has to be in this post out of all. Sorry about that, not that i don’t want to but because I was not comfortable enough with my English >.< But i really want you to know how much we love you.. We understand that you are hurt by those irresponsible acts from certain irresponsible people and i really feel sorry about that. Be strong Mari!! ^^ Take your time to calm down and rest and please do comeback to us when you are ready.. Hehe.. But seriously I’m gonna miss you with all your comments a lot coz for three months now, visiting your site has been like my daily meal. All the best and take care Mari. ^.^ ❤

Anna: Hi! Mari…i’m Anna, your silent fan and avid reader of your ColorMeCNBLUE…i learned this site last Sept 2012 and since then, checking daily updates has been my routine…Its sad to know that you’re decided to go on hiatus. I understand how you have been hurt by that Leona da Bitch!-such a very shameless person…it only shows that she is not capable to make it on her own that she has to used someone’s efforts so that she can gets credits for her page! Please Mari…don’t stop!…just rest for a while…calm down and think for any possible action that can safely guard your site and blogs….but please please do not closed this! I checked the facebook link and its no longer colormecnblue but I love blue..although there were post and blogs but by just mere looking at the page..since we know that it was only copied and repost…no excitement to read! I really hope that you can get back soon! I’ll wait for you! This is the first time I become a fan of Korean Band, and it is one and only CNBLUE! their songs were my national anthem as my children says…especially during my bedridden months and since I found your site.. reading updates, watching their pictures and videos were added to my daily routine….with that, please accept my Grateful Thanks to you! I love the way how you write with your feelings!.. How you express your thoughts and opinions….and How you’re heart talks!…through my readings…i can say that you’re such a good person!( Nice meeting you here!) I will surely miss those for a while! Ms. Mari…Fighting!

Thank you all so much for letting me know how you feel about ColorMeCNBLUE and for me. I can’t put into words what I felt when I read these comments and to know what me & my site mean to you all! Some of you actually never commented before and you chose to write to me in my time of need for emotional support and for that I am touched beyond belief. All this awesome attention and words of encouragement gave me the strength to want to come back after just a couple of days LOL!

So with that said, I wanted to let people know that I will not allow copycats and the like to get me or keep me down. I am only human so of course things will bother me, anger me, and test my ability to deal with others’ either intended or unintended copyright infringement of my writings and articles! I guess I should anticipate that someone will commit this offense again in the future because as we all know, there are so many lazy and just plain stupid people in this world who do not want to put in the effort to get to where they want to go on their own so they leech off of hardworking people like myself. Just to remind everyone, all posts and pages published on this site are copy-written. Therefore I can seek legal action if someone copies ANY written content of ANY post or page without permission from me!

Also, I wanted to formally announce the launch of my brand new Facebook page for ColorMeCNBLUE! Here’s a screencap of what MY site looks like, please do not support or encourage any copy cats that may be out there now or in the future!

Please visit and spread the word about it for me! Thank you once again to all my friends and CNBLUE family for being so vocal both here on my site and on Twitter! If it were not for your encouraging words, I would not be here right now so thank you once again! I love you all!

23 thoughts on “[Site News] Gleefully Announcing ColorMeCNBLUE Is BACK From Hiatus!

  1. Wow…it was even a shorter time for me. It was about 30 seconds and I was so sad during that time, I almost turned the computer off completely, but I would have missed your next post…this one, announcing your return. I am so glad. It’s nice to feel love, be loved and give love. I feel all warm and fuzzy right now. Just seeing the show of support for you. It’s a nice community, I like being part of it, but with no Mari, it’s just not worth it. Glad you are back. ******smile*****
    Keep up the good work missy!!! I will be back soon.

  2. Hehe I was sure you will come back ♥ It was impossible that you stop your site kk !
    Good idea for the Facebook page, I liked it ^^ with the Facebook page of Parasite Scene and with my personal account !

  3. Hahaha Mari. I knew it. with so much of YongHwa great photos. How can you and how could you resist from the temptation of input your two goody goody spazzing. Welcome back. I was thinking Mari has to come back today. And here you are. Great come back. Cheer and Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

  4. I was just about to comment about your hiatus when I hear your back! =D You have no idea how saddened I was when I heard about your hiatus and the plagiarism. I’ve been there before with some of my videos on youtube. I completely understood where you were coming from and if you needed time, then by all means you deserve that right. But at the same time I was going to miss your updates and your fan-girling, because no one can understand noona fan-girling like you girl! ;D I’m a noona too and we need to stick together. Lol I’m just so happy you decided to return and resume this awesome site, because seriously, it’s my favorite CN Blue fan-site that I’m constantly checking for updates. =) I just want to thank you sincerely for sharing with us all the CN Blue goodies that you could easily keep to yourself, but unselfishly you give to other fans. Thanks again Mari, your the best! =]

    • I’m happy too! I really planned on being away for awhile to kindof get away but I just couldn’t! I love this site and my readers too much to stay away long! I wanted to in a sense punish those who had stolen from me by shutting down my site but I realized that I would be hurting myself & you guys by doing that!

      Thank you for coming everyday & giving me an audience to write to! You guys are what brought me back! I love you so much<333 btw, I really can't spazz the way I want to unless I'm here! Hehehe

  5. I had a really bad time at school but this announcement made my day! Don’t let idiots that steal your work upset you, and just know that your loyal readers will be by your side! 🙂
    Looking forward to more posts from you 😀

  6. Welcome back!!! I’m so sorry to hear what happened to you! Copycats are reli everywhere and I guess this is one of the most common problems every site owners face… I just don’t understand why people need to steal something from others and claim it’s their own creations? Sometimes I even think these people may be mentally ill in some ways, perhaps suffering from social incapability? They have no friends of their own and so need to steal things from others which can bring them connections with others..?
    Be strong Mari. I am so glad that you decide not to close it down!! I can imagine how much time and efforts you spent everyday to run this site. it’s reli a pity and totally not worth if you close it cos of those goddamn copycats!! Like others have said, I like how you add your personal comments and thoughts on every update rather than simply throwing us news and information. And I also love how you respond to every single comment you received!! you’re so nice for doing so!! All these things you do add so much of your own colors to this site and make it irreplaceable! Pls don’t give up!! 😀

    • *hugs you so tight* thank you thank you for liking what I do! At first I thought that people would be turned off by me commenting and giving my opinion on every post but I was quite surprised when it was just the opposite! I’m so glad that so many people have come forward to support me, It really means so much to me!

      I think that me replying to every comment makes this site more personal. I want people to know that I’m here and I listen! I think and I hope that this makes you feel comfy & know that no matter what, I will respond! I have met so many really cool people this way and I feel blessed!

      Thank you for taking time to write me, I hope you do it often^^

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