[Pic | Vid] 121121 CNBLUE Arrive Red Carpet Ready @ ‘Ari Ari’ Movie Premiere

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Waaa don’t our guys look super handsome when they go out? Of course they always look good but for some reason, they look extra shiny for this special event, the movie premiere for ‘Ari Ari’.Β  That last image is so nice because it has just some of the FNC Family as newest additions to the label AOA made an appearance on the red carpet as well as FTISLAND leader and guitarist Choi Jonghun. Our darling maknae Lee Jungshin could not attend the event mostly likely due to filming for MDSY which is becoming sort a trend. Poor JS seems to be missing out on so many events due to his side job these days and he is also missed.

*Junghin, FIGHTING!! Your BOICE surely notice when you are not in attendance with your fellow band brothers and even though we know you are busy hard at work, we miss your bright smile either way! I’m sure your hyungs miss you too when you are not with them. However, it seems by that last picture, Jonghun has taken your place for the night as the 4th member of CNBLUE hehe*


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16 thoughts on “[Pic | Vid] 121121 CNBLUE Arrive Red Carpet Ready @ ‘Ari Ari’ Movie Premiere

  1. Oh Yong Hwa…I just want to sneak my arms inside that jacket, it looks nice and warm πŸ˜‰ Of course Yong Hwa would make me burn up so maybe that’s not a good idea lol I couldn’t help but notice how Jong Hoon looks so short beside the CN Blue boys, but it’s alright, he’s really hot! He’s my FT Island bias. πŸ™‚

    • Ahhh yes, he always give me that feeling of wanting to cuddle with him then wanting to attack him when his guard is down lol!

      btw, Jong hun & Minhwan are my biases but I can’t choose just one cuz I like them each for different reasons. And they are BOTH short lol!!

      • I had a hard time choosing a bias with FTI as well. I can’t look at their ‘I Wish’ MV without wanting to throw myself at each one of them because they are all just so incredibly cute! But there’s just something about Jong Hoon…man on man…I was born in the wrong country! ;(

        • LMAO!! Why do I freaking think the same way sometimes! Like there are so many fucking sexy ass or crazy cute men in SOUTH KOREA!! We must make our way there sometime soon cuz NOONA needs a man!!! Lol

  2. Holla Mari,It’s my first time post a comment to your blog, i’ve been stalking in your blog since July. I’m silent reader back then. I have no brave to post comment because of my terrible English (i think i got yonglishefect ^^), since english is not my 1st language. mari you always reply any comments, it gives me courage to practice my bad english, if you don’t mind i will consider you as my english tutor. honestly i can’t post comment with my phone but since i have freetime in my office i’ll try to post it often in the future. I’m Glad finally you’re back from your mini-hiatus. Sorry for my long random comment. Please treat me well *deep bow*

    • LOL you are quite well at English so dont fret, I would never turn anyone away or not comment because of your lack of English knowledge!

      Thank you for being so brave and FINALLY making your first comment! YAY for you! Hope you now feel its ok to comment more often, as you know already i answer all my comments so please feel free to comment on everything if you feel you have something to say! Or you can just say hello^^

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