[Site News] ColorMeCNBLUE on Hiatus Due to Plagiarism


I have decided to go on hiatus due to too many instances of carelessness and straight up disrespect that has been shown to me time after time! When I decided to create this site, I wanted to provide a place for fans of CNBLUE to visit for news and media content that fans couldn’t find anywhere else! I wanted to make this site so that I could connect with other lovers of CNBLUE and I have met so many beautiful people over the past few months, some relationships I know will span for a long time so I am grateful for that!

Unfortunately, because there are some people who cannot respect my wishes to not have my content stolen and reused, I am going to shut down and I dont know if and when I am going to re-open to the public again. You can thank @leona03bitch and some others who have used my site as a stepping stone for their own benefits and have not provided the proper credit of the source which is my site! I am so hurt by these acts of disrespect, especially to the person I just mentioned. I dont know her and yet I was kind enough to let her use my post information on her facebook and then she stabs me in the back by using the nameΒ  ColorMeCNBLUE for her facebook page. This act of dis-concern for my feelings really put me over the edge so I can’t go on. I can’t continue being nice to people who will smile in my face and then use me. This is too much for me.

This is her fb page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ANJell-Youre-Beautiful/160079029830?fref=ts

This is the URL to the other FB page she made with MY NAME: http://www.facebook.com/colormecnblue

ColorMeCNBLUE does NOT HAVE A FACEBOOK page so if you see one, its not me! Please do not support someone who would steal my name! If I did make a FB I would announce it here and everyone would know about it! Anyway, thank you to everyone who has been by my side from say one! Thank you all for your support!


I didn’t want to have to make one but I created a facebook page just so I can hold on the the URL and the name Facebook.com/ColorMeCNBLUE! This is MY name! No one should ever use it other than me! This is connected my online persona and essentially a part of me! Its my twitter name & its how people know me online! You cannot take that away from me! I have posted our entire conversation on Twitter for you to see for yourselves. I dont think I was overreacting when I cursed and acted out of anger. People know its not like me to be mean to anyone so for her to be nice to my face & do what she did. it makes it worse.

23 thoughts on “[Site News] ColorMeCNBLUE on Hiatus Due to Plagiarism

  1. Mari…sweetie. I will not miss you for long because you have to come back. Take time off to get things together, I understand. But please don’t leave forever. This was a shitty thing to have happened…I had actually liked her FB, so thank you for seething me straight. I promptly went to her FB and DE-LIKED her. I have been loving your writing since I first found cnbluestorm. Then I started following your blog. I had to go right to the wonderful source. I think someone as talented as you needs to stay here, plus you are my link to all things CNBLUE. I love those boys and I need my youthful MARI connection. Some people have a lot of nerve. I am sorry this person has done this to you. The people who support are pissed off as well. When you feel like it, you come back and we will welcome you with open arms….well at least open eyes and open minds. Until then, I will keep up with my dog and pony blog show….keeping my eye out for my pal Mari (because she rocks!) your friend, CNBLUE devotee and forever colored CNBLUE be cuz of you! Chris

    • Don’t worry my dear, u wrote this posts months ago and took a few days off at that time. Thank you for all of your support, you really don’t understand how much it means to me to have such loving friends as yourself when there are such assholes in the world!

      Anyway, I’m here to stay <333

      • I must have clicked on something old….sorry. Well, I didn’t get a chance to be rightly pissed off before….so I got it it of my system now. I also didn’t mean to drudge up old memories. It was helpful because I did like her FB page, so I UNLIKED it this evening. I guess grandma here needs to read mor carefully….in fact I should just say good night for now and rest the old peepers. It’s on Monday for goodness sakes. I have a week of work ahead of me. Hugs!!!!!

  2. Hi! Mari…i’m Anna, your silent fan and avid reader of your ColorMe CNBLUE…i learned this site last Sept 2012 and since then, checking daily updates has been my routine…Its sad to know that you’re decided to go on hiatus. I understand how you have been hurt by that Leona da Bitch!-such a very shameless person…it only shows that she is not capable to make it on her own that she has to used someone’s efforts so that she can gets credits for her page! Please Mari…don’t stop!…just rest for a while…calm down and think for any possible action that can safely guard your site and blogs….but please please do not closed this! I checked the facebook link and its no longer colormecnblue but I love blue..although there were post and blogs but by just mere looking at the page..since we know that it was only copied and repost…no excitement to read!
    I really hope that you can get back soon! I’ll wait for you! This is the first time I become a fan of Korean Band, and it is one and only CNBLUE! their songs were my national anthem as my children says…especially during my bedridden months and since I found your site.. reading updates, watching their pictures and videos were added to my daily routine….with that, please accept my Grateful Thanks to you! I love the way how you write with your feelings!.. How you express your thoughts and opinions….and How you’re heart talks!…through my readings…i can say that you’re such a good person!( Nice meeting you here!) I will surely miss those for a while!
    Ms. Mari…Fighting!

    • Thank you Anna! I swear I have never imagined that so many ppl really love my site! I was so ignorant to it! Since I announce the hiatus, so many sweet people have come forward to tell me how much they love my site & will miss it! OMG I dunno. all I can say is that I feel blessed!

      I’m sorry to hear that you were bedridden but I’m glad that you could find entertainment & all the other crazy things that ColorMeCNBLUE is made of! I feel so honored that you felt comforted by coming here! Thank you for your message! I hope to hear from you some more Anna^^

  3. Hi, Mari. I’m Ryn. I accidentally found this site around 3 months ago and since then this site has always been the first site that i check each day whenever i open my laptop. I really love how you add your comments around our boys’ pictures, fancams, news and everything and I truly appreciate the hardwork you put to share the updates around our boys with international BOICEs like us. Aaaa.. I feel sad that the first time i commented, it has to be in this post out of all. Sorry about that, not that i don’t want to but because I was not comfortable enough with my English >.< But i really want you to know how much we love you.. We understand that you are hurt by those irresponsible acts from certain irresponsible people and i really feel sorry about that. Be strong Mari!! ^^ Take your time to calm down and rest and please do comeback to us when you are ready.. Hehe.. But seriously I'm gonna miss you with all your comments a lot coz for three months now, visiting your site has been like my daily meal. All the best and take care Mari. ^.^ ❀

    • OMG YOU GUYS ARE KILLING ME! Seriously you’re like the third or forth person who never commented before but now that I say I’m going on hiatus, you comment and basically KILL ME with your sweetness!!! What am I going to do??

      Thank you for taking the time to write me this lovely and heartbreaking message! You visiting me everyday means the world to me that you think that highly of my tiny little website! Should I just not go on hiatus now??? ARGH! Lol TBH I really wanted to post today so maybe I will tommorow ^^

  4. oh my gosh! im so sad now! this is one of the site that i frequently visit. please come back immediately. but i understand your feelings. this is not the first time i encountered this. some sites i visit have the same problem. i always love to read your post about your “craziness-in-love with cnblue especially to yong choding” hahhahaha it always makes me laugh. be strong and come back, okay

  5. Mari, I am going to miss this site. You have been doing such a great job and all BOICEs would appreciate what you have done for us. As for the other person, oh well, we cannot really control what they do. But we have integrity not to do what they do…. Be strong! We love you!

    • Wow that makes me feel so happy to read this! You have no idea what your words mean to me!

      Everyone has been so supportive and so kind and loving to me! I love you all so much, I really do! I’m so happy that so many ppl love my site and what I do here, I didn’t think that it would be this liked when I first decided to launch it! I really didn’t!

      And now after over 200k hits and so many of you are daily visitors, I really like we are a family! Thank you for letting me know how you feel! I dont think I could stay away too long! seriously this site is my baby and I cant ignore it for too long. I just feel a bit hurt by others trying to take my style and my words and claim them as their own. It hurts to know that there are those who need to leech off of others’ hard work, off of my hard work! That truly bothers me. I need the strength to deal with that. It almost feels like they are trying to take who I am behind this site and I can’t allow them to do that!

      But I’ll be back soon…before you even get to miss me hehehe!l *kisses*

  6. Mari~ sorry to hear about all the craziness you’ve been going through. I understand the situation you’re in, because I’ve been through it too. It’s hard not to vent your anger. Just know that there are many of us who appreciate the time and dedication you put into this site and for giving us a place to spazz about CNBLUE. I hope you’ll be back from hiatus soon. The BEST to you~

    • Thank you so much M! God I just started crying hahah cuz I really love this place I’ve made and I love to just talk randomly about everything about our boys! I fucking appreciate all of you people so much, I really want you to know that! Thank you for your kind words, I love you all for coming here & talking to me & loving what I do, it makes me so happy beyond measure!

      Thank you! I’ll be back soon, promise^^

  7. Hi Mari, sorry to hear that. Stay strong. Will miss your site very very much.. I love all your radom emotion,excitement,extreme craziness on each photo and or any incident about the boys. Take deep deep breath, now try to calm yourself. Coz it’s not worth it to raise your high blood pressure becuz of ungraceful person. Take care.

    • Thank you honey! I probably won’t stay away for too long, I think I just need a few days to take a break away from the drama! Like you said, I don’t need the extra stress on my already weak body! Thank you for your concern and for the words of encouragement!

      Spazzy Mari will be back soon^^

  8. Wouaaa it’s so pitiful ! This girl is so hateful !!
    I’m really sad that you go on hiatus 😦
    Even if I don’t let many comments (sorry ><) I really love your blog and come here everyday. I'm going to miss you Γ©_Γ¨

    • I’m sorry that I have do this but I’m not sure what to do at this point! I’m just a bit tired of it you know? Thank you for your support, it means so much to me! I’m glad you commented even though it’s for something like this but still, my readers mean a lot to me! Hopefully I won’t be gone for long cuz I’m truly addicted toy site hahaah!

  9. This is so sad, that girl really has no shame…i hope you comeback soon, i love your spazzing articles and i’m very thankful for the compile photos and videos you share with us. Cheer up!!

    • Thank you Sandy, I appreciate all the friends I’ve made through spazzing. I’m just too upset right now to even continue! Too many people took away my pleasure by not respecting me and it hurts! I was really nice to that girl and she made me regret it!

  10. What ? I’m so sad that you decided to go on hiatus 😦 Be strong Mari !!
    This person is just pitiful… She must have nothing to do… She should buy herself a life ? lol =_=
    But the facebook link for colormecnblue doesn’t work. It has been deleted ?
    I hope you will continue your site soon. Thanks to it, I could meet a wonderful and nice boice : you ^^ !

    • Thank you Kimi, yes she deleted the page but only after I told her she couldn’t use my name! I dont know what would posses a person to use someone’s name like that! I use ColorMeCNBLUE for my twitter too, its not only my site name! I wouldn’t want someone to see that name somewhere else and think it was me! You know? Its just like if someone made a parasite scene on Facebook…people that know your site would think that FB is associated with you! Thats not right!

      Thank you for being my friend and my sister, I so appreciate your support and friendship! I treasure my friends and when i make friends, its for life! I thank you sister!

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