[Site News] Mari is TIRED of THIEVES

Hello Loyal BOICE,

I just wanted to say how much I love you all! You guys always comment and give me feedback, good or bad and I love it! I really appreciate all of you for sticking with me as my little site grows!

Now, I ask you all to help me out! If you browse the web and you see someone posting artwork that looks familiar to you and you find out its from ColorMeCNBLUE, please let me know! While browning around today I found this Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/cnblue.fnc they have obviously stolen my new header and cropped it and added their sorry looking ugly effects and CLAIM it as their work! LOOK AT THE COMPARISON!! ITS the same coloring and everything…they just cropped my image right at the top of my logo!

People are so funny because they act like its OK to borrow other peoples work and crop it and add some ugly shit and call it theirs! Why didn’t they just use the original Blue Night poster and crop that? But no, they wanted to take my shit! All I know is no matter what, I end up finding these idiots who think its alright to just visit other people’s sites and grab their self made image edits!

No its not OK and I WILL FIND OUT EVENTUALLY! So in the future, JUST ASK ME FIRST if you can use my edits or I cam make you your own but dont take my stuff guys! Its wrong! The same thing with all the Fansites that get their images taken and edited, I really feel bad for them because I can understand them and their frustration. No matter what, there are just lazy, untalented people in this world who would rather take something that doenst belong to them rather than talk to a fellow BOICE and just ask!

I’m still so very emotional about this, if you cant tell! I just wish that this wouldn’t happen to me so much! If this doenst stop, I may have to be forced to close my site because of this issue! I’m really sick and tired of people taking from me! Its so not cool and my feelings are hurt because I’m such a nice person to everyone, new and old BOICE alike, and to have people do this to me, its just like slapping my face. I may sound a bit dramatic right now but its really how I feel. I need a hug.

mari logo

8 thoughts on “[Site News] Mari is TIRED of THIEVES

  1. Fighting Mari !! There will always be bad people to stole our hard work without full credits >< ! It's disapointing
    (I liked your comment on Facebook :))

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