[News] FNC Announces CNBLUE’s 4th Japanese Release Titled ‘Robot’

CNBLUE and FNC Ent. have finally released the name of their new major Japanese release interestingly titled, ‘Robot’.

FNC Entertainment and Warner Japan have just released new information on the official CNBLUE Japan website regarding a new mini album scheduled just in time for Christmas on December 19th, 2012. This will make CNBLUE‘s 4th Major Japan album release to date and the 5th release overall for this year alone. The new mini album  titled ‘Robot’ will be available in three versions: Limited Edition, Special Warner Music Direct Edition, and Normal Edition, details are as follows:


1. Robot  [Lyrics/ Composed by Jung Yonghwa]
2. ring  [Lyrics/ Composed by Jung Yonghwa]
3. Starlit Night [Lyrics/ Composed by Lee Jonghyun]
4. Robot (Instrumental)

Available Editions

1st Release Limited Edition [CD+DVD]


  1. With me
  2. Have a good night
  3. No more
  4. Wake up
  5. Time is over
  6. In My Head

Plus Robot Music Video & Robot Special Feature Film

Price: ¥2,520 (about $32 USD)

Warner Music Direct Limited Edition [CD]

5 Christmas cards, Christmas Ornament, Original Jacket & Digipak
Price: ¥1,890 ( about $24 USD)

Normal Edition [CD]

Price: ¥1,260 (about $16)

**Featured on KpopStarz.com on behalf of CNBLUESTORM**

Source: cnblue.jp

written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

19 thoughts on “[News] FNC Announces CNBLUE’s 4th Japanese Release Titled ‘Robot’

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  2. wahh,i want to have it so badly,
    are u going to buy it too?
    haha,do you have all their album? 😀
    i want to ask,the warner edition is it only for japan? or we can buy on online shop like yesasia?

    • Hi Cindy, yeah I’m gonna buy the LE version so I can get that DVD hehe! No I don’t have all their physical albums but I have a few! I have all the came out this year & some from last year but I’m afraid some are out of print so I won’t be able to collect them all!

      The Warner edition from what I know is most likely just going to be available in Japan just like Lawson therefore you won’t find it on yesasia! Robot is already available for preorder there!

  3. I want “Starlit Night” to be real hard rock 🙂 Jonghyun did “Come on”, so he can do some serious rock. Starlit Night head bang would be awesome!

        • I hope so too! Still people thought ‘Code Name Blue’ was going to be different than what it was and even though it wasn’t the Rock sound a lot were expecting it was still good so I’m going to have no expectations this time too!

          • Code Name Blue wasn’t what i was expecting either but i loved the finale product….i think you’re right, i’ll try to not have expectations this time 😀

          • Yeah, I remember people reading my Review of ‘CNB’ and hearing that it wasn’t what they expected and some were dis-pointed! I’m not gonna say I LOVE everything they do but I still support them, you know! Like I hate Blue Sky so I skip it all the time, lol but if I see them perform it I’d probably feel different about it!

            It just helps to have an open mind when it comes to music because everyone has different tastes. It must be hard to please everyone, I would hate to be in their shoes regarding that. That’s just my two cents lol

          • Very true…btw you hate Blue Sky :O i love YH voice in that song, idk why it gives me a peaceful feeling, but the song i skip always is “with me” bcs it gives me fti vibes U-U

          • LOL really? FTI vibes?? LOL I like With me cuz it reminds me of like young guys rockin out in their garage or something hehe

            Yeah, see I love Yong’s voice in Blue Sky but the lyrics KILL ME when I hear them! just way tooo much engrish and I cant enjoy his voice like I want to lol…idk

          • The lyrics!! i was hating the person who wrote them because they ruined a flawless song ugh! i try not to listen the lyrics and i just focus on the voice…i just disconnect the part of my brain that undestands english hahaha XD

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