[Site News] New Affiliate Added: BOICE Peru

Hello Lovely BOICE,

I just wanted to inform all my followers of the awesome news. With the recent attention paid to South American BOICE and their most genouers updates of photos and information during CNBLUE‘s trip to Chile for ‘Music Bank’ World Tour concert, I was able to make a new friend, BOICE Peru!! BOICE Peru is a CNBLUE fanbase for hispanic BOICE, here is their decription:

BOICEs Peruanas de  ,desde antes del debut de CNBLUE , Apoyandolos al 1000%. Con el único objetivo de dar el mayor apoyo posible a CNBLUE y reunir a todas l@s Boices Peruanas y Latinoamericas para así lograr una gran familia azul.

[TRANS] Peruvian BOICE Loving♥ CNBLUE from their debut, supporting them 100%. The only objective is to be the biggest support to CNBLUE and all the Peruvian BOICE and Latinoamericas to come together and make a grand ‘BLUE” family!

As always I am so very thankful to be able to expand my CNBLUE & BOICE family so I am most excited to say that a fellow Latino fan base is now a part of my family! Thank you BOICE Peru!

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