[Pic | Info] 121106 FNC Reveals Official Poster for CNBLUE 【BLUE NIGHT】 Live in Seoul Concert



This is an announcement from FNC ENTERTAINMENT.

Ticketing for CNBLUE Live [BLUE NIGHT] ended in great success with many BOICE’s warm support.

However, in the mean time we’re facing some serious problem with some parties who are re-selling purchased tickets with a profit.

Also, there are some sellers who are not carrying tickets but act as they have

it and try to play a trick on this issue.

Here we announce that tickets could be canceled without any notice for the ones who bought with commercial purpose. So please stop selling or handing over the tickets. And we would like to ask our fans not to purchase tickets via any other routes but our official ticketing sites to prevent any kinds of property damage generated by this situation. We would not be responsible for the damage which occurred by abnormal purchase. Lastly, whoever observes this kind of ticket re-selling situation on typical web site please report us via cn@fncent.com.

(Please attach web site address and seat information inside the mail.) Thank you.

Source: cnblue.co.kr

OK so this post has alot of information so let me break it down one thing at a time. Firstly, I just wanted to explain the message from FNC Entertainment above. Two days ago. ‘BLUE NIGHT” tickets went on pre-sale for official BOICE, fans that hold membership with FNC for CNBLUE‘s fanclub. Some of these so called fans purchased tickets in large amounts. Each customer is allowed to purchase a limited amount of tickets but somehow they were able to put these purchased tickets on various auction sites for higher prices to make some money off of CNBLUE fans! What kind of BOICE would do such a thing? That shit really pisses me off! I’m not even in Korea nor do I have to ability to attend this concert but I am BOICE nonetheless and I cannot fathom that a FAN of CNBLUE would take money away from them! Granted we all complain about having to spend our money on all these albums and DVD’s that cost so much and take up all our money but you know what, we do it because ultimately, it supports the band that we love so that they can keep making the music we love! Some BOICE were so hurt and pissed off because they weren’t able to get a hold of any tickets so of course that’s upsetting to anyone who hears that, especially the rest of us BOICE. I mean, I can’t go to Korea just to attend a concert but still, I give a shit about those who can especially since they are friends and BOICE support each other!
I will gladly spend the money I can to support CNBLUE even though I cannot attend their concerts because of location. Honestly, if I lived in Korea or Japan, I probably would not afford to attend all their lives like other fans do but I would surely make an effort to see them if I could even if it was just one time! I hate to see CNBLUE lose fans and money because of some bullshit assholes who feel like ripping the off and BOICE as well. So please, read the message and if you see anyone selling tickets online, do not purchase them even it its a good price! Seriously, we need to show CNBLUE that those people who did this are not their real fans! They need to know that we love them and are fighting to make sure our BOICE name does not get tarnished!
Whew, with that said I want to get to the other topic at hand and lighten things up again….DID YOU GET A GOOD LOOK AT THE EYE CANDY ABOVE? HOLY GORGEOUS MAN MEAT BATMAN!!! Yes, we finally have a new poster for the new ‘BLUE NIGHT’ concert happening next month in Seoul, Korea on the 15th & 16th of December.  Oh damn that poster is so spazz worthy! Look at their clothes! I just can’t…they look more manly and sexy than I’ve ever seen them! LOOK AT YONGHWA!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! Sorry but I really just cant contain myself over HIM in this poster! They ALL look so asdkjfhkdjhgaldk tasty but yeah, YONG is my freaking bias for a reason cuz he’s so damn HAWT!! BTW, is it just me or does Yonghwa look taller that Minhyuk and Jonghyun? LOL I mean at first I just thought it was because he’s stand slightly in front of them so that would explain him looking taller but he’s not THAT much in front of the others to seem that tall but whatever, I dont care how tall he is…every last inch on that man’s body is FIERY HAWWWT I tell you…just straight SEX…SEXXXXX!

CLICK HERE for more info on ‘BLUE NIGHT’


Source:  @FNC_ENT

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