[Pic | Vid] 121103 CNBLUE Fantaken Media Collection @ ‘Music Bank En Chile’

cr:Janet Borja

[FA] When Yonghwa received the book with the “1,000 reasons to love CNBLUE” he was so surprised that he couldn’t stop reading it, he was carrying the book with him before he left the hotel. She also said Yonghwa was very kind and humble. cr: Janet Borja (A Peruvian elf who helped us deliver the book)

OK, now I know some of you have already contacted me asking about this so I hope that this next tidbit of information helps to clear up some of the confusion that has been looming around this incident. I only WISH I had been there personally so I could tell you guys or beat some bitch senseless! Its so funny because some people have been asking me stuff about certain things as If I were in Chile myself! Shit, I wish I could’ve been there but I wasn’t. I guess the only thing that gives me a leg up above anyone else is the fact that I can understand Spanish have  Click the link for the entire ‘CLARIFICATION – YH and Kiss Incident. FA”.  So according to this report, Yonghwa WAS grabbed by this person as she ATTEMPTED to kiss him on the cheek but it was averted by his security who acted quickly and pulled him away so I believe there was no contact between her nasty lips & our Yonghwa‘s gorgeous face! LOL

Sorry if I seem a bit bitter about the whole thing but it really pisses me off the more I think about it,  how people just dont give a shit about respecting CNBLUE’S and the rest of the Idol’s privacy! Its not only their privacy that is held in question, its the respect thy deserve! Where is the respect? The right for them to go out in public and not be mauled by hungry fans! I mean dont get me wrong, its one thing to be excited and chase down a car to get a glimpse of them but its another thing to literally jump on a person who you DO NOT know and kiss and hug them without their consent! Would you do that to any guy you like that you see on the street? NOOOO but its totally OK to do that to a celebrity because you think you know & love them? >,> That’s utterly rude and disrespectful in my humble opinion and I would never, ever do that to someone I claim to care about like Yonghwa or any other celebrity I admire! I’d rather admire him from afar and not offend then to be the girl he remembers because she hurt him or made him feel like a piece of meat! Besides, a word to the wise, If you like Asian artists then take a moment to educate yourself on their cultures because that also shows you care!

Sorry for the rant but what better place to do it than on my own freaking site? LMAO!! Do you guys agree with me or what? Please let me know cua I wanna hear what you guys have to say or feel about this happening to our favorite guys!

Yonghwa Takes a Selca with Miss Chile  2012 & Co – Music Bank MC

BTW, Aren’t they just standing a LITTLE BIT TOO CLOSE?? Just saying…>,> *sooo fucking jealous I can’t even…*

Yonghwa Performing ‘Love Me Tender’

Gifs Cr: lsohao in weibo”

cr:Janet Borja

Crappy Ass Screen Caps of CNBLUE LIVE Streaming

by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE


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Over 80 Images Credited As Labeled

SO, its taken me the better part of my Saturday to find and make sure I got the correct credit information on most of the images because some people cannot be bothered to correctly label IMAGES! I do apologize if I made a mistake or incorrectly labeled an image, I could only go by what was listed! With that said, I tried to find all the images and i think I did a pretty good job! I actually thought there would be more but it is what it is and I’m sure more will surface as the days pass when people update their sites. Of course if and when more become available, you can count on Mari to share them here!! I hope that I did a good enough job with compiling some of CNBLUE‘s time spent in Chile! Now of course I didn’t list all the fan cams that there are but I did post a few that I liked the most! If you want more, go to YouTube and knock yourselves out hehe!

Before the show, a lot of information came out on twitter about the guys’ performance set-list and there were soooo many errors! Like someone said they would perform ‘Still In Love’ which really got my hopes up & I was super disappointed when it didn’t happen, and the special stage with Davichi & Yonghwa that was supposedly set to happen…needless to say it didn’t. One really nice surprise was that just around the time that the show was going to start, they announced the MC’s for the show and Yonghwa‘s name came up which was super cool! the But anyway, I’m not sure where people got their info from but here’s what CNBLUE performed:

  1. Love Me Tender (Elvis Presley) Solo by Jung Yonghwa
  2. Intuition
  3. I’m a Loner
  4. Love

One thing that was super funny throughout all the images and information that surfaced over the past two days, were some of the images of Jonghyun & Minhyuk! I jokingly mentioned on twitter that these two were so antisocial the entire time and all I can do is laugh at the thought of outgoing Yonghwa taking pictures with and blowing kisses to fans and waving at them and the other two were just in the background happily allowing their hyung to get all the attention. Maybe they were upset that Jungshin couldn’t make it or just plain tired of all the screaming and craziness? Or maybe they were freaking tired period! I’m sure was a reason but I think Yonghwa felt the burden of having to step up to being the ‘Fan Whore’ during this trip! Seriously, Dude was everywhere! But Its cool, I’m sure he enjoys meeting his fans. He clearly loves the attention for the most part unless your a crazy Bitch jumping on him and trying to kiss him all crazy! I wish I was there….ooooh Don’t even get me started HAHAHA!! But anyway…I digress *Mari calm down*

I will again will say this…I cannot wait to see this performance!! Fortunately we will be able to watch ‘Music Bank En Chile‘ when it broadcasts on December 8th 2012 @ 10PM on KBS2. Go to my last post to get some info about CNBLUE‘s performance.


**Click on Image for DL / Please leave a comment if you download**


Source:  CNBLUEPeru, BOICE Peru, Swatgeneration

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE


25 thoughts on “[Pic | Vid] 121103 CNBLUE Fantaken Media Collection @ ‘Music Bank En Chile’

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  2. Hey, I just want you to know that the girl who tried to kiss yong hwa was confronted by one of our Boices afterwards, ’cause she wasn´t one, that’s for sure. The real chilean boices know who our artists are and how to respect them, and we were very upset when we knew all the kiss story. Hope this help hehehe.

    • Yeah I read that she wasn’t one of the BOICE! I understand that, thank you for the info! By no means did I think that it was anyone from the fandom that’s another reason why me & some other fans were so upset because we wouldn’t want CNBLUE to think their BOICE would disrespect them that way!

      Thank you for dealing with the matter and clarifying everything! <33

  3. well i didnt a bout what happened in LA ,but what those girls are thinking of when they do those things / he must be relly uncomfortable ,actually eny one will if girls keeps on trying huging and kissing him crazily…i’m even more confuesed than befoe and oh ny english is the worest on earth / bey

  4. well girl dream is dream ..i dont think i can do it for real..but if she is a true fan she would not do that to him i mean that girl who wanted to forse him into a kiss…she must respict him

    • You mean she must not respect him and yes, I dont think anyone should just force anyone into doing something they dont want!

      Recently, I found a fancam of when cnblue were in LA and some male fan saw YH walking into his hotel and just got in front of him & hugged him! YH was so surprised & really looked uncomfortable…it was upsetting to watch

  5. YOU KNOW i would like to kiss yong the magnatic boy but not by forsing him hehe…
    1/ i will see him one day somewhere
    2/ make hime fell in love with me
    3/ go on a date and be the cutist
    4/ kissing hime and kissing and kissing untile…i dont know…FAINT maby

    • Yeah we all dream about doing those things but Dream is the operative word…I dont think its ever ok to harass or stalk or even have unhealthy obsessions with any celeb…its just not cool

  6. Really ? A girl tried to kiss Yonghwa ? O_o What a stupid girl ! I can’t understand fans who try to be closer to the artists and stalking them everywhere… even in their hostel. WTF ? These persons are not fans for me >,>.

    But… I hope they enjoyed the live in Chile. It’s sad that Jungshin was not there.

    • Yeah I heard fans were a bit over excited and very physical which of course our boys are not used to! Some really nice BOICE from BOICE Peru were trying to defuse the situation and wanted it to be known that she was not one of their fans! Lol

      Anyway, as you may have been, I was pissed & slightly worried when I first heard the news but gladly it wasn’t true the he got ambushed & kissed although he was grabbed. I’m sure he now understands how overly passionate south American BOICE are lol! Still ppl should know not to do that! I had a whole rant about it!

      Btw so how are you doing!?

  7. Thanks for the compilations Mari. As usual YH is the sweetest idol out there, always making sure that fans feel their sincerity be it when they perform or just a simple encounter. I always feel that this is his humble way of giving back to all the people who is supporting them as he knows how much effort it takes to get to see them live. There are so many fan accounts that basically confirm that he’s one of the few artists that give a damn to the fans waiting for them there. Considering he has to perform multiple duties at the show (what being MC & performer), I’m sure he is super tired as well but he still made the effort to smile and greet the fans, and that is professionalism. Love this boy!

    PS : Didn’t know the lady MC is Miss Chile, no wonder she’s so beautiful, but yes she’s standing too near him…envy! And yes, Asian culture is important, and we tend to be more conservatve so no body contact unless permission is given please. I think sometimes people forget that YH is actually a very shy person even though he is super friendly, so obviously he would be shocked if someone just grab him. Sorry rambling on….

    • Nooo dont ever be sorry for a lengthy comment, I want to hear from you even if you write me a book! LOL

      Yes, I really do admire Yonghwa so much or his work ethic. His parents did such an amazing job setting him up for the world and he shows it! And I totally agree that he’s one of the seemingly nicest & humble idols there are! I say seemingly because I cant say firsthand but judging from the FA like you said, he’s always a sweetheart! I have never heard anything bad about him to date!

      And yes, I am not Asian and I dont think you need to be to know that most people period dont like to be touched by strangers so I really dont understand how ppl do that! Anyway, I’m sure CNBLUE would really appreciate fans like us visiting them cuz we would keep our hands to ourselves heheh…no telling what my mind will be tho cuz I know I’d be feeling like I’m in a dream seeing them in person!

      BTW, that first picture that I posted of the BOICE from Peru…OMG did you see how close she was to Yong and talking to him and everything?? OH MAN I would be working overtime to keep from staring mindlessly at his face lol….one day, I’ll get to meet him^^

      Thank You for ur comments Luv<333

  8. So, in the gif w/ Miss Chile.. if I’m not mistaken, Yonghwa extends his hand for a handshake, but she had already turned away. Then, she realized what just happened and gave him a hug. That’s absolutely too cute! Thanks, Mari for compiling all the goodies~!

    • LOL that’s pretty much what happened! I really need to watch the show to see if they caught that on the official camera but yeah, I thought that was so cute! Not sure if she greeted the other MC’s so Yonghwa was expecting her to greet him too and she just got distracted but the smart girl gave him a hug anyway!! Gaaa did you see here picture? She’s gorgeous and he seemed flustered….sooo cute!

      • I saw the pic on twitter, before I saw the gif here. But, YES! She’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the official video too!! Seeing all these fancams, I don’t know how I’m going to balance recording Yonghwa’s MC segments at next week’s SBS KPOP Super Concert without fangirling. 😛

        • Record first, fangirl later!! Trust me, I have seen firsthand just by other ppl’s fan cams hahah! Seriously, because if you fangirl while you record, the vid is going to come out shitty with you screaming LOL!

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