[News | Vid] CNBLUE Depart for ‘Music Bank En Chile’ Sans Lee Jungshin

CNBLUE depart from Incheon Airport with Chile South America in their sights to perform at ‘Music Bank En Chile’ world tour.

CNBLUE left their home country of Korea to make their way for their first ever visit to South America. The band are on their way to Chile to perform at the ‘Music Bank’ music festival with one less member. Unfortunately, Lee Jungshin did not travel with his band members on this trip due to his busy work schedule which was announced by FNC Entertainment on the band’s official site just a few days ago. Jungshin will not attend this event because of his role on the popular KBS drama, ‘My Daughter Seo Yeong‘.

Fans of the group have been seemingly upset about the news and have commented on how sad they feel knowing the members will not be whole since Jungshin will no be present. Still as they say in show business, the show must go on and with their solid work ethic, CNBLUE must perform despite the absence of their bassist. This performance will mark the first time since their Indie days that CNBLUE will perform on stage without one of their members being present. I’m sure Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun & Kang Minhyuk feel sad about having to perform without their maknae, however we can still look forward a lively show regardless of their circumstances.

This will be CNBLUE‘s second performance on the ‘Music Bank World Tour’. The Chile leg of the tour will feature six of the most popular K-pop groups such as Super Junior, MBLAQ, Rania, Davichi and After School and will take place on November 2nd 2012 at Quinta Vergara, Viña del Mar, Chile.

Official ‘Music Bank En Chile’ Message from CNBLUE

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Source: Newsen, Star News

written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

7 thoughts on “[News | Vid] CNBLUE Depart for ‘Music Bank En Chile’ Sans Lee Jungshin

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  2. what is a rock band without bass? i’m still disappointed at how FNC made their decision to leave Jungshin behind. eish. and i’m having these ideas that they wont be playing live because jungshin wont be there. >.<

    • Did you really think they would play live at a music bank event? My answer is no! And like I said to the other comment , I’m not sure if FNC is wrong for sending the boys ahead without JS! Something had to suffer & obviously JS had to choose the drama.

      I agree though that CNBLUE are not the same with just three. But what can we do?

      Btw, how have u been? Super busy with school? Miss Talking to you^^

      • i still hope they are able to play live when they’re not in the usual MuBank stage. HAHA *sigh* drama over the rare chance to play in Chile. tsk. i’ll bring MDSY to Chile. wut? XD

        i missed dropping by. i’ve been missing quite a lot of updates. >.< i'm done with school for now. 😀 enjoying sembreak for awhile and then back to school again. ^^;;;

        • Yeah I agree! I really hate that they have to hand sync in the first place but if they can’t play live because one of the members can’t be there, that’s a different story!

          It must be hard for a BAND like CNBLUE to have to travel and perform with other groups that dont have the burden of having to set up equipment or play instruments. All they have to do really is show up and dance & sing and bounce whereas for CNBLUE, the crew has more work to do with having to set their stage.

          IDK, what to say or what is right or wrong but I just feel like they should play live as much as they can! What do you think?

          • personally, i think bands are meant to perform live. through playing live, they’re able to prove their musical abilities/talents and show how much they have improved since whenever they last played live, just like how idol groups have to prove themselves by singing and dancing. south korea is still a bit closed minded about bands which limits the opportunities our boys have.

          • I agree. Wonder when and if things will change i suppose if they will or not. All I know is that CNBLUE is a band and they play their own instruments and I’m happy that they are so talented and I love them!

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