[Pic] 121031 CNBLUE Depart for ‘Music Bank in Chile’ Sans Lee Jungshin @ Incheon Airport

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I always look so forward to seeing CNBLUE in airport pics and I guess there are a few reasons why. First off, just WOW, they always dress so casual but somehow they look glamorous and I cant understand how they do that!! LOOK AT THEM! Yonghwa with his awesome stylish sunglasses & his outfit…his shoes and his FUCKING BAG OMG I just can’t…I can’t…his hair…jeez! *BREATHE MARI BREATHE!!* Secondly, Its one of my guilty pleasures to see their bags and what they are traveling with. I never know the brand names cuz I could care less about the brands but I love to look at them either way hehe! Thirdly, they are just sooo freakin cool!

So CNBLUE are on their way to Chile to perform at the ‘Music Bank’ music festival without Lee Jungshin which was pretty much announced by FNC Entertainment on CNB’s official site just a few days ago! Jungshin cannot attend this event because of his work schedule on his drama but I still feel so upset because this will be the first time since their Indie days that CNBLUE will perform on stage without one of their members being there with them and I feel it sucks big time! I wonder how Yonghwa, Jonghyun & Minhyuk feel about having to perform without their maknae! I know its nothing they can change or do differently about it and I’m sure they just couldn’t bow out of this event because it was too short notice. I’m sure since they will not be performing with live instruments that they can get by without Jungshin but still, his presences will be missing and that’s a sad thing.


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Source:  PlanetB, Starnews & Newsen via  cnbjonghyun & @akanzh

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

7 thoughts on “[Pic] 121031 CNBLUE Depart for ‘Music Bank in Chile’ Sans Lee Jungshin @ Incheon Airport

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  4. I’m hating FNC so much right now….i worry about their image because their antis or none fans will judged them plus my seat was near JS side because i new there would be many JS&YH moments… now my view is an empty spot…thanks a lot FNC smfh so much……a part of me wants him to rest and the other part is like “WTF FNC???”
    In other news, Black Dragon looks hot…effortlesly flawless :L and i want his shoes in my life so bad!

    • First of all I totally understand your frustrations, really! I feel bad that something you were looking forward to is now ruined however I dont think its totally FNC’s fault! Jungshin knew that taking this job would interfere with his first job as a musician and he nor FNC cant ignore his responsibility! Either his music appearance or his drama appearance had to suffer so they chose for him to keep his schedule with his acting work first this time!

      The rest of CNBLUE had to go on because it would make their image look bad if they canceled dont you think? I dont think its fair to put the blame on FNC cuz in all honestly, they made the right decision to have the boys go on. Even though to us fans, CNBLUE is not the same with only three, we should just be happy that they are all healthy and are able to go on with the show^^

      But gurrrl still be happy that ur going and ur going to see CNBLUE LIVE!! I’m so jealous of you hehe…cheer up sweetie! And YES I would love his shoes too!! They are so fancy heheh

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