[Pic] 121027 Laid Back CNBLUE @ Gimpo Airport Compilation

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HELLLLOOOO CNBLUE BOYS! FINALLY we see them! Wonder what Jonghwa were doing in Japan so long considering that Minhyuk and Jungshin made two trips back and forth from Japan to Korea while the hyungs were in there the whole time. “I’m so curious..~~yeah~~” LOL! Sorry I just had to do that^^

So like I said, we finally get to feast our eyes on some CNB boy meat and let me tell you I was sooo happy to finally see Yongy Yong-Yong after all this time! His face is so serious, he looks almost like he’s sad or sick and it makes me want to throw my arms around him and give him a huge bear hug! OMG the feeeellls I have for that man…you will never know! The one picture where he smiles and his cheeks round out…@_@ made my eyes water with joy hehe!  And then there’s a few pics of him in the front seat of the car too. *stares speechless* Jonghyun wearing the knitted cap and just never smiling in any of the pics makes him sexier than I dunno whut da faq!!

I LOVE JUNGSHIN‘s MESSY HAIR! He actually runs his fingers through it while it seems like hes chatting with some fans and laughing about it! He must’ve been in a good mood because he was playing hide & seeks with the fans  too & it was soo cute! There aren’t very meany pics of the ever sweet Minhyuk but he’s always just as cute as ever…aww sweet Minhyukkie <33


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Source: DCNBLUE. Parishin, PlanetB, @eternalfor_JH,

@lovelyfiend, @shalom_hyun,

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE


6 thoughts on “[Pic] 121027 Laid Back CNBLUE @ Gimpo Airport Compilation

  1. I’m guessing that YH and JH stayed back in Japan to work on their soon to be released single since both of them are the major creative force behind the group. Don’t think FNC is kind enough to let these boys have a few days off, maybe that’s why YH looks so tired (but still handsome)….but that’s just my guess.

    • Yeah I agree with you! Its a shame that they dont get more rest and time off period, I wish the best for them! I keep them all in my prayers, I guess that’s all we can do as fans you know?

      Yong did look tired…poor baby

    • I know, he does! I was hoping that he would’ve been taking some time to relax while in Japan after their last concert. He’ll hopefully be back to his smiley self once he gets some more rest! Perhaps he had just woken up after dozing off on the plane^^

  2. Hey~ya!! Just had to drop by and tell that the one photo from Planet B the one with JH kinda peeking and you can see his eyes through the shades just completely murdered me today! I honestly just lost it!! Went just bananas!! CRAZY!!!!!! I started to rant on my unnie, just telling her that I love that guy, for real. It wasn’t anything new, I mean I’ve said a million times before, but this time it was different! I went all out… she was a little stunned but I guess in the end she understood… I hope!! So much love in the air right now!!! hehe been editin’ CNB photos the whole day, and you’ve been busy too I notice!!!! All these posts of old photos!?! Were they requests or did you just feel like reminiscing???? Not that I’m complaining, no way… Can’t ever get enough of the old pics!!

    • Yeah I’ve been busy updating old posts so that’s why you see all the older post pics! About 2 months after I started my site, my Mediafire account that I had ALL my files hosted on got suspended so that meant all my file links were dead. Its taken awhile to get to all the posts so I’m doing that now! I think I’ve gotten like 70% of all the file links fixed but I still have lots to update =))

      As far as your rant is concerned…I totally feel you! When I saw Yonghwa’s pics, I felt as though I hadn’t seen him is soo long and I really misses his face hahah! So yeah, I would NEVER think of ur rants as crazy cuz I’m crazy too gurrrl LOL!

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