[Site News] Need a New File Host…

Hello BOICE,

I just found out that Bitshare changed the minimum file size requirements for free users so all the files that I have uploaded onto Bitshare that are over 400 MB will not work unless you have premium account! I have also been using 4Shared and I was thinking about buying the Premium account for that file host because its faster for you guys to DL files and also allows file sizes of up to 2GB so I can upload bigger files which means less files for you to DL! To buy the yearly account for that host is costs about $75 for the year! But that buys me the feature to upload by FTP which is easier and faster for me too! Click here for more info: http://www.4shared.com/premium.jsp?ref=nfooter

I do apologize for any inconvenience but I am soo damn angry that yet again after paying for a PREMIUM account so I can provide my readers with download files, the file host changes their policies! I want to warn my followers to NOT PAY BITSHARE for their services! I have had issues with using their site for weeks now, they never return my messages and have not contacted me at all! After I left my concerns on their facebook page, they BANNED me from  contacting them on FB claiming that I spammed them! They are the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with!

If any lovely readers and followers of my site would like to help me out and provide donations for a new file host account, please donate any amount to help! I appreciate the help! You can find the Donations button on the right sidebar! Thank you!

Please DO NOT leave multiple comments, I am aware the issues! I will fix this issue and provide new links, just give me some time! thank you for your patience!

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