[Pic | Info] 121020 CNBLUE Share Group Shot @ ‘Come On’ Arena Tour ~Day 8~ Saitama Super Arena

[TRANS] 『 CNBLUE Arena Tour 2012~COME ON !!!~』 1st day Saitama performance ended with great success. Thank everyone for your cheers, finally tomorrow is the finale! Please give your support! Thank you!

cr: @PlanetB_

Set List 121020 Saitama Arena:

  1. Come on
  2. Get Away
  3. Just Please
  4. (MC)
  5. 直感
  6. Hey you
  7. LOVE
  8. (MC)
  9. Rain of Blessing
  10. feeling
  11. These days
  12. Have a good night
  13. Wake up
  14. No more
  15. Blue Sky
  16. (MC)
  17. Teardrops in the rain
  18. (MC
  19. Now or Never
  20. Voice
  21. with me
  22. (MC)
  23. Where you are
  24. one time
  25. Time is over
  26. Encore:
  27. In My Head
  28. (MC)
  30. Love Revolution
  31. kimio

cr: @mi_malice

cr: @wenglynn

I’m so glad to see the boys come closer to the end of this tour. Don’t get me wrong, its been a blast getting updates from BOICE Japan and FNC and the boys themselves plus all the Fan Accounts of their activities in Japan but I can just imagine how tired they must be after touring for almost three weeks and not really getting much downtime in between dates. Plus poor Jungshin having to fly back and forth to Korea to film his drama ‘My Daughter Seo Yeong’.

Tomorrows show will be the last one on the tour so I’m hoping the guys go out with a huge bang, I know they will make it special as usual! Apparently according to various FA, this show was being filmed as will the next and final concert in Saitama, Japan. I was under the impression that only the final concert would be filmed and featured on a special DVD that will be released on January 23rd, 2013, for more information about that, go here!


OK, so one thing that my eyes get stuck on every time I see Yonghwa and the others in these type of group shots is their THIGHS!!! Can I just say how much I LOVE SKINNY JEANS! The inventor of the skinny jean is the most genius person on this planet!! Looking at Yonghwa‘s thighs makes me feel all hot and crazy haha!! Then I look up and see his handsome smile and then my eyes pan down to his chest and arms!!! HAVE MERCY! I just cannot imagine what it would be like to touch his muscles…*just thinking about it makes me wanna melt*

And Jonghyun…I really dont like his hair styled that way but MY GAWD his chesticles…just peaking out the top of his cut t-shirt makes me wanna just jump him and rip it all the way!! I usually don’t spazz over Minhyuk and its not because I don’t find him to be a really sexy man, he’s just baby faced Minnie to me but WOW, LOOK AT HIS ARMS!! Jungshin is super cute all the time but his hair styled that way really brings out his boyish charms! Gaaa ok seriously all of CNBLUE are freakin gorgeous!

One more thing, I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinions so here’s one of mine…CNBLUE are not going to turn into some ‘Muscle Band’ whatever that means, so just let them be! If they wanna make their appearances more manly by developing their bodies, then let them do it and just be by their side! I read constant criticisms about their bodies and I wish fans would just love them as they are! If they did become a ‘Muscle Band’ would you love them any less? I pretty much doubt it.


Image Credits as Labeled

Source: @fncmusicjapan
Trans: BOICE cnbluefanfun

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

8 thoughts on “[Pic | Info] 121020 CNBLUE Share Group Shot @ ‘Come On’ Arena Tour ~Day 8~ Saitama Super Arena

  1. It’s not like they will sing less with more muscle..
    With or without they are just awesome ❤
    But I think it's good to do some exercise for the body, for me at least it can be really relaxing or just nice to get the sweat out xD Well you know what I mean (right?)

  2. Totally agree with you on the ‘muscle band’ thing. I’m happy that they are healthy and they look great with some muscles. More importantly how they look doesn’t affect how they sing/compose and I love their songs.

    • THANK YOU!! haha I seriously think some ppl just have issues! They expect these guys to stay like little kids or have this concept of how singers/ bands/ idols should act or be! I dont agree with that way of thinking! People grow, they change and they mature! Period

  3. “If they did become a ‘Muscle Band’ would you love them any less?” Of COURSE NOT! those fans drive me crazy, they’re free to do whatever they want with their bodies U.U
    P.S. they look hot in this pic :L

    • haha thank you for always having my back, its awesome that we share the same opinions at times and its cool if we dont too! I really love to hear others’ views too! And yes, they look really cute hehe!

  4. Yonghwa’s smirk… *sigh*
    And I have this thing with his chin, a very thin beard like he’s just shaved. what is it called? 5 o’clock shadow?
    I agree with the muscle thing. I don’t see the muscle disturb their singing, or composing. I’m all good as long as they’re healthy. I definitely don’t want YH to be as skinny as he was in Heartstrings days.

    • Personally I love him however he chooses to look! But that’s just me i guess since so many ppl seem to have different opinions on the topic.

      And yes, I love the stubble on his chin and upper lip! LOL its soo cute!

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