[Site News] Why is EveryBOICE So Quiet??

Hello you Lovely BOICE,

I just wanted to leave a quick message to ask why is everyone so quiet these days! I know people are coming to my site cuz the numbers dont lie! I get over 1000 hits a day and yet not that many comments and I would like to ask why? Doesn’t anyone want to chat with me anymore? You guys LEAVE COMMENTS… PLEASE!! lol Mari is lonely and need more spazz time with my followers/friends/site readers!! I really want to get everyone’s opinion on the new site layout and stuff too! I won’t bite so please, dont hesitate to talk to me and leave me a message^^

18 thoughts on “[Site News] Why is EveryBOICE So Quiet??

  1. Haha, I understand your feelings xD ! It’s the same for me…
    When I published on my website my report of CNBLUE in London, a lot of people came to read it… but nobody left a comment, so disapointing…
    -it was my life story hahah xD-
    I’ll leave many comments on your articles, you will be happy -goes out-

    • YAY!! I’m glad! I loved your article, it was a pleasure editing it and sharing it on my site and CNBLUESTORM! It was awesome!

      But I totally agree! I really get disappointed especially when something I write doenst get the attention I feel it deserves hahah! I get so excited to write my articles and get even more excited to see them published on KpopStarz too….I guess its just me haha!

      Its not just articles, I dont really get too many comments in general so I wanted to remind ppl that I’m here!

      HI, I’m Mari!! lol

  2. I always thought that as long as I’m a supporter of the CNB boys that makes me a ‘Boice’. But when I see comments saying that ‘I am not a Boice but love CNB’, I become confused! Anyway, one things for sure, I love these boys especially Yong and I always enjoy reading your posts and comments.

    • It is a bit confusing right? I don’t understand it either cuz I love them so therefore I’m BOICE! It’s simple lol!

      But yes, you don’t have to be an “official BOICE” meaning you have paid for membership to be a true BOICE! All you have to do is love & support them in my opinion!

      Thank you for liking my craziness haha! I try to be real and genuine when I write my posts as well as bring all my readers the latest CNBLUE news! I hope you continue I come^^

      • Hi….sorry I confused u guys… I have been in love with dbsk5 and JYJ for 7 years and there is not other. Few months ago CNBlue catches my interest…and start to like them. I don’t think I m fit to be Boice >.< n I only know 1 person that luv the boys coz most of my friends are Cassie or jyjers..jaeharem…chunsa….

        Anyway..thanks for ur respond…I'm yet to buys all cnblue CDs DVDs and planning to attend their live concert. The boys are very talented musician. ^^ love & peace

        • Thank you for your reply! I respect your way of thinking, it’s totally cool to spread your love of music all over! That’s the beauty of life, you are free to love or like anything you want to! No judgment here hehe! I’m glad you found CNBLUE! If you have any questions on the boys, don’t hesitate to ask^^ :)))

  3. Hello…I’m not a boice…but I love cnblue…wud like to know and follow spazz abt them. Allow me to come to your blog site everyday…catching up on the boys. Have a good times ^___~

    • You are always welcome!! Thank you for supporting my site and please don’t be shy! You don’t have to be BOICE to love these guys but something tells me you’re not far behind hehe!

      Thank u!!

  4. Cause I’m shy, just following you and a fresh Boice? ()=3

    No but your site is really nice <33
    The lay-out is beautiful, I don't know how it was first but I like how it looks. The colors don't attack my eyes as by some sites so my eyes are grateful x)
    No but it's nice that I don't get lost in all the stuff.

    Don't feel lonely ^0^

    • Hi Han! I’m glad you like it around here! I like fresh meat errr I mean to meet new people!! Hehe

      The site was all white and blue before and had custom header but the layout was totally different. I like the darker feel now better!

      Anyway, it’s nice to meet you! I’m Mari and I run this place all by myself so don’t be afraid or too shy to leave me a note! Some of the links in the older posts are dead so if you come across something, leave a comment in that post and I’ll re-upload the file! Thanks!

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