[Site News] Whooooa the Updates!!

Hello Lovely BOICE,

I really missed you guys since last week! If you follow me on twitter you would know that unfortunately, I had to spend some time in the hospital since last Thursday! I suffer from severe Anemia which causes me to have a low blood count so when that happens, I need to get blood to make up for the blood I dont have. I feel a bit better now after my stay at the hospital and some time resting at home since then. I’m sorry I have not been able to update the site in a while but the good thing is I’m back and I’ll be posting all the updates that have been piling up since last week, and there are LOTS! LOL So thank you to all of you who loyally read all my posts…I FREAKIN LOVE YOU GUYS!

4 thoughts on “[Site News] Whooooa the Updates!!

    • Thank you so my Luv, I really appreciate it!! I am going to really rest alot more and go to bed early instead of staying up all night haha! I am really like a Vampire cuz I love the nighttime but I guess all good things have to come to an end^^

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