[News] 121010 CNBLUE Celebrate Their 1000th Day Anniversary as Rock Stars

CNBLUE happily tweeted to remind fans its already been 1000 days since their Korean debut on January 14th, 2010!

On October 9th Jung Yonghwa shared a charming self taken image on twitter of himself holding up one finger with no message attached leaving fans curious about the meaning behind it. A short while later Lee Jonghyun also posted a very charismatic self taken picture, again with no message, of himself making a circle with his hand. Later Kang Minhyuk and Lee Jungshin followed by also tweeting very handsome images of themselves making circles with their hands. After receiving  the band’s ambiguous wordless messages, fans were left trying to figure out what they were trying to say!

Finally, an hour after the last mysterious picture was sent, CNBLUE  posted their explanation with this message:

Everyone~ it’s already been our 1000th days since debut. We are always thankful. Everyone WE LOVE YOU!!

Eager to celebrate their joyous anniversary with their fans, CNBLUE wanted to remind fans of their special day with their usual playful point of view. It’s a wonder how time passes so quickly, with CNBLUE now celebrating their 2 and a half years as bona fied  musicians. Just recently on October 7th, Jung Yonghwa marked his 3 year anniversary from his debut as an entertainer.

Let’s send a warm congratulations to the band and it’s members for all their hard work over the last 1000 days and wish them many more years of Rockin’ their fans’ hearts to come!

Enjoy your 1000th day anniversary CNBLUE!

**Featured on KpopStarz.com on behalf of CNBLUESTORM**

Source:  @CNBLUE_4

Written & Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

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