[News] In the Words of LJH Pt 3: Cheers to CNBLUE’s Eternal Friendship!

Editor: CNBLUE‘s Lee Jonghyun. A Western-looking guitar player who does not talk much. That’s what we knew about him. His love and passion for music is bigger than anyone else. CNBLUE‘s Lee Jonghyun has grown up.

Before debuting in Korea, they had already done street performances in Japan and after a successful Korean debut, they performed throughout Asia, including Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. Furthermore, they also performed in LA, United States and also the birthplace of rock, Britain. They are running towards something bigger. CNBLUE‘s future is rapidly growing. Now, let’s cheer for their future success.

*Jonghyun‘s own write-up starts here*

“We also want to be like the 4 (AGD) Gentlemen”

Quartet boy band CNBLUE. There’s Jung Yonghwa, the leader and the main vocalist, bassist Lee Jungshin, drummer Kang Minhyuk and there’s me, the guitarist. We debuted in 2010 and this is our third year together.

As time passes by, the members get to know each other well and we support each other like brothers.

Me as Colin, and Minhyuk as My Husband Got A FamilySegwang, who was the busiest. Yonghwa Hyung was given time to rest. In the past, we were the ones who waited for Yonghwa Hyung to come home but now it’s the opposite. Yonghwa Hyung would be sending message “I’m alone..it’s lonely”, mixed with complains and funny jokes, and he’s the person that is the most proud seeing us doing well.

Yonghwa is the brother who is full of spirit. Even though the work he’s doing is hard, he rarely expressed what he feels towards us his younger brothers. I feel reassured at the thought of having such a strong older brother.

The person that played the biggest role in letting people know who CNBLUE is of course Yonghwa Hyung. He made CNBLUE known not only by just singing on stages but also by acting in dramas and appearing in variety shows. He’s always tired when he comes back to the dorm but he never failed to put on a smiling face to the younger brothers. I always feel sorry when I see his smile but at the same time I am always thankful to him. My personality is blunt and therefore I don’t express my feelings well, but in my heart he’s always there. Yonghwa Hyung, thank you.

Jungshin and Minhyuk, my two younger brothers are the same too. You are a treasure to me and what we have cannot be changed.

Minhyuk and Jungshin, being the youngest of the team, it must have been difficult. Sometimes it must have been hard for you guys because there are times when the older brothers would be complaining, but the two of you are very matured and for that, I thank you. The drama made us spend less time talking to each other, especially Minhyuk. He had a very busy schedule and spent all his time filming his drama.

But because of that, our relationship grew stronger. Then one day Minhyuk said to me that he wanted us to be like the 4 gentlemen from “A Gentleman’s Dignity“. It looked like he was just saying it, but actually he was serious. I’ve also thought about it, so I was moved (T/N: because Minhyuk also thinks the same).

Not only the two of us, but the other members felt the same way too after watching “A Gentleman’s Dignity“. “Let’s live like those four gentlemen,” we said. It would be great if the four of us in CNBLUE could grow up to be great men too, just like the four gentlemen, with our long and close relationship that we can flaunt of as we live together.

We lived together before the debut, especially in Japan where there was no one else but ourselves to turn to, we get deeply attached to each other. That’s why the members think that I won’t have a problem acting as Colin in the drama. Since I was also busy filming during the week, so we only meet about 2 or 3 days a week. Before, when I always see them every day, I don’t really feel the importance of having them by my side. So, every weekend we would all get together and had our bonding time. Usually, we would joke around, and since we don’t meet each other for a long time, I’m glad that instead, we stayed in one room and played together. Even though I don’t show it, but deep down inside “I’m really happy”, that’s what I feel.

After Minhyuk‘s drama and my drama finished airing, the four of us really wanted to spend time together, but the baton of acting was then passed to Jungshin. He had been practicing a lot and seems to be tensed a lot like I did too, but I hope he will do well. Lee Jungshin hwaiting!

And the same goes to the other members of CNBLUE. In the future too, just like what we are now, we’ll build up good memories and we’ll look forward to the day when we will not only be known in Korea but also as the world’s leading band.

“Music runs in my blood”

I stopped being involved in sports during my high school years, and from then on I started doing music. Being alone as a kid, there was a lot of time for me to think. My parents were both working, so during those time I thought of several ideas and later set up a plan.

The momentum was from there. I made a concrete plan in order to persuade my parents. The educational approach in our house was “take care of yourself”, so I had to be very cautious since I would be responsible for all the things I did.

In fact, the first time I said I wanted to do music, my parents didn’t like it. So, in the mean time, my mom and dad left me and asked me to think of what to look forward for if I wanted to become a singer and planned about my decision. In short, it’s like a briefing for my future. Silently, my parents started to trust me. From then on I had to try my best for the sake of the faith and trust my parents have given me.

Music. I had to really practice it, since I started later than the others. I tried my best when I’m at the academy. Now, it’s still the same. If someone complimented me by saying “you’re really good”, I will just shake my head. “I still have a long way to go”, that’s what I think.

When I started acting, I felt like music still fills the void that acting cannot, that’s why music is something that I can’t neglect. Acting is something that I need to finish once I started (T/N: like acting in drama, it has a certain time frame), but music is my lifetime companion.

In my mind I wanted to do my best while filming for “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, so in order to do that I had to practice a lot and I lacked sleep. Naturally, I also had to cut down the time for my guitar and singing practice.

That was quite stressful for me. This was something that I have always insist on doing, it’s one of my daily routines, which was practicing together with the members. I would be practicing together with the members until 12 in the midnight, and the next day I had to shoot early in the morning. My body was a bit tired, but my mind was a bit relaxed and it still seems more alive. While I attained the energy for the next day, music was my driving force.

I really think that I need to do music steadily. Since I had to practice 4-5 hours a day, my mind is focused on music, so I will continue to do it in the future.

My craving for music deepens from the aspirations that we got through our street performances in Japan.

Our street performances in Japan had pushed our dream that we had before our debut. Physically and mentally we were very dense, but we did our best towards “the dream”. Those days, if it weren’t for the passion of music; we wouldn’t have this kind of great friendship between us.

I play guitar and would only do the chorus part from behind Yonghwa Hyungs vocal. But all of sudden I had to stand in place of the main vocalist on behalf of Yonghwa Hyung. Hyung was sent back to Korea at that time to shoot for a drama, leaving only Minhyuk, Jungshin and me. The three of us had to schedule all the performances in Japan and had to continue everything. The position was completely longer (T/N: now that he also had to sing as main vocal), and for the first time I was feeling puzzled and even scared. The members and I couldn’t believe that we managed to get through that.

Because of that opportunity, I was able to grow more in terms of music. Particularly for my vocal, and I made my own songs that makes me looked desirous. It’s really valuable to be able to tell things in making good songs. When someone is comforted through my songs, I’m touched. That was what made me really happy and this feeling is impossible to be replaced.

At first when we started our street performance, no one was looking forward for it. It’s an empty street. But we tried to gather fans, little by little until a few thousand seats filled in a large scale venue. Without them there would be no CNBLUE, and I won’t even be here as Lee Jonghyun.

I think that CNBLUE can still be here till today because of our fans who love our music. Starting from Asia Tour, we went to Los Angeles in the US and now we have performed in as far as UK. The day has finally come, as it has always been our wish to play instruments and have our voices heard at the Home of Rock. From the start we have always been grateful and I will do my best over the time to become a band that will be loved for many people.

CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun will always try to give the best. Hwaiting!!

CN Jonghyun – Thanks for reading all this while! ♥

How is it possible to love and admire and adore Lee Jonghyun even MORE? I respect him so much for his dedication and his love for his brothers! OMG the feeellls I’m having right now after reading this article…I literally teared up when I read the part about Yonghwa and how he looks up to him for all he’s done! I really do love Yonghwa too for many reasons for most importantly, for being so strong and responsible at such a young age and doing so much for his dongseangs! I only hope that there will a time soon that Yonghwa and the other members will have the opportunity to get their thoughts and feelings written for their fans this way as well! I would love to read something that’s in his own words!

Seriously though, Is there nothing these guys can’t do? Jonghyun really got me with this series of articles written expressly by himself and I really appreciate the time and effort it took to write out his intimate feelings and ideas and of course, his talking about his brothers! I really love CNBLUE so much^^

**Thank you Jonghyun-sshi, for your thoughtful words and thoughts and for letting your fans get to know you just a little bit more! I only hope there will be more articles like this one, where you get to write in your own words and express your feelings this way again! Thank you once more…LOVE Mari<3**


Written By: Lee Jonghyun
Edited by Hwang YongHee (Issue Daily Director)
Translation Credits: CNBLUEBEAT

Kor-Eng Editor: fizzy @ cnbluestorm
Photo Credits: FNC Entertainment and Naver

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE


8 thoughts on “[News] In the Words of LJH Pt 3: Cheers to CNBLUE’s Eternal Friendship!

  1. I believe I don’t even have to tell you how moved I was when I read this when it was released… the way he talks about his feelings for his brothers… it’s like finally channelling all of our own feelings too… I’m not making any sense right now… but I just wanted to stop by and say that I love Jonghyun and cried reading this so bad… and that picture… you just had to… :’))) It’s so pretty it hurts!!! ..even without the wink!!! Oh and by the way, I love your new look on the page!!! It’s the same theme as my blog, but yeah it looks amazing!!! ❤

    • Yes I actually reared up too while I read this just because I can understand how close CNB members really are!!

      Thank you for your comment and for liking my new changes! I was afraid ppl wouldn’t like the change hehe!! Thank u & I hope you visit and leave comments often!!! *hugs*

      • You silly girl!!! Yeah I leave comments mile long and really often!!!! JK, you just didn’t know who I am because I’m now commenting from my blog!!! XDDDD It’s me, your kindred spirit!!! You know all that Whitehot and Yonghwa’s sweat!!!! XDD

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  3. Yes this has to be one of the most touching letters he has written. He may look tough on the outside, but inside he is still a sensitive young man who looks up to his older bro for guidance and support. These guys are just amazing human beings.

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