[News] CNBLUE To Release 4th Single


CNBLUE want to go home with you for Christmas this year with another Mini Album on sale by December 19th 2012.

Get ready for more new music from CN to the BLUE this year! As if CNBLUE weren’t already successful enough with the three chart topping, sell out albums they have dropped during 2012 so far, they now announce that there will be a fourth added to the bunch with the newest addition becoming available right before Christmas time.

FNC and Warner Japan have just released new information on the official CNBLUE Japan website regarding a new mini album scheduled just in time for Christmas on December 19th, 2012. This will make CNBLUE‘s 4th Major album release to date and the 4th release overall for this year. The new mini album will be available in three versions: Limited Edition, Special Warner Music Direct Edition, and Normal Edition, details are as follows:

Limited Edition ¥2,520 (tax included)
 CD & DVD included

Title Track’s MV & Making BTS Film

 ‘CODE NAME BLUE’ Release Live Event @ Yokohama 12.09.10 

Warner Music Direct Limited Ed. ¥1,890  (tax included)

 Christmas card attached w/ Special package

 Normal Ed. ¥1,260  (tax included)

**Details will be posted as they become available**

OMG OMG OMG!! ~~”I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide…I’m about to lose control and I think I like it!!”~~ HAHAHA

Yet ANOTHER JAPAN RELEASE?? While this news makes me super excited, I’m a bit confused about it too! What does this mean for the Korean album and comeback rumored to take place November? WHY IS FNC BEING SO VAGUE??? Can’t they just confirm yet if it will happen or not? And If they do have a comeback and album release in November, wouldn’t they be super tired just coming off the Arena Tour taking most of October? Not to mention, if this Japanese album is coming out in December, that doesn’t leave much time in November for promotions does it!? SO many questions, so little info so far! I wish I could personally contact FNC Entertainment and ask them directly what the hell they are planning cuz this guessing bullshit is getting tired!

Still, if the November news is true and the December album is released, this will mean all new CNBLUE music all over again and new music is always a good thing!


**Featured on KpopStarz.com on behalf of CNBLUESTORM**

Source:  cnblue.jp, hq-kpop-pictures

Trans: @happytmg

Written & Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE


15 thoughts on “[News] CNBLUE To Release 4th Single

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      • OMG you’re right~~! LOL i forgot about the release live hehe LE for me too then ❤
        but Warner/FNC are really milking CNBLUE's fans dry at this rate -3-

        • IKR!?? Oh well I guess we have to look at it this way…new music and content for us BOICE right? I’m glad to purchase their stuff since I can’t blow all my money on concerts like other LUCKY ASS BOICE!

          I’m just glad that they can make more music cuz that’s the most important part!

  3. Yay for me nay for my wallet…i think i should call me bank account CNBLUE’s property from now on OTL…..as for promos, i feel for poor Jungshin, if they’re gonna comeback in november and follow Jap promos he’s gonna be dead tired…if they go for November sadly we will only have 1 month of promos again. 😦

    • I know! That exactly what I was thinking too! Sucks that we would have another short round or promos but lets hope if it does happen, that they get to attend all the good shows that allow them to play live so we can truly enjoy them!!

      • Fingers crossed to that, i imagine it’s a self composed title track therefore it deserves a lot of promos :(…but anyway, hope they go to those shows. U.U

        • Yes especially You& I and Sketchbook!! Those two shows are ideal to showcase their live shows!! And yeah, if they are having a Korean comeback/ album the title track HAS to be self composed/ written according to Yonghwa and the info he mentioned after Ear Fun! Hopefully, its the case! I would love to have an ALL self made Korean album!

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