[Pic] 121001 CNBLUE Fantaken Compilation

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88p Various Fantaken Photos, Credit as Labeled

**Warning for Extreme Spazzing**

Damn damn…DAYYYYUUUUM!! I really hate that I can’t post the GoldenJYH pictures here because I littereally wanted to wet myself when I saw them…GAAAAHHHH!!! I LOVE WHOEVER TAKES THOSE PICS BECAUSE THEY ARE DANGEROUS!!! I dont know what kind of soap or makeupa or shampoo or whatever products taht man uses to make himself GLOW that way he does but whatever he’s doing, I hope he never STOPS cuz he knows exactly how to make this crazy NOONA GO BANANAS!!!! I dont care if this make sense or not but I DONT CARE!! YONGHWA IS YUMMMMMHWA!!

OK on to Jonghyun…..Whoa! All I can say is he looks like he’s been beaten with a manly stick and just wants to drive all the Noonas crazy toooo! OMG WHAT ARE THESE GUYS TRYING TO DOOOOO??? SHIT i just can’t take it!


Images Credited as Labeled

Source:  Parishin, goldenjyh, PlanetB

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE


7 thoughts on “[Pic] 121001 CNBLUE Fantaken Compilation

  1. HAHAHHAAHHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! You just sounded just like me, so much that I love you woman!!!! …wait do I sound conceited if I say that?!?!?!?! BUT YES!!!!! Let’s deal with your man first so I can just spazz and die about mine for the rest of the comment!!!! YONGHWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think GOLDEN is my favorite person on earth!! at least next to CNB and… you…. heheh seriously I was sweating and waiting for her to post her airport pics of Yonghwa and when she finally did I just… She doesn’t disappoint you, EVER!!!! The gorgeousness of our leader is just beyond comprehension!!! He is perfect, so freakin’ perfect!!!! I loved your comment about the “purification” rituals he’s using!!! Kkkkk… I want on, on his secret too!!!! ..or Minhyuk’s… that guys skin is freaking flawless (he did share his beauty secrets once)! And once again the playfulness of Yongleader was everywhere, so cute too with maknae…

    …and whitehot?

    … OH MY ******************************** GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I died so many times I lost count!!! Died from the cool rock ‘n roll air that blew through me and was resurrected by that *********** hotness that revived me, and then died again and was brought back again, that all continued the WHOLE FREAKING DAY!!!!!!!! I swear to God it is SO lucky (for me) that he cut his hair AFTER the London concert!!! Cause I would have JUMPED on stage and stole that sexybutt and run away with him where no one could find us!!!! I’ve been trying to come up with a word to describe Jonghyun’s transformation, but I can’t!!! I just cannot find it!!! He is… he is… everything!!! He is finally showing to the world what we always knew he was like!!!! I’m not sure my body can take this anymore… just the thought that there is going to be a tour DVD in the future, him looking like that while gasming with his guitars… I won’t be able to survive…

    …I’ve made a comment once again… huh huh… XD

    • LOL!! Yes yes and yes! I don’t know how to reply to your comments because you always seem to read my mind!!

      All I know is ur point about the DVD…. THERE BETTER BE ONE!! For either LA or LONDON! THERE BETTER BE A DVD!! That’s all I’m sayin

  2. Yonghwa looked like a Prince! golden photos are really too akdnajfkad she/he captures all Yonghwa’s flawlessness :L…i recently saw Yonghwa in a gigant movie screen in an event done in my country and i just CAN’T take his perfect face out of my mind. *-*

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