[News] 120930 In the Words of CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun Part 2: I’m a Love Intruder

Naver Editor’s Note: A taekwondo boy, young man from CNBLUE who also did Judo and now Lee Jonghyun who’s also became “Colin“. Undergoing the challenges, finally ‘that day’ has come. With all of the awkwardness, clumsiness but with sincerity, slowly Colin was accepted by people. From then on, he became a little greedy. Somehow, let’s not get in the way with his vow to reach “Collin who shines”. And his heart too, seems to mind. Whatever it is, Colin is Lee Jonghyun.

*Jonghyun‘s self write-up starts here*

April 12th was the first day of “A Gentleman’s Dignity” filming and I was eagerly anticipating it. It was at a club in Itaewon and it was my first time meeting Kim Haneul sunbaenim. I couldn’t help my trembling heart as I saw her right in front of my eyes, reporting at the filming set since I was very impressed with her acting in the movie, ‘My Tutor Friend’.

On the other side, I kept telling myself “oh, finally it has started..” and I was holding on my heart and saying that I was prepared. Everything was in a different environment, an unfamiliar ‘stage’, but thanks to the staff and sunbaenims, we were able to safely finish the first shoot. It seemed like I looked very awkward on TV when I act, but I calmed myself saying “slowly it will get better soon”. It was a day when everything was new, and it’s also the first time I ‘met’ Colin.

1. This Honor Again?

Rushed to shoot in earnest, I had to face one sunbaenim after another. Jang Donggun, Kim Haneul, Kim Sooroo, Lee Jonghyuk, Park Joo Mi sunbaenims, et cetera. As I only heard their names before, I could not help but letting out “Wow~” as I was awed being able to act together with these sunbaenims, it was surreal to me.

Filming other than what was in the script and what we had practiced was almost impossible to me. From time to time, during the break the new script was revealed. I even had to practice acting with company’s manager! Then it changed from manager to Jang Donggun sunbaenims, then sometimes it was Meahri who became my partner. As usual in my head, it was all about Colin.

The details of each scene were made easy by the sunbaenims as they offered to teach me during filming, since there were many unfamiliar and difficult scene. The sunbaenims’ advices were like a “treasure” to me. Especially the gang of 4 gentlemen, these sunbaenims gave me tips on how to gaze, to control my tone of voice and many more. They will be laughing at me when I was being awkward. My first acting experience had given me such great strength, thanks to their help.

When the drama was going towards the middle episodes, it was the time for me to act thoroughly. Facial expression, bitter-ish act, longing gazes were basically what I had to do. When I was worried about “how can I express what’s in Colin’s heart”, Jang Donggun sunbaenim gave me a big help.

As I was still struggling with my character, the director’s described it to me and even though I understood it, my heart was not at ease. It was Jang Donggun sunbaenim who would always reach out his hand for me first. Sunbaenim’s character outside the drama is much cooler than what we see in the drama. It’s really sweet because he gave me the feeling of him being my real father. One day Jang Donggun sunbaenim told me, “It would be nice if my son Junhyeok is a big as you are now”, and I was flattered. In fact, sunbaenim even asked me to call him ‘hyung’ instead of ‘sunbaenim’. He gave me such a comfortable feeling and great joy and I was so fortunate for that.

Kim Sooroo sunbaenim knows how to spread the happy virus to everyone and made us laugh. Thanks to sunbaenim that had made the atmosphere within the filming set always sparkling.

Next is, Kim Minjong sunbaenim. He can be described as the warmth crystals? He was the most famous among the staff and actors and always being nice. He’s 120% the same like his drama character Choi Yoon!! He’s an attractive man, one that you can’t look away if you happened to be next to him. Lee Jonghyuk sunbaenim is known for his meticulous acting. He gave me a very big help during the filming and I was always grateful for that.

Not only the four senior actors but I was also thankful to each of the drama crew. When I see all those great people I worked with I couldn’t help but to vow that “I’ll be as great like them too”. And not forgetting, Meahri!! To be honest, before the shoot I was wondering if I should prepare in case there’s a “love-line” for me (with Meahri) in this drama, but since I’m also Choi-Yoon-Meahri couple supporter so I pass! Besides, Yoon Ji Yin who’s playing Meahri is the same age as me. So, we had the cuteness of the scene that we had together. Haha. And since this was the first drama for both of us, we supported each other.

I remind myself that “I’m able to be with such wonderful and great actors”, and for that I keep on being thankful.

2. My Appearance on TV

The first shooting began and about one month after the broadcast start! “Ah~ now a lot of people will see my face..” just thinking about that made me shake. The first “A Gentleman’s Dignity” episode was aired on May 26 at 9.55 pm. Even though I did not appear in the first episode, my heart was at ease. Haha. It was really fun for me because I wonder what the viewers were expecting for the next episode.

And once again, I feel honored to be in such a good drama. In addition, we received the overwhelming response from the viewers since the first episode, and so my respect for the seniors grew.

Now that the show is airing, my heart is going ‘dugeun dugeun’. Half excited, half scared, I have found ‘another me’ in Colin.

I started to appear regularly in the drama starting from episode 3. Actually, CNBLUE members discuss with each other about the drama and they give comments. Even if it made me slightly hurt, I was thankful. We’re close, so they pointed things out honestly. Truthfully, that makes me work harder. I would be even more nervous if they only said good things. Haha.

But of course there’s pain too. Ah~ rather than saying it’s painful, I take those as advice. Criticism from viewers who had watched the drama. Of course, it’s logical that I get such comments, so it has become a great help to me.

Thank you to everyone. For all the advices and criticism, I am thankful. From the advices given, I was able to see myself from a different angle and able to understand my feelings better.

Although it’s difficult, I know that there are things that I regret. Instead, I’ll keep up with my work and I’ll do my best to deliver a good appearance someday, so just wait a little bit for it. Because there is no other way, I will work hard.

Especially as I am stuck in between Dojin (played by Jang Donggun) and Yisoo (played by Kim Haneul), as their ‘love intruder’. No wonder they hate me. Hahaha.

One thought after another came to me as we shoot the drama. “How is my performance?” My gratitude towards Colin, who beats the odd, grew gradually.

What more, my parents like the fact that Lee Jonghyun, by using the name Colin, is getting more famous. My mother hid me all these while because it was difficult to describe her son, CNBLUE‘s Lee Jonghyun. Haha. However, now it’s easier to explain by using ‘Colin‘ and she’s happy about it. I will put more effort in the future to make them proud to have me as a son.

I feel sad towards the end of the drama. The Olympics Games broadcast had caused the drama to be postponed for a week and a thought came up that I wished the postponement would continue.

It seems that both acting and music are the same and completely different too. There are many different ways to express my feelings. Acting experiences has helped fill the emptiness in my music.

So, little by little, I know. Upon accepting this drama, the CEO told me, “acting will be a great help to your music.” To be able to convey feelings to someone, it was very difficult but at the same time, it was a very interesting experience.

This way, I got to know ‘the taste of acting’ by becoming Colin and I began to have acting goals instead of just singing.

Who is Colin to me? A new friend. He’s another part of me. For a while, we played together, had fun together and I will always miss that friend. Eum.. in the future, when I look back on this experience, there might be things that I will regret but I will never forget Colin, my friend.

*Disclaimer: This article was translated with full dedication by Malaysian BOICE @norleecious and @syapotter on CNBLUEBEAT. All credit goes to them. Minor edits were done in our version to tally with the original article in Korean. — Fizzy

OMG I love him so much, I know I said that after the first part of his ‘diary’ was published but I really mean it! This second part is so much more intimate IMO.  I love Lee Jonghyuns way of thinking and how he relates his feelings to his acting and his surroundings and how he perceived and admired Colin so much. I also appreciate the way he felt towards his superiors, this was very touching to me. I really admire that so much about most of the Asian culture. The fact that younger people will show such a level of respect to their elders is something that you just dont see in America for the most part and I hate to say it. It shows great humility on the younger persons part which is a trait so many people now a days do not share. I’m not going to get too far into that statement but I honestly feel if young people would take the time to respect and admire our elders, there wouldn’t be as much conflict between the different generations of people here in America. Our culture doesn’t value our elders as much as other cultures to and I think its’ a shame. Does that even make sense? LOL I think I’m babbling now so I’ll just shut up now hehe!


Written By: Lee JongHyun
Edited by Hwang YongHee (Issue Daily Director)
Translation Credits: CNBLUEBEAT

Photo Credits: FNC Entertainment and SBS

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