[News] 120927 CNBLUE’s ‘LIVE IN LONDON’ Concert Goes Live Around the World

CNBLUE recently embarked on their first ever concert in the United Kingdom titled CNBLUE Live in London’ which thanks to the internet, was shared by fans all over the world.

CNBLUE indirectly participated in what is being considered an online fan phenomenon. On Saturday, September 22nd at 7pm, CNBLUE performed an energetic two hour set that consisted of twenty songs picked especially to showcase the best of CNBLUE’s musical color for their first time in front of their European fans. With the use of Twitter and other online social sites, CNBLUE fans were able to enjoy every facet of the concert as if there were standing the audience among the crowd.

With about 3,000 fans gathered together in the sold out IndigO2 venue located in London England, CNBLUE provided a rockin’ performance to commemorate their first time in the UK. Some fans that were in attendance of the show were able to use SNS features and applications on their mobile devices to provide up to the minute live updates online. This steady stream of information along with instant digital images was shared by fans all over the world in real time. This allowed fans across the globe to not only enjoy what was going minute by minute but it facilitated fans in feeling as if they were right in the audience as the event took place.


Hundreds of fans at the concert not only shared play by play action as it happened online but also posted precious live images as they were taken courtesy of today’s modern devices.

This sharing of media in real time has sparked the interest of fans universally. With ease of use of the internet and the utilization of today’s smart phones, more and more fans have started to use SNS as their main source for sharing media making it easier for international fans to get to know more about the music and groups they like, hence the recent K-Pop music boom that seems to making its way to many parts of the world. The public can surely attest the quickly growing popularity of the K-Pop culture to the use of media sharing sites and devices.

CNBLUE debut around the time when the K-pop boom began to spread outside of Asia. Since their debut, CNBLUE have acquired fans all over the world that speak many different languages yet they are brought together by their love of music and their favorite foursome.  Unfortunately not all these fans that would cherish the opportunity to attend a concert can do so.  This fact makes the ability to share pictures and video clips online all the more appealing.

Growing to be the globally accepted musical talents that they are, CNBLUE has inspired numerous fan sites and forums dedicated to them and their music have been popping up online since the group’s conception. These websites along with Twitter and YouTube make it possible for those many fans that could never imagine themselves at a concert, actually see what the band is like in a live setting without leaving the comfort of their own homes. Needless to say most CNBLUE enthusiasts depend on those few devoted fans that acquire the live images and films by attending their events to share online.

Soon after the concert that was held in London, England, images and moments captured live on location was being spread throughout the CNBLUE fandom to all the corners of the world. Those who could not afford the trip to the UK to see them in person would now be able to click a link and view exactly what CNBLUE wore on stage or what song was currently being performed in real time.

Being able to view concerts online gives a new meaning to the term ‘Live’. While it may not be streaming live, sharing of fan cams and images alike will be the next best thing to being at one of CNBLUE’s or any K-Pop concerts. Some may say this is only the beginning of the fan sharing media live online sensation. As long as there are fans willing to record every moment of a concert or fan meeting through technology, there will be fans eager to soak in and enjoy whatever media that they can find online, providing a live experience everyone can enjoy. Such real-time, or near real-time sharing of content ignites an increased interest in attending these concerts in person, when possible. That increased desire likely is the key contributor to why and how concert tickets are fast to sell out these days.

**Featured on KpopStarz.com on behalf of CNBLUESTORM**

Photo Credits: Shar D. (BOICE), Emy K (Blue Impact)

written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

5 thoughts on “[News] 120927 CNBLUE’s ‘LIVE IN LONDON’ Concert Goes Live Around the World

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  2. Nice article! It was truely an international event with all the ‘live’ updates from fans there. Sometimes I wish the Japanese fans would do the same so that all the international fans could enjoy their Japanese activities as well.

    • Thank you!! Yeah I wish things were different with the JBOICE but to their defense, Japan has certain laws/ rules in place that prohibit the sharing of certain types of media, fancams are one of them! So its sort of illegal to share that as well as Images from live events or so I’ve heard. I really dont know all the details but there’s a reason why they cant share.

      Frankly, it sucks for the rest of fans who can’t travel freely to Japan to attend a show so you are not alone in your thinking!

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