[Site News] Added New Affiliate: 4CNBLUE

Hello My Lovely BOICE,

How is everyone doing? I know we are all still excited over CNBLUE‘s awesomely Rockin’ performance at their first European concert CNBLUE LIVE IN LONDON’, I know I am! I have just about watched every fancam I could find and I can’t get enough! I’m in the process of writing an Exclusive feature article for KpopStarz.com about the event so please stay tuned for that!

In other news, I am so proud to announce yet another awesome addition to my forever growing family of BOICE and CNBLUE websites. Welcome Subbing Team, 4CNBLUE  to my affiliate family!

“4CNBLUE was started and founded by  _blackdragon and chiffonlau, who initially simply wanted to sub short cute clips of CNBLUE, during their Bluelove promotion period. The initial (not serious and official obviously) name was “bunnydragon subs” LOL. 

As they grew serious and the team grew bigger, they settled for the name “4CNBLUE subs”, mirroring CNBLUE’s twitter @CNBLUE_4 and punning “for cnblue”. This subbing team was the first sole subbing team for CNBLUE, and now the largest with the widest reach. As 4CNBLUE press on, we may not be the fastest, but we still aim to bring you quality subs – as always (: “

As proud BOICE, we depend on subbers to provide English translations for those of us who are Korean and Japanese challenged. I for one, depend on 4CNBLUE for their HD clips and translations! Thank you guys for all your hard work and as fellow BOICE, I promise to support you in any way I can!

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