[Pic] 120923 Rockin’ CNBLUE @ ‘LIVE IN LONDON’ Concert

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90p Images Zipped cr: Various Sources


I just have to say…CN FUCKING BLUE ROCK!! I saw some of the fancams that were so graciously shared by the BOICE in London and let me tell you, CNBLUE are the best band EVER!!! They worked so hard to bring the best show they could in London and I applaud them for it! They spoke really good English, well they tried hard, especially Yonghwa! I can’t get over how sweet they looked and the pictures are adjhakjfhdkfjh…UNFFFF

OK so here are JUST A FEW of the images I was able to compile for now, there were so many and I still am waiting for some from fans who attended the concert and are going to provide me some of their Fan Accounts as well. If anyone attended this concert, please let me know and share your story with me! I would really love to read your experiences and so would my followers!

I don’t think I will be sharing any fancams unless, as I stated, they are part of a FA but since there are so many, I feel I would rather focus on images and compiling the FA for all of you! Not to mention I’m working on a feature article about the concert as well so lets just say I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment! All that and I still have to keep updating ColoreMeCNBLUE and CNBStorm as well^^ I really don’t even have the energy to spazz out over all the images, seems like I’m burned out haha! I was on twitter since 1pm yesterday…its now 2:20am so yeah, its been a long day! Of course I will update with more pics as they become available!

Please enjoy these yummy pics on behalf of all the Euro BOICE that took them and shared! You guys ROCK!


**Click on Image for DL / Please leave a comment if you download**

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Source:Β @Gogumavillage,Β @ohlilu,Β @RedVelvetKid,Β @yhyhcn, @kite612
Compiled & Zipped, Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

11 thoughts on “[Pic] 120923 Rockin’ CNBLUE @ ‘LIVE IN LONDON’ Concert

  1. I am using one of photo shared above as my twitter DP @cnMiena . When I read the artice, it seems like the photo been taken by fans. Please let me know whether am I allowed to use the photo as my DP? If not I will quickly change my DP. Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Hi! Thank you for your concern, I wish more people would think the way you do! Actually, I’m pretty sure its fine to use the image if you haven’t altered it in any way so don’t crop off the Logo if there is one and you should be ok. Lots of fans use fan taken pic for their DP.

  2. hahahaha i totally get you! i was up for the real time update of the concert, it was like i was there :3 and i spazz so much that i dont have more energy hahaha, i’ve been up since 10pm watching fancam, photos and reading FA that i didn’t even noticed it’s 10am here wowww…and i’m not even finished yet!

    • LOL that’s really hardcore! But yeah, its not uncommon for true fans hehe! I for one am really glad its all over! I feel sort of bitter sweet about the whole thing because on one hand I’m so proud and happy for CNBLUE because this was an achievement they were working towards and it was a dream of theirs to perform in the UK. But on the other hand, I am super jealous of all the fans who got to meet them on the street and who attend the concert of the year! I’m so bummed right now haha but I guess I have to get over it Right?

      Since I didn’t go to LA, I feel like I’ve missed out on the only chance I would’ve had to see them in person T.T

      • For a moment i was crying because i wasn’t there, i literally wanted to punch my wall or something, but my heart was bursting with pride…they were so happy and all the praises from none fans made my day.
        I think you have more chances to see them again in the states, they will definetly go back for sure….I personally need to pray really hard to see them play live at least once, i live in south america so my chances are pretty much none T-T

        • Yeah I cried too! Like i guess it was more out of regret for missing their LA concert…I’m sure they will come back to the states but am I going to be able to go is the question! Well I guess there’s nothing I can do now. But yeah they had a great time and did an awesome job on the performance I hear!

          Don’t fret, I’m sure they will visit soon! if they dont, I guess you’ll have to visit the US for a trip the next time they make it here….God and FNC only know when that will happen LOL! Lets cry together now shall we? hehe

          • I hope you have better luck next time, i want to read your FA…i hope i hav the chance to go to US if they go when i have money :(….There has been some rumors that CNBLUE will performe in MuBank Chile, november or january, if it’s true i plan to go to Chile… althought is not the same as a Live performance i take what i can get….for the time being let’s cry together U-U hahaha

          • Thank you Luv…I hope its one day soon and believe me, my FA will be something I would put all my heart into writing!

            I hope they do end up going there as it would be an awesome experience for them to see they have fans in South America too! Good luck sweetie!

            HAHA in the meantime you always have me to cry with ahah!! God I’m so jealous of all the fans who have gotten to see them…now they will go on tour in Japan again…I hate it! lol but what can we do! For now, we just have to sit and wait ^^ *hugs*

  3. haha i just started looking for fancams/photos so this post is a good starting point β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ there are so many photos n fancams I can drown in them for weeks hehehe

    • Heheh yeah really these pics are just a few of what I found, there are tons more that I’m collecting, just figured I’d post something for now! As far as fancams codeazzurro has a really good list of links! You can find the link to the site on my affiliates links! Enjoy!!

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