[Official PRESS EXCLUSIVE] 120915 CNBLUE Enthusiastic About Upcoming London Tour

In an exclusive pre-concert interview with the press, CNBLUE shares their thoughts for their upcoming London Tour

CNBLUE is ready to rock London on September 22! Scheduled to appear in a solo concert for the first time on European soil, CNBLUE admits that “Yes, it’s their very first time to visit UK.” Still considered a ‘rookie’ band by certain merits, CNBLUE is a band that has disrupted the K-Pop music scene by breaking records, topping charts with each album they release. Recently, CNBLUE topped the Oricon chart for their first full length Japanese album, Code Name Blue. They also recently proved to the music industry that they can impress American and European audiences with their successful joint concert in Los Angeles with FTISLAND in March. This time, CNBLUE is now taking on the home of rock bands, London.

When asked about their expectations of their UK audience, CNBLUE stays down-to-earth, asking the fans to just enjoy the show with them, as they have always asked fans to do in all their times on stage. They candidly admit that they are not excited about just the notion of being in the UK, but they find that “Meeting with UK fans for the first time itself is the most exciting part. Hope everyone can have fun there together.”

CNBLUE is also aware of the different reception they may get from their UK audience, current fans and new listeners alike. The band says, “They may not sing along every song, but we’ll try to communicate and interact with audience through music, the universal language.” This being said, CNBLUE is still proud, however, of the unique sound found in their music that are different from the music now topping the UK charts, saying they are differentiated by “the progression of Korean style melodic lines that gives some exotic impression.”

Apart from being excited to perform for a UK audience, they are also looking forward to doing some touristy things,  “Tower Bridge is the one to visit. Also, we would like to visit Abbey Road to fill up our fever for the Beatles.” Now, whether they will recreate the famous Abbey Road photography angle, we can only anticipate. One thing is certain though, with their determination, hard work and CNBLUE‘s undying commitment to make their own music, their hearts are sure to find another home in London.

CNBLUE will play at the O2 – IndigO2 Theater on September 22 at 7 PM. Tickets can be purchased on AEG Live UK.

I love this article written by my fabulous Team Leader, Dorothy @ KpopStarz. She did an amazing job putting together the exclusive press information direct from CNBLUE‘s publicist for this article. Which BTW, another Kpop ‘news’ site, which will remain nameless, *cough Hello cough*  decided to tell a fib and post this same information in interview form and made it seem as if it was an exclusive interview they scored with CNBLUE themselves and THAT IS NOT THE CASE! Its so funny how some media sites dont really try to follow certain moral protocol that really should be common place in all online media source sites. This leads to taking away the credibility of news sharing outlets that actually do their best at providing legit information and present it morally and honestly! Shame on you, you know who you are!!

With that being said, HOORAY for CNBLUE who get to make their first UK travel run and land in London for their first concert there, EVER! I’m so happy for them and I really hope the get to do all the sightseeing that they want and have some much needed downtime while on their trip. I can imagine how excited they must be to get to see all their fans who will arrive from all over Europe for this event for the first time! “They may not sing along every song, but we’ll try to communicate and interact with audience through music, the universal language.” Do they not realize who we are?? We are their glorious BOICE who despite some of us not knowing how to speak Korean or Japanese, can recite all their lyrics word for word without missing a beat! Its so cute that they think their fans won’t be able to sing along LOL! They did just fine in LA didn’t they? I’m sure all the European BOICE will do just fine singing along too ^^


Source: CNBLUE, with permission from CJE&M and AEG Live
Photo Cr: FNC Entertainment
Article Author: Dorothy Advincula (KpopStarz)
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

12 thoughts on “[Official PRESS EXCLUSIVE] 120915 CNBLUE Enthusiastic About Upcoming London Tour

  1. HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!! OH BOY they’re in for a surprise!!!!! We’ll be singing our hearts out!!!!!!! This is making me go all giddy again!! Like I wasn’t before!! And sightseeing… like running into them on my 4 day London trip isn’t a dream any more…? @_@ I die…

    • Hahaha you just better never leave the hotel without your camera just in case lol! Ahh you’re so lucky to be attending this concert and going to London! Please take pics so I can share them exclusively on my site hahah!!!

      • I feel lucky too!!!!!!! SO LUCKY!!! But also kinda scared in a way!!! I mean what if we really do meet??? Silly I know, but it freaks me out in a way… I mean the concert I can handle … at least I think so!! I’ll sing and scream and soak in Yonghwa’s sweat and stare and drool at WhiteHot, but MEETING or RUNNING INTO are soooooooooooo different!!! Wish I knew more Korean… TT^TT

        • Don’t be! Let them practice their English, lord knows they need too if they wanna be world stars right?

          Ugh since you mention soaking in Yonghwa’s sweat I hate you now hahaha! GAAAAHH I WANT THAT TO BE MEEEEE! I hope you catch his pick…. Shit get one for me!!!

          • Hahahahha!!! Oh yeah! I’m waiting for him to get all nice and sweaty and shake that ridiculously smoking hot bod of his so that all that manjuice (and I mean sweat here) will splash (so not the right word for this) on us too!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDD I’m such a nice friend aren’t I !!!! Kkkk… Catching Yonghwa’s pick might be a challenge, but Jonghyun usually has 7 or 8 that he gives to fans at the end, so if I’m lucky!!!!

            And English it is!!!!!!! XD Few korean words and then English!!!

            I’ll take photos if it’s allowed and will OF COURSE post them here too!! I might even write a FA if I don’t go all crazy and forget everything that hapened!!!! XD

          • Yes please do!! I will compile the FAs over and post them all! Of you can’t take pics inside, please take some of your trip, I will share those too!

            How can I be so jealous and happy for you at the same time hahah!!?? Yonghwa’s man juice? I want all of it ( and I mean ALL OF IT) Pervy Noona will take it all haha!! If you do get some on you asjdkcldjehashdhsha! I can’t even say it hahaha

    • Aww this is just adorable… I’m sure they’re not just expecting UK fans but fans from other European countries as well 🙂 I mean I’m going to take my Finnish flag and show them where I’m from 😀 As a fan since their debut I know almost all of their songs and I’m really looking forward to what kind of show they’re going to perform. My god I want to be in the first row looking straightly at the man of my world, Yonghwa ❤
      I would love to see them while sightseeing, but I'm not sure if it's going to come true. I mean even if I've been to Korea 4 times already never ever I've seen a celebrity so if it's my luck I won't see them ;;__;; Well I'll just see them at the concert ^^
      달자언니… 나 누군지 알지? ㅋㅋㅋ If you see them get an autograph for me, okay? 😀

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