[Scan | Trans] 120901 Lee Jungshin & Jung Yonghwa Interviewed @ PATi PATi Magazine Sept 2012

Major first album has been completed! Direct hit to YongHwa and JungShin!

Release of major first album ‘CODE NAME BLUE’ on August 29!

We asked YongHwa and JungShin directly “Weren’t their spirit of inquiry and respect to the music already enough” and their current feelings about this packed work.

CODE NAME BLUE. Branding their band name as the title is an expression of their confidence towards this work. CNBLUE’s commemorable Japan major 1st album “CODE NAME BLUE” that was completed following the single “Come On”. Right after the completion of the album, in the lingering memory, the thoughts that put in that title or the things they wanted to express, YongHwa and JungShin told us about various episodes. About this charming work, CNBLUE’s multicolored line-up songs, firstly, voices of the completed joy, please.

(T/N: The scan was cut here.)

—- The following question (T/N : There is a small part of the question “What kind of feeling is it(?) ?” The scan was cut. Sorry (T.T) )

JungShin : I’m very happy because this album is the first album that we made our Japan major debut. This is filled with the new songs and the songs that we didn’t put in the CD until now. In addition, inside it, there are songs of different genres and deep thoughts of each melody.

YongHwa : Right, (including the bonus track that is in the first half) The album that contains lots of work as 14 songs, is also the first time for us. And to be able to express that much different songs, I’m happy as an artist.

—- Certainly, building up wide range of genres, various taste of songs is impressive. Can this album also be called as the album that has variations?

YongHwa : Yes. We also did various genres of music until now but this time, there is styles like we said “We also want to take in something like that” that became a popular topic of conversation in the music scene of recent times, for example has danceable content or R&B content.

JungShin : I think we also did this “CNBLUE has many worlds, various colors conversation, in the interview when we published ”In My Head” and “Where You Are”. In this album, I am hoping that we can be able to amplify that more.

—- What kind of atmosphere was this song production that expresses that “color”, including JongHyun and MinHyuk?

(T/N : From here on, @mi_malice ‘s tweets are the reference)

YongHwa : In this recording, recording separately was more often but, each of us has worked on it voluntarily, saying like “I want to do this part like this” , “I want to try this”.

JungShin : When boiled down, we go to a coffee shop to change the mood (laughs)

—- All together? You’re close (laughs)

JungShin : (laughs) That’s because we all live together even now. And, we talk together and relax. While reading a magazine that is in the shop with everyone, it’s really like silly chatting “This car is cool!” or ”These clothes are good!” (laughs)

YongHwa: This “CODE NAME BLUE” is… JongHyun and me, from Busan, like sea. That’s because there is sea in Busan. So, “BLUE” that we like also got attached to the band name. You can also say that.

JungShin : Thank God it wasn’t “pink” (laughs)

“I feel like as we’re doing musical activities, the more meaning is getting added to that “CODE NAME BLUE” band name. For example, YongHwa Hyung had said “I like sea” but, the sea provides lots of things to people, right. That equals to “CODE NAME BLUE”. To those who are listening to CNBLUE’s songs, they are giving various things through music like memories, smiles. That’s why, I think and hope to feel lots of things to each other and grow from there.”

—- According to the writer, album edited song “No More” has close resemblance to 70’s disco sound and it looks like “These Days” is a ballad which has a R&B atmosphere.

JongHyun : “Come On” specially, has the color that CNBLUE has not come across until now. We also always want to continue to challenge (ourselves) musically. Because we want to be able to express various genres of music through that challenge, I think this time was very significant.

YongHwa : Right. So to say, “extraordinary change”, isn’t it?

(Association of ideas from”Wake Up”) Who can not wake up early?

JongHyun : JungShin? (laughs)

JungShin : (laughs) For opposite, MinHyuk?

MinHyuk : (laughs) I think everyone’s good at waking up early.

YongHwa : Yes, right. It doesn’t change, right.

(About the enthusiasm for Japan activities)

YongHwa : CNBLUE’s music is, I want it to be felt enjoyably as “music itself”. Because our music is not “sound school”. (T/N: While saying “sound school”, YongHwa plays on words. In Japanese the “gaku” kanji in “ongaku(music)” and “gakkou(school)” is different but same sound. So when he uses “gakkou” s kanji while saying “ongaku” makes the word’s meaning change into “sound school” without changing the sound.)

The music I want everybody to hear will be born countless times from now on, too. In that long journey, our album is like a service area that has lots of delicious food, isn’t it (laughs) Everybody, each of them listening their favorite songs and enjoying, that’s our aim of music.

I wish such a “Miracle” has happened!

JongHyun : I wish I have the figure as it is now, even if I’m 30 years old.

JungShin : Always being together with the members as CNBLUE, even if we’re 30 or 40 years old.

MinHyuk : A car and a lo~~ng holiday!

YongHwa : I hope a miracle like becoming a traveler and being able to travel various countries freely comes true! I hope a miracle like making a song and finishing it from recording to mastering at that place and being able to obtain a song for each time I travel comes true.

Message from JongHyunMinHyuk

Because it’s Japan major 1st album, we were joyful many times more than the works we did until now and we were nervous many times more, too. This time, I am proud of YongHwa Hyung’s and JongHyun’s songs as a member of CNBLUE. Everybody, please make sure to listen!” —MinHyuk

Rather than words, firstly, please make sure to listen (laughs)” —JongHyun

Here’s another awesome interview with URI Lee Jungshin & Jung Yonghwa that is an awesome read. The translation is a bit confusing in so parts and I tried to edit it just a bit because of typos but its understandable. Even though the images only show Yonghwa and Jungshin, the interview also includes Jonghyun and Minhyuk , I dont understand why they couldn’t just include images of all of the members. I understand that only YH and JS were available for the shoot but I’m sure a magazine like Pati Pati has images from previous interviews they could’ve included for the missing members right? Oh well, I shouldn’t complain, I just miss seeing an article or interview with ALL the members together! There hasn’t been one yet out of all the magazine appearances these boys have been making! I guess we just have to take what we are given and this must be one of those cases.


Scans: weibo.com/doolyshinhwa (yonghyebar), @grlygirlie
Info Compiled: @mi_malice & @akanzh
Trans: depps1004.tumblr.com

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