[Pic |Vid] 120831 Lee Jonghyun & Lee Jungshin @ DKNY 2012 Fall/Winter Release Party

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52p Collection

Lee Jonghyun‘s forehead made an appearance at the DKNY 2012 Fall/Winter Collection Release Party along with the rest of his and his fellow CNBLUE band member Lee Jungshin also showed his model grade prettiness at the event!


*cover Yonghwa’s ears first*  OMFGAWD can this man get any freaking hotter?? I mean SHIT JH!! I LOVE HIS HAIR, I LOVE HIS HAIR!! Did I mention how I LOVE HIS HAIR? hehe so glad to have gotten that out of my system!


**Click on Image for DL / Please leave a comment if you want to download**

Source: Video Source: MyDaily+SSTV via ColorMeCNBLUE

Photos Partially Compiled: BOICE Chiara (@CNGuitarFreak)

Zipped & Posted by Mari @ Colormecnblue


9 thoughts on “[Pic |Vid] 120831 Lee Jonghyun & Lee Jungshin @ DKNY 2012 Fall/Winter Release Party

      • I guess I’ll never be… OMG if he’s seriously going to waltz in Indigo2 looking like THAT, how am I suppose to survive!!! He looks, so MANLY!!! Kkkk… I grin at my own reactions since I’m much older than he is, but still I felt like 15y old watching my IDOL walk in looking all perfect and beautiful and… the next “feelings” of course revealed my true age and were absolutely not fit for a 15 year old!!! 😉 …but really I am in awe of his beauty!!! and hotness, and sexiness…

        This reminds me of those hot airport picture way back, you know with the green shirt and those sexy shades!!! He’s hair was black and short and swept away from his forehead… ❤

        • Yes I know the pictures you are refering to, they were really nice, * think I may have one actually but I’ve been searching for more. Since they are prettly old, its hard to find but I’m looking!

          Yes, I agree! JH is not my bias but I really can’t help but love him too as I do all of CNBLUE. However him and Yonghwa have a certain sex appeal that I can’t deny and its hard to ignore!

          I’m a bit older than these guys too but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying their manliness after all they are ALL men and I am all woman haha…My feelings and Pervy Noona thoughts take over all the time lately and I regret nothing!!

          • Oh yes and that sex appeal intensifies when they’re together!!! JH in his own world, having *** with his guitar, gasm’ing all over and YH just going crazy and worshiping him! Then they connect occationally (I love that pose; YH on one knee and JH’s leg up on his thigh, it’s rehearsed but who cares it’s HOT) and it’s all just so intense!!!! I love how YH’s body doesn’t seem to be enough for him!!! He’s so ADHD on stage that I love it!!! Trying to jump out of his skin! And those glances they give to eachother usually at a time when the other doesn’t notice, Yonghwa’s full of acknowledgement of JH’s talent and Jonghyun’s just admiration of his hyung!! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~ I shouldn’t start on this subject at all!!! But really they’re so perfect together!!! and it doesn’t mean Minhyuk and maknae are anything less!!! ❤ CNB!!

            Heheheh THIS was actually the reason I started the comment; You can google "Lee Jonghuyn shades" and get one of those pics, click the link open and you'll find another one (and other JH shades pics) and JulNuna has few of them on her archieve! I've got few extra too, but I have no idea where I found them so I can't post since can't give credits!!

          • I understand, I can find them no worries!

            BTW, thank you for all your comments and conversation! I really look forward to them hehe!

            I totally agree with everything you said. I can’t get enough of their live shows! I dont care if I dont know what they say, I fucking LOVE to watch them all interact and their funny ass conversations and subtle smiles they share! I LOVE IT!! hehe

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