[Pic] 120828 CNBLUE Rock Out & Tweet About It @ ‘Mezamashi LIVE 2012′


[TRANS] @fncmusicjapan: 【CNBLUE】 「Mezamashi Live」 ended in great success ♪  Thank you for a lot for support! Tomorrow August 29 (Wednesday) the Major 1st Album 『CODE NAME BLUE』 will be on sale♪ Don’t miss this one too!

Here are some preliminary images from CNBLUE‘s performance yesterday at ‘Mezamashi LIVE 2012′. Some of the images are screen caps from the broadcast of the show that aired sometime today. Hopefully it will become available to us soon and I will post it here as soon as I get it! According to a few details from KetchBurning’s fan account, CNBLUE rocked it out with six favorite songs and a few new ones.


  1. Come On
  2. Let’s Go Crazy
  3. Voice
  4. One Time
  5. Time Is Over
  6. In My Head

[cr: @mi_malice]

I will post more images if they surface and as they become available and I will also try to get the video posted if I can find it! I really cant wait to see this performance!

OMG! Yonghwa wore that thin white v-neck t-shirt he was pictured wearing at the airport earlier that day throughout the entire performance and got all wet and sweaty! HAVE MERCY! I don’t think I would be able to breathe properly if I ever got a chance to see them perform live and Yonghwa got all wet the way he usually does! According to the FA info, Jonghyun never really sweats on stage like the other guys do which I think is hilarious! Is there something wrong with JHs sweat glands you think?


Source: @fncmusicjapan, excite.co.jp, @cnblue622aki, @ketchBurning, ughlccnupacc, JULnuna
Trans:cnbluefanfun @tumblr
Posted by Mari @ Colormecnblue


14 thoughts on “[Pic] 120828 CNBLUE Rock Out & Tweet About It @ ‘Mezamashi LIVE 2012′

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    • Unfortunatley its not available yet! I’m not sure when it will be because trust me, you are not the only one who really wants to see this perf! hehe

      Don’t worry, as soon as It surfaces, I will be sure to share it here so make sure you follow my twitter and my site if you haven’t already, so you can get updates on what I post ^^

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  3. LoL like Jonghyun mentioned in the twitter chat, he is just blessed!!! ^^’ …but he does sweat, just not as noticeably as… well Yonghwa the king of sweating!!! XDDD I’ve always said that I don’t trust people who don’t sweat, but with JH I’m willing to make an exception, he’s special anyway!!! ❤ ^^

      • Yeah he’s so interesting!! Like really I have no idea why I fell for him. He has some things that are very much like me, but the same amount of things completely opposite. I agree on lot of things he says and disagree with a lot too. His actions make me go all giddy and I turn into a lovesick puppy, but then other times he almost irritates me!!! It is so weird… he really is special and I can’t get enough!! …and then there’s Yonghwa… respect. admiration. those are what I feel for him… plus he’s the one who I see dirty dreams about, never Jonghyun always Yonghwa!!! I feel embarrassed about not mentionin’ music at all in this comment, but if you’re a Boice you know it!!! The passion that is CNB!! …okay I’m getting off subject… YEAH JONGHYUN’S HOT, WHITEHOT!!! XDDD

        • You dont have to worry about not talking music with me…I’m all about the SPAZZing too so I totally understand! I almost feel bad sometimes when I post images of them and dont even wanna talk about the event info, I just wanna spazz over their hottness!! haha

          It happens, we’re women and they are super attractive MEN! Yes, JH is super special and I do feel admiration for Yong too because he is one of the most talented musicians I have ever heard for being so young too!

          Pervy Noona can’t stop craving Yonghwa and I dream about him too so we’re like kindred spirits you and me LOL!!

          • LoL yeah absolutely!! Glad to find other drooling nunas!!! And I’m pretty sure it’s not just you and me alone! 😉 The fact that Yonghwa’s invading my dreams is beyond me! I think he’s smoking hot, for real, but I LOVE Jonghyun!!! And for Yonghwa to be the main character in EVERY single of my dreams is just unfair… and weird… Even in dreams that have nothing to do with CNB, like the dream-fit-for-teenagers I saw the other night starring Yongguk from B.A.P asking if “I could be his” after a series of really sweet and funny scenes, I told him he should ask Yonghwa!! Like whatta… how did he even get into that dream????
            Okay the point of this comment? I love spazzing too!!! And let’s face it, it doesn’t take anything away from the enjoyment of their talents if you drool in the process!!! :))))))))))))))))))

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