*Updated w/ HD VId* [News |Vid| Trans] 120826 CNBLUE Expose Their Quirks @ MBC Section TV

CNBLUE‘s Minhyuk commented on leader Yonghwa‘s two personalities on the August 26th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Section TV‘.

In the broadcast, the members jokingly picked on Yonghwa and explained that he acts differently in front of fans. Minhyuk stated, while cautiously keeping an eye out on Yonghwa’s reaction, “Yonghwa hyung is good at playing cool [in front of the fans], making the rest of the members laugh.

The members also revealed the member with the worst sleeping habits on the show. Yonghwa ratted out, “Jungshin complains out loud in his sleep“, drawing attention from fans.


Reporter: Not only acting, not only singing, but also good looking, these four guys have all, CNBLUE.
Yonghwa: Hi Section TV viewers, we are CNBLUE.

Narration: Not long ago, CNBLUE filmed CF together as campus perfect guys.

Reporter: You guys watched each other’s acting. Who was most awkward?
Yonghwa: Jonghyun had a scene of winking his eyes. You wink one eye only, but he did both eyes.
[Confirm right away]
Reporter: One two three!
[He closes both eyes]

Narration: Jonghyun can’t wink, but he is still really attractive.

[Wink is difficult]

Reporter: Frankly speaking, Who changes his attitute most in front of fans?
(Jungshin, Minhyuk: ‘Yonghwa hyung’)
Jungshin: Yonghwa hyung tries to hold us bent in his hands when he is with us.
Reporter: hold you bent in his hands?

[Sweet to fans, but absolute charisma to members]
[Read his face]

Jungshin: If I said it, I think my words flow to bad direction
Jonghyun: You’re already too late.
Reporter: I can tell you are frightened.

[Frightened Jungshin]
[I’ll see you]

Minhyuk: Yonghwa hyung manages fans well, cunningly…

[Minhyuk can’t continue to talk because of fear]

Reporter: Yonghwa ssi, your pen looks especially sharp.
Yonghwa: It has good function
Reporter: Dart function!

[Yonghwa is frightening]

Reporter: Who has the worst sleeping habit. Because of him…
(All laugh – wrote on their Galaxy Note)
Reporter: The suspect is here. You can’t sleep because of him?
Minhyuk: ‘Jungshin ah’
Yonghwa: ‘Jungshin ssi’
Jonghyun: Jungshin….
Jungshin: ?

Reporter: Jungshin ssi, you have a lot of problem.
Yonghwa: Suddenly he regrets…
Reporter: while sleeping?


Yonghwa: “Awww I am!” he speaks such words of regret
Jonghyun: When I sleep with him, he becomes my talking partner, he answers my words well.

Narration: Beginning from Yonghwa, all CNBLUE members spreaded their activity zone to actors.
Jonghyun was praised with his stable acting, Minhyuk is showing a good sister-brother relationship with Kim Nam Joo.

Reporter: How do you feel about Kim Nam Joo? Aren’t you afraid of her or Wasn’t she different from first impression?
Minhyuk: Not at all. She always help me to practice script reading with her.

[Kim Nam Joo takes good care of Minhyuk]

Reporter: What image did you have about her before you met her?
Minhyuk: Actually, I had feeling of being afraid of her.
Reporter: I will hear till this. We will use your this word only at the show.
Yonghwa: “Kang Minhyuk, I’m afraid of Kim Nam Joo”

[Section TV exclusive! Kang Minhyuk, afraid of Kim Nam Joo]

Reporter: Actually, Yonghwa you are the ancestor of acting in CNBLUE. You are not doing acting now?
Yonghwa: No.
Reporter: Don’t you feel like doing any drama?
Yonghwa: First, we release new album within this year.

[Currently he focuses on new album work]

Yonghwa: After I finish composing and other music jobs, I want to do acting. I am making good music. Everyone, please love our album a lot.
Reporter: How about ending this interview speaking out words which is popular to CNBLUE, or was popular before?
Yonghwa: Aigoo my tummy~
Reporter: It was CNBLUE. Thank you.

LMFAO!! These guys never cease to surprise me and make me laugh with their confessions of dorm life with each other. I love how scary Yonghwa is to the two maknaes and Jonghyun just sits there with a silent smile! His face tells me there was something he was hiding or just not talking about, probably something he’s done to them as well that no one mentioned LOL! His face shows it all IMO. And honestly, he’s too much, with his double eye wink….UNF!!! Why is JH so askdjaldhajdh????

I just love Yonghwa though, he’s definitely take the role of leader and takes very good care of his dongsaengs even if they do let all their secrets spill during interviews! He seems to get along more like a big brother to the members as apposed as just an older co-worker!


*Click on Preview Image for DL / Please leave a comment if you download*


Source: Nate|allkpop, @gogox2

Trans: @saturnkr

Posted by Mari @ Colormecnblue

4 thoughts on “*Updated w/ HD VId* [News |Vid| Trans] 120826 CNBLUE Expose Their Quirks @ MBC Section TV

  1. When I first saw this interview, even though I didn’t understand a single word they were saying, I was still laughing away as they just seemed to be having so much fun together and I can feel the brotherly love they share. Love these boys!

    • Yup, that’s how I am all the time, just watching and laughing like a dummy not knowing what they’re actually saying but yeah, it doenst matter because they are entertaining an any language!

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