[Site News] Help ColorMeCNBLUE Upgrade Site

Hello Lovely BOICE,

It pains me to have to ask for help but unfortunately running this site is harder than I thought it would be with all the link re-uploads, I feel like I have to do double the work lol. I really need to raise a few dollars to help pay for some upgrades I want to make to the site in order to help me better handle running it!

I really would like to have my own domain so the new URL would be HTTP://colormecnblue.com which as you know would look more professional and cleaner plus I’m starting to run out of media space so I need to upgrade to at least 10GB lol! I would like the 25GB but that would be greedy of me when I really only need the $2o upgrade! If you want to help me reach my goal of $38, I would really appreciate it! Any amount will help! Thank you so much in advance for your help and support and for always visiting ColorMeCNBLUE!

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5 thoughts on “[Site News] Help ColorMeCNBLUE Upgrade Site

  1. I read what you wrote, but to me these things run over me, so to speak. If you could explain to me step by step, I will help you. I love your blog and how much effort you put in, plus your publications makes me happy every day, I’m so glad I can collaborate with you. ^^

    [sorry for my english πŸ˜› XD]

  2. Hi Mari, how much do you need if you want your own domain and the space that you want? I can help you out with it.

    • Waaaa well I posted the info all there! The mapping & domain are gonna cost $18 and the extra storage space for media is another $20 so all together I will need to raise $38 to pay for it

      • I read your post on my phone so actually did not read the whole thing kekekek .. Anyway, let me know how much you need at the end of your fund raising .. I’ll cover the remaining for you.. Love your blog and want to help out πŸ™‚

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