[News] 120820 CNBLUE’s Rise to the Top of the World

CNBLUE have come a long way in just 3 years since they debuted in Japan’s Indie scene 3 years ago. From learning Japanese and performing on the streets of famous landmarks and setting up long lasting roots in the foreign country to taking over the charts in Korea, being the first band to win fan favorite in just two short weeks from debut and performing in countless other Asian countries. Most recently conquering the US with the success of their ‘Stand Up Live’ in LA concert earlier this year, CNBLUE are taking the world by storm and don’t seem to be letting up on their hurricane like grasp on the music industry.

Proud fans were floored to hear about the news that broke out on August 20th on the band’s website, of the quartet rock band finally setting foot in the homeland of Rock music as we know it today and have announced that they will hold a concert in London England for their first time ever. The concert, ‘CNBLUE LIVE IN LONDON 2012’ is set to take place in IndigO2, Greenwich, GB London on September 22nd at 7pm. The venue is said to hold over 3,000 fans and are excited to make the tickets available to them sometime soon. No other details have been announced as of yet.
CNBLUE have been riding the wave of fame this year taking advantage of numerous product endorsement deals including CF and a brand song ‘Friday’ for T.G.I Friday’s the newly acquired campaign for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 that was launched on August 17th. The band has no plans on slowing down their ride to the top of the media however.Β  Their recent mini album, ‘Come On’ continues to fly off the shelves with an estimated sale count of over 60,000 copies sold to date. All this while their first major Japanese full length self titled album release ‘Code Name Blue’ has yet to hit the market, already numerous copies have been pre-ordered by eager and loyal fans. The album, featuring 12 songs, 6 of which are brand new compositions is said to represent CNBLUE‘s true color as all but two songs on the album were penned and composed by leader and lead vocalist Jung Yonghwa and lead guitarist and vocalist Lee Jonghyun.
Later this fall, the band have scheduled an Arena Tour aptly titled, ‘CNBLUE Arena Tour 2012 ~COME ON~‘ to take place in various locations in Japan. Beginning on October 2nd, the tour will kick off a total of nine tour dates with the first live stage at Nippon Gaishi Hall, Nagoya and run to various high capacity venues throughout the course for the month concluding the tour on the 21st at Saitama Super Arena. CNBLUE are rumored to also have a new Korean album in the works also set to be revealed this fall in November.

2012 seems to have been jam packed with CNBLUE traveling and performing all over the world so far most likely continuing to the end of the year. With their tremendous continuing growth potential, CNBLUE don’t look like they’ll be wanting to take a break hold from their rein on the charts and the hearts of their fans any time soon.

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Source: cnblue.jp, FNC,
written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

8 thoughts on “[News] 120820 CNBLUE’s Rise to the Top of the World

  1. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel “proud” of CNBLUE having booked a concert in London? For some reason, I’m extremely excited for them. Maybe because they have mentioned numerous times they want to go there. What also amazed me, is the fact that their performance in the US left such a good impression on AEG, that they’re on board to support and promote CNBLUE’s upcoming London show.

    As much as I love FTISLAND and enjoyed the “Stand Up” concert in LA, I’m a bit jealous we didn’t get a longer set. Lucky UK fans will get probably 2 hours (PLUS!) of CNBLUE craziness. Now, I’m hoping they bring CNBLUE back for their own show in the US.

    • Yes of course you are not the only one who is extremely proud of CNBLUE!! I am so excited for them cuz like you said, they have wanted to visit and perform in Europe for a while now and them having their own concert just solidifies their really taking over the world with their music and their charms!!

      I love CNBLUE and feel so happy for them! Yes, I am happy they are having their own headlining concert instead of having to share the spotlight! Can’t wait to see what happens and perhaps it this concert makes it to DVD!!

  2. They need to come back to the states and do like a mini tour because I was not able to go see them in LA earlier this year with FT Island

    • I wasn’t able to attend it either so yeah your not the only one who’s upset they didn’t get to see them perform!

      I hope they do plan in a mini tour in the states soon but I don’t see it being this year. Then again, FNC keeps surprising us fans with new events left and right so there’s no telling what’s gonna happen!

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