27 thoughts on “[Pic | FA] 120812 CNBLUE & FNC Tweet After Successful A-Nation Concert

  1. LOL when did black tank top turn into a white one??? he he he~ of course i’m not complaining… white is better on you yonghwa cuz i can see everythingg!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ although your arms are a bit scary..they’re too big >__< next wish: shirtless… or pantless yonghwa ahahahahahahaha

      • hohoho i just want him to develop his lower half too not just his arms~~like his thighs, etc.. hehe i have a fetish with that part of him XDD #greedynoona~~ HOW CAN I MISS HIS CHEST!!! HE”S FLAUNTING IT ON PURPOSE~~ and isnt he the only one who change his shirt after the performance?? black>>white~~ it’s on purpose i tell you

          • He’s testing how much his fans can take!!!and see if he can go further with his tease hmm *imagination runs wild!!*
            This pic is still my fav of Yonghwa in white heheh~ and wet, like his RM photos <3<3

          • i would too but it’s worth it hahah.. i used to think he’s too shy to show off his body, but now…XDXDD

          • I still think he’s not necessarily shy but a bit reserved when it comes to revealing his body! But ppl change and maybe that will too!

            I may be sort of selfish in saying or thinking it but I don’t want him to take his shirt off! I don’t want him to become like other idols in fans eyes! I want thin to stay the same Yonghwa he is! Does that make sense?

          • i see, that makes sense too~ but for me if he’s gonna take his shirt off, he better has legit reasons LOL ~some members of bands usually take their shirts off kekeke in the heat of passion while performing on stage~~ that’s how i always envision our Yong doing it ahahaha is that bad? XDD

  2. man oh man oh man! x_x They all look extremely hot and very manly. Oh Yong..wow. And just when I was feeling guilty for fangirling over another kpop star recently, Yong Hwa comes out wearing this! Almost as if he knew my eyes were wandering lol He was probably like, “oh I see you were staring non stop at that dude with the abs, well…*wears wife-beater and poses as his sweaty body shows through the white fabric* That’s right, look at what I got *sexy smirk* you’re welcome.” xD Oh my imagination goes wild lol! I can’t help it! I love me some CN Buff.. I mean! CN BLUE kekeke ;’)

    • Hahaha omg you’re so funny and so just like me hahaha!!! Thank you for making me laugh and for putting into words what and how I feel when I look at that pic… At YONG period!! UNF he’s so hot and yes… The sweaty wifebeater makes me want to tear it off him….. Let me shut up and go to sleep now! Thanks for ur comment Luv <333

  3. 「I felt weird at that time because they played “Hey You” in here Japan event with rough clothes even tank top.」I felt the same way when i read the setlist. XD haha but reading the rest of the fanaccount, cnblue must have had a hell of a good time performing. and then they were watching vamps too! trying to learn from Hyde, maybe. 😀

    yong nipples again in fnc tweet. :”>

      • omo. they’re both gone now. o_o i was able to download the yonghye one. i was planning to listen to it sometime later. XD but i listened to the shorter one awhile ago, the Come On perf and i could say their playing really improved. like ketchburning was saying, they are still young. it makes me look forward to their future performances. \:D/

        he’s so sexy~~~ *nosebleed*

        • Yah sorry, I really wanted to share with everyone but I have to follow rules and I dont want to piss anyone off! lol

          Its good you were able to DL, I finally got the whole 30min file but again I cant share it!

          • yup. i saw it on twitter. jboice are so lucky. guess we’ll have to keep the file for ourselves. it would be such a waste to delete it.

          • Oh im not deleting it hahah, im just not going to share it as per their request! Ppl keep RT the dead link lol, i dont know what to do or if I can do anything about it

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