[Vid] CNBLUE ~Come On~ Limited Edition DVD

CNBLUE – Come On 3RD Major Japan Mini Album PV DVD

Release Date: 2012/08/01
Format: DVD ISO

Use HJ Split to combine files
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This just happens to be one of my favorite CNBLUE music videos they have released thus far. I love the imagery, their attitudes, their looks, oh and most importantly, this song! I was so excited to get this album, it was my first CNBLUE Japan release and I am so glad I got it especially because this album marks the band’s third opportunity to prove that they can indeed ROCK OUT and are not just a one trick pony! I Love these guys with a passion!


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Ripped & Posted by Mari @ Colormecnblue

21 thoughts on “[Vid] CNBLUE ~Come On~ Limited Edition DVD

  1. i feel like the BTS video was too short compared to In My Head’s and Where You Are’s. i was looking forward to translating a lot too. XD haha… or is it just me? ^^;;;

    thanks for the upload! 😀 though i’ve already seen what’s inside. i got mine last week. XD

    • IKR?! I know it’s like the same length but would it kill them to make the BTS film just a bit longer? It’s pretty much what your paying for!! Ugh I feel a bit gypt hehe oh well!

          • same here. but even if they’re the only band i spend on, i also feel like giving it all for them. haven’t spent anything like this before. i found it a bit overwhelming, especially their japanese albums. XD

          • Mhmm thank god there arent that many of them ususally! ITs just that this year there were also the DVD’s too haha….there are more to come before the year’s end so brace urself ^^

          • thank God they dont release albums like SMEnt (Ver A, B, C, ~ Z.). but because they release DVDs and limited editions, i dont know which is worse. XD their korean albums are cheaper so i dont worry much about that. XD haha… i’d rather splurge on their japanese releases which have better music. 😀

          • IDK it all depends! i dont think their Japanese releases are better persay, just different but that’s just IMO..I happen to really enjoy all their music!

            But yah, I know what you mean! I wouldn’t buy all the versions anyway,,, the hell with that!

          • some die hard fans do buy all versions. and i’m about to get both lawson and limited editions if my savings can still handle it. XD

            it’s nice that you enjoy them all. i wish i could do the same but the songs i tend to skip the most are from the korean albums. not that i’m doing it purposely, it just happens. ^^;;;;;

          • I understand how that goes! There’s a song or two I skip but just because they aren’t my favorites and not cuz I don’t like them but just not too fond lol!

            Anyway it happens with any artist, we don’t have to like all of everything they do =>. BTW, if I can’t get Lawson, would you mind sharing the DVD with me if you do get it!? I would appreciate it tons!

          • sure. i really dont mind. that is, if i do get a copy of my own. XD it’s that 3D visual poster i’m ultimately after. but just getting the normal edition is boring. HAHA

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