[Vid|Lyrics] CNBLUE – Friday Digital Single MV PLUS MP3

c.n1  CNB - Friday Brand Song MV_preview


Download Official TGIF Brand Song ‘Friday’

CNBLUE ‘Friday’ 

| Lyrics written & composed by Jung Yonghwa

You’re tired from the frustrating daily routine, you’re living in a boring time
If you’re tired of the same days, then throw it all away

* No no, forget your image, jump jump, jump to the top of the world
Enjoy the night until the morning comes

** Today is Friday, Friday, it’s electrifying – we’re gonna become one in this party time
Today is Friday, Friday, enjoy it oh oh oh, this endless night

*** I want you happy happy tonight I want you happy happy tonight
I want you happy happy tonight Oh oh oh~~~ Forever Friday night

You’re walking with droopy shoulders, you survive each day with coffee
If you’ve lost your smile, then throw it all away

* Repeat

** Repeat

*** Repeat

Uh tonight is Fri Friday, everyone gather together
Find your hidden self tonight, look at it
The earth is turning and the time is ticking
Feel the rhythm and enjoy the night
Yeah you want party night
You look better like that

Today is Friday, Friday, we’re gonna have fun and become one in this party night
Today is Friday, Friday, let’s play oh oh oh, on this good night

*** Repeat

I am so in love this this song and the official MV that was released about 12 hours ago! Is sounds like CNBLUE music and it was composed and written by Uri Jung Yonghwa…why is he so talented! In the past year he’s created so many awesome songs which make me so proud of him and his ability for music! I just love him so much and the rest of CNBLUE as well! The ‘Love on Party’ show was too cute and funny! I will be posting it shortly!


*Click on Preview Image for DL / Please leave a comment if you download*

Source:  CNBLUE official Youtube

Posted by Mari @ Colormecnblue

20 thoughts on “[Vid|Lyrics] CNBLUE – Friday Digital Single MV PLUS MP3

  1. After trying many times, I had lost hope u.u, but, then try from my work and magically it worked. [finally I download the file, I’m so happy] Forgive me for bothering again and again… Thanks for uploading this and thanks for answer my complaints. 😀

  2. Hello 🙂
    First of all, thanks for being so cool and sharing all this.

    I’ve been trying to download the video, but will not let me TT_TT
    Says that the password is incorrect.
    Could you please help me.

    • I apologize…it was wrong and I fixed it! I’m so sorry that I was all like “Its’ correct” haha!! TBH, sometimes ppl dont read properly or just assume because they typed in the PW that it doenst work when it does! That’s why I ask ppl to copy/ paste the PW instead of typing it!

      BTW all fixed now!!

  3. this song has a summer vibe to it … still jamming to it since I listened to it 😀 I was quite surprised because it’s like really pop but somehow they manage to rock it … CN BLUE are so freaking talented ( special mention to yongwa’s composing skills , he composes all kind of songs :O ) Waiting for the day they release a whole album made only be themselves because the result would be exceptional . I love you cn blue ;w; also they look so relaxed and funny in the mv … i like it a lot :’)

    • I’ve felt the same way! I love CNBLUE’s self written or composed song and am so proud of Yonghwa’s contributions to the group! You can see by songs he’s written and composed for other FNC artists plus for the Heartstrings OST! I’m just so in love with him and the rest of our boys!!

  4. I liked the lyrics, is funny 🙂
    My internet sucks, now I have to wait to see the video u.u

    I wanna hear the song now ^^ XDD


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