[Vid] CNBLUE ~BLUE STORM 2012: Live In Seoul~ Concert DVD

CNBLUE – Blue Storm Concert 2012 Live DVD

Release Date: 2012.04.06 *Filmed 11.11.18*
Format: DVD ISO                          
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Screen: NTSC Anamorphic Widescreen 16:9
Subtitles: English, Japanese, Korean
Duration: 02:01:41


01. 직감 (Intuition)
02. Ready N Go
03. Voice
04. L.O.V.E Girl
05. Love Revolution
06. Sweet Holiday
07. 상상 (Imagine/ SangSang)
08. 별 (Star) Minhyuk’s Solo (민혁솔로)
09. Y,Why…
10. Don’t Say Good-bye
11. 사랑은 비를타고 (Love In the Rain)
12. 그리워서 (Because, I Miss you)
13. Coward
14. Lie
15. Just Please
16. One Time
17. I Don’t Know Why
18.사랑빛 (Love Light/ Sarang Bit)
19. Let’s go crazy
20. Now or Never (English Ver.)
21. 외톨이야 (I’m a Loner)
22. Love
23. 넌내게 반했어 (You’ve Fallen For Me)
24.고마워요 (Thank You/ Gomawoyo)


Duration: 00:12:00
Making of Concert DVD

**Attention: As a thank you to me, Please continue to seed file when your download is finished so others can download with faster speeds. Also, remember that I am located in the US so I only will seed during the day so please keep that in mind before you leave me a comment complaining about the DL speed! Thank you**

DLbutton_revamp-Pink**Please support the artist by purchasing their music and merchandise**

As with all their concerts, CNBLUE provides an more than AWESOME performance in Blue Storm! They have a special acoustic stage for a few songs and a full orchestra that play in the BG for some songs. The highlights for me are Yonghwa‘s & Jonghyun‘s solos plus the special ‘Star” solo Minhyuk performs with Jonghyun on guitar! WOW there are more special parts than I remember that I loved, I guess I should watch this concert again cuz talking about it makes me want to grab some popcorn and watch BLUESTORM on HD & surround sound hehe! Enjoy it and remember to purchase the dvd for your collection as I plan too! My YESASIA wish list is like 15 items long at this time!! hahah


*Click on Preview Image for DL / Please leave a comment if you download*

Posted by Mari @ Colormecnblue

86 thoughts on “[Vid] CNBLUE ~BLUE STORM 2012: Live In Seoul~ Concert DVD

    • I’m seeding it and I’m probably the only one since people don’t continue to seed when their dl is done like I ask them to, so it may take some time. Please be patient! Good things come to those who wait lo!!!

    • OMG this is asome i would love to buy the original one but i’m a student and i don’t have money right now :C
      so thank you so much,!!!! i need a password or something??
      youare the best!!!

        • Read the information in the post, it explains slow downloads. And you only have to comment one time, please don’t leave multiple comments saying the same thing because I will just ignore them. Thanks

          • I’m sorry for the multiple comment, i just didn’t notice that my previous comments been post.. but last night i try to leave my computer on maybe your awake that time and still the DS is not moving a bit..

          • I have to approve comments before they show up on the post so wen you leave a comment, it stays hidden until I respond.

            Try closing your torrent app and restarting it. Sometimes if you stop the file and start it again, it connects easier. I’m seeding most of the day everyday so I’m seeding except for when I’m sleeping so all I can tell you is keep trying 🙂

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  2. Oh, that’s curious! I just checked on HMV Online and the Blue Storm Live is still available…Since it’s a Japenese website, perhaps mine is not fake after all…But that’s not explain the quality of the video OR it’s just that the DVD has a low quality, I don’t know! Grrrrrrrr, I’m so upset!
    Ok,ok I’m going to bed (it’s 22h30 in France). Tomorrow is another day!

  3. Hello Mari,
    I have a question regarding the source of your download links for the Blue Storm live. Are they ripped directly from the DVD?
    With many difficulties, I succeeded in finding the double edition with the booklet but the video quality is not what I expected from a DVD release! The reds are saturated (Yong Hwa looks like a big tomato!), the images aren’t clear and grainy, Your version is by far better! I don’t understand how an original DVD can have a lesser quality than a rip. Or perhaps do you have a Blu Ray edition? I searched everywhere and couldn’t find such a release. I’m really disappointed because it’s my first official CNBLUE purchase ( bye,bye my savings!) and it didn’t worth it! I want to support my new favorite band by purchasing “legal” items but not for so crappy quality!
    So for the Blue Storm live, I’m going to watch your version and put my DVD I don’t know where…:o(
    Sorry, for this (too?) long comment…but I wanted to share my frustration with people who can understand me!;o)

    • Wow I’m sorry that you went through all that trouble. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea how my copy would differ in quality from yours since it is only just a rip which would be just as good as having the DVD.

      All I can think of is perhaps your DVD copy is a fake or bootleg? Some fakes are made to look and feel just like an official release but the quality is never as good! Where did you buy it? The reason why I ask is that, the Blue Storm concert DVD has been out of print since it sold out last year. Unless you bought it from a retailer that had some copies left over, I would be suspicious about it. The way you describe the quality sounds to me that it may not be a legit copy but again, I can’t be certain. It sucks that you spent money on something you’re not happy with dear!

      • Yeah, I thought about a fake. I knew that the DVD was out of stock because I searched everywhere and couldn’t find it in stores such as Yessasia. I bought it on Amazon from a professionnal japenese seller who has good evaluations. If it’s a fake, it’s well imitated. Even the booklet seems genuine. But it’s, indeed, the video quality which makes me doubted about the authenticity…Mainly if you say that you have no problem with your version!
        Next time, I’ll purchase on a safe website even if it’s more expensive!

    • OK first of all the link DOES WORK! I just created that torrent file so there aren’t any seeders except for me and yes I am seeding it! Please be patient and let it download and please dont keep leaving messages asking others to seed! Share the link for others to download so that they can seed as well! Thanks

      • I’m sorry I sounded a bit rude 😦 But at that time it was true that I left my torrent for hours and went out but when I back home and checked it didn’t move so… 😦 Thank you for the torrent, I’m going to try again and will help seed once my download’s done : )

        • It’s ok! I’m in the US and I turn off my computer at night so there’s no one to seed while I’m sleeping and I’m sorry for that!

          Please be patient because I am seeding it the best I can, sorry for being so harsh in my comment but others have also complained and I’m sorry for the slow speed! I will continue to seed it ok? =))

          • Ah now I understand why there’s no seeder in daylight time (at my timezone) – the time-difference 🙂 I re-tried, let my computer on to download all night (and yes the speed is much faster) while I was sleeping and now my download’s done (after 2 nights hehe). I’m seeding it with you so hope that the speed will improve for others! ^_^

          • Hehe it’s ok!
            My favourite part here is Don’t say good bye perf o_O OMG I think I have never seen YongHwa singing that emotional o_O! And I’m so in love with the white guitar which he used in the LOVE Girl perf *o*

          • Yes! Blue Storm concert is really a gem! I love the ballads and how Yonghwa sings them! My fave is Don’t say Goodbye & because I miss you! Those two songs make me melt every time I hear them the way Yong sings them in this concert!

  4. Thanks a ton for updating this as a torrent! 😀 Now I can finally watch in good quality. Downloading Disc 1 and seeding Disc 2 right now, and will more than happy to help seed both as well as anything else I happen to download from you in the future. 😉 Thanks again!!!

    • You’re so very welcome sweetie and thanks for seeding! I’m going to update all the other DVD rips I have posted on my site as torrents really soon so look out for the updates and thank you for just saying thank you *hugs*

    • Refresh the page and try again, for some reason it says that file is not there but it is! I hate BS. IF you can be patient, I am making a torrent file to share for this dvd ok!

      • It has the same error for the 3rd part as well, though I did refresh and tried for several times. I thank you for your hard work on this, Mari. I can’t seem to find this DVD online anymore, out of print from the sites I’ve checked.

  5. the second part for the making of dvd isn’t avaible anymore. just a heads up. it would be really nice if you could upload it again ;; ♥
    thank you for the great downloads, i really appreciate everything you do!!

    • I just found out that Bitshare changed the minimum file size requirements for free uses so all the files that I have that are over 400 MB will not work unless you have premium account! I will fix this issue and provide new links, just give me some time! thank you for your patience!

    • IDK why but for some reason the links had that notice of the premium user bullshit but now you can dl them!! I dunno what the hell is goin on with Bitshare but the files are workin now hunny^^

  6. omg thanks for posting this! but I’m stuck at the “Complete a survey to unlock this page”.. anyone else got this too? I can see the links for Disc 1 without having to complete the survey but Disc 2 links can’t be seen and I really don’t wanna do those scam surveys 😦 can you email me the links pretty please?

  7. My smile to see this post was so great that my coworkers asked me because I smiling both XDDDD

    This post and silver medal for my country make my day ^^
    Thanks Mari ^^

    • They will start promotional appearances for come on soon & have a Korean album to be released In November!

      Thank you for appreciating my hard work hehe, I do it for you guys ^^

  8. is this the korean concert Yonghwa mentioned in Strong Heart that they tried copying Linkin Park’s concert in Japan? more music, less talk. XD

    • Yup! They filmed this concert sometime around September, October of last year! I forget the exact date but it was the second of two concerts they held in Korea to kick off the tour before they moved Blue Storm to the other Asian countries!

      They dont talk much and get to perform more but I really do love the talks though…still they do talk just not as much as their other concerts!

      • i was right all along… he also mentioned that they changed a few things after receiving comments on the first concert. so i guess this concert already had a few more talks added. XD

        i slept halfway through the concert while i was watching this a few months ago. /ifailasaboice/ XD

        • FAIL!!! Dont worry, it happens when you watch anything late or when ur sleepy haha! I fell asleep watching Winter Tour the first time and felt totally guilty hahah!! Thats when you press pause and take ur ass to bed hahah!!!

          Yah, there’s still lots of talk so dont worry! There’s also a fun tidbit…JS sings ‘You’ve fallen for me”! ITs soooo cute!!!

          • HA! I’m not alone. :)))))))))))))))))))))) btw, i have my own translations for all their talks in the Winter Tour DVD.

            i woke up in time for that. XD it was also because they started talking more. :)))) he was also trying to copy yonghwa’s expressions. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

          • well if you dont mind sharing them with me, i’d love them!! I really wish I could understand them whenever they talk whether is Korean or Japanese! Maybe they need to learn Spanish or just plain English and I’ll be ok! hehe

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