*Support* [Project] Cheers for CNBLUE – SBS KPop Super Concert Edition

The best gift we can give to CNBLUE is our love and support during their performances. SBS KPop Super Concert is a gathering for them to gain more fans in the international market, and to have their music heard among people who may have never heard them before. BOICE is encouraged to come together to support CNBLUE. With fans of other artists watching nearby, we would like to show our unity for CNBLUE. We will be able to do this successfully by doing cheering events at the concert itself, during CNBLUE’s performance.

Because of this, as part of our involvement in the SBS KPop Super Concert, we will be opening a donation drive to help us with the costs of cheering materials and the memorabilia gift to CNBLUE. We will also be holding two contests for all CNBLUE fans. Please see below for details.

Donation Drive:

We are fundraising to help offset the costs of materials and similar expenses for the cheering project. You can make donations via Paypal using this Cheers for CNBLUE link or the following donate button:

Those who donate $10 or more will be entered into a drawing for special CNBLUE prizes (i.e. albums, posters, etc). Prizes still TBD.

All donors will receive a thank-you postcard, similar to the postcard giveaway at the concert.


Cheers for CNBLUE

  • CNBLUESTORM and Code Azzurro are planning to hand out mini cheering banners/fansigns at the concert site. These will be given away to concert attendees who like CNBLUE. We will be waving these fan signs when CNBLUE takes the stage at the concert.

  • CNBLUESTORM will also be giving away fan chant brochures, containing the official fanchants for “I Am A Loner” and “Love” and the winning international fan chants for “Hey You” and “In My Head” from our BOICE Chant contest
  • CNBLUESTORM will also be printing postcards (5×7 size) with our new banner image and will be giving these away as souvenir items at the concert site, so attendees who receive can remember CNBLUE long after the concert is over.

Capture The Cheer


As a memorabilia gift for CNBLUE, we will have a “Capture The Cheer” Album Project. At the concert site, BOICE attendees will take photos using either Fuji Instax or Polaroid 300 cameras while holding up Da-Juk-Ja signs (please see sign below). When the photos have printed, BOICE will be writing their notes to CNBLUE on the picture borders. We will then collect these and put in an album to give to CNBLUE.


We are not forgetting the cheers of the Global BOICE community for CNBLUE. So, we will also be opening photo submissions from BOICE all over the world. We will be printing these as wallet-sized photos and will include in the album to be given to CNBLUE. Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Print the Da-Juk-Ja sign from here >> PDF | JPG
  2. Take a photo of yourself (i.e. group photos and solo photos allowed) holding up the Da-Juk-Ja sign
  3. Send your photos and message (Please limit to 200 characters, 30 words) to cnbluestorm@gmail.com. Please include “Capture the Cheer Project – Global” in the subject line. Please also let us know your name/nickname/alias as well as your country.
  4. CNBLUESTORM staff will take your photos and include your message in a similar template as the Polaroid 300/Instax printout format

Deadline for photo submissions will be: August 3rd, 11:59 PM Korea Time

BOICE Pep Squad – Chant Making Contest for “Hey You” and “In My Head”

  • BOICE are invited to make their own fan chant for “Hey You” and “In My Head”
  • Please use the romanized lyrics found in these posts when creating your fan chant:
  • As a guide, here are the official fan chants for the following:
  • Submit your fan chant to cnbluestorm@gmail.com. Please include “Pep Squad: Fan Chant for CNBLUE (Song Title(e.g. In My Head))” in the subject line.
  • CNBLUESTORM will post outstanding entries on its Facebook Photo Album and also on the site. Then, a poll would be conducted for the best fan chants for each of Hey You and In My Head.
  • Deadline for fan chant entries will be: August 1st, 11:59 PM Korea Time
  • CNBLUESTORM staff will decide finalists as entries come in.
  • Poll will be conducted beginning August 2nd 8 AM Korea Time through August 3rd, 11:59 PM Korea Time
  • Winners will be announced August 5th. Winning entries will be included in the brochure to be distributed at the concert. It will be posted on CNBLUEStorm as well for use in future concerts.
  • Winners will each receive official CNBLUE blish (cheering towel).
  • Finalists will also receive CNBLUESTORM’s official SBS Kpop Super Concert postcard and CNBLUEStorm 2012 mini-calendar

Thank you in advance for your support!!

OK people, there isn’t much time left to participate in these events so please, I urge you all to get involved however you can! I realize many of you are not able to attend the SBS Kpop Fest but that doesn’t mean you can’t still support CNBLUE in your own way! Donate a few $$$ and be entered for FREE STUFF…how awesome is that??

I’m still so very upset that I wont be able to attend. Money issues are the primary reason for me not going! It’s way too expensive for me to travel from FL to LA this time of year…HAIISH I wish I could find the money somehow since I didn’t get to attend ‘Stand UP Live‘ when CNBLUE were last in the US but I’ll be there in spirit! I’m sure you recognize the banner above right? Its my winning poster design that won me the Signed CD copy of EAR FUN by K-Colors of Korea. I was asked to modify it so CNBLUESTORM can use it to be displayed as a sign banner and as described above, it will also be printed out and given to fans at the venue! I feel honored that CNBS wanted to use my design for the banner and that CNBLUE will see it and of course, fans will also get to enjoy it too!!



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