[News] 120727 CNBLUE Release NEW Song Info for Their Upcoming Single ‘Come On’

CNBLUE have just released some commentary and track information for their upcoming 3rd major single, ‘Come On‘ due out next week on August 1st! The new info was shared on their official Japanese band site by FNC on July 27th and features insight on their song creation and meaning behind the lyrics. The new mini album contains four tracks, three of which were written and composed by Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jonghyun, the last being an instrumental track of the title song, ‘Come On‘.

Written by the members themselves, the track notes are in the words of Jonghyun and Yonghwa as they go into detail about the meanings of the songs and how they feel about them.

Come On

Composed by Lee JongHyun, Lyrics written by Jung YongHwa.

Different from other songs we have released so far, this song express more elements of hard metal music.
In the lyrics, our passion and enthusiasm are expressed.
As the whole song, it is defined by hard guitar riff and vocal.
You will be able to imagine CNBLUE playing even heavier sounds.

Wake Up

Composed by Jung YongHwa, Lyrics written by Jung YongHwa.

This song has a lot of pleasant guitar riff and funky elements.
The lyrics are for and support people who don’t have their own “something”.
If you find they might be yourself, you may be startled. In this song, drums, guitar and bass play fancy phrases respectively.

My Miracle

A Ballad composed by Lee JongHyun, lyrics written by Jung YongHwa.

Encounters with people is a fate.
Among them, encounter with the loved one is even more fateful.
So, the feeling of wanting to hold that person without fail. This is what the lyric is about.
As if yearning and crying out for something, enchanting dual vocals harmonize well.

These in depth details should make fans that much more excited about this mini album as now there is a little more understanding of the guys’ point of views of how the songs came about and what inspired Jonghyun and Yonghwa to write and compose them. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a ballad from CNBLUE so a slow song will be especially well received by fans who cant wait to hear ‘My Miracle‘. ‘Come On‘ mini album will be available in stores August 1st for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past month LOL.

I’m currently in the process of writing my very first album review exclusively for KpopStarz and CNBLUESTORM for ‘Come On‘ so I’m really excited to share that with you so please look out for that coming soon!

*NOTE* The image I added above is a screen cap of the cnblue.jp web page the info came from and it’s so funny because the title say’s ‘Where You Are’ which is totally weird….good going FNC hahah!

***BTW, this is my 300th post so Its very special!! YAY ColorMeCNBLUE!!***


**Featured on KpopStarz.com on behalf of CNBLUESTORM**

Source: cnblue.jp,
Info Trans: BOICE Ketch + Nao
Written & Posted by Mari @cnbluestorm / Colormecnblue

6 thoughts on “[News] 120727 CNBLUE Release NEW Song Info for Their Upcoming Single ‘Come On’

          • Awwww me too!!! Yay for us hehehe! I got mine from there as well…hmm wonder if they will ship for me on the same day as you cuz I swear I read that it ships on the release date….HAIISH I just want this thing already and have to prepare myself for the LP later in the month toooooo!! ORZ

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