Help ColorMeCNBLUE Support CNBLUESTORM and US BOICE to win the fan-club contest! Please Register your tickets if you are attending or plan to buy tickets for the SBS Kpop Super Concert!!


As of August 6, 2012 US Pacific Time, this concert has been postponed to a later date per the organizers.  An official letter of apology will be shared by SBS. For further information, please visit:  Absolute K-Pop on Facebook.  

Please note that CNBLUEStorm did not have direct involvement with the management and organization of this event.  Please direct all questions to the organizers.

Hey fellow CNBLUE lovers!
 씨엔블루 팬 여러분

Are you going to the SBS Kpop Super Concert in America?

미국에서 열리는 SBS 케이팝 콘서트에 가실건가요?

Were you planning to go but was still indecisive? Well,  here is one more reason to see CNBLUE at the biggest K-Pop concert in the U.S.  By now you have heard about the chance for fans to meet their idols at this concert. This all depends on if each fan club can sell at least 1500 tickets for the event. Once…

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  1. Good luck Boices ! I would like to go to this live, but I’m too far D:.
    Will CNBLUESTORM’s members attend the SBS concert and plan to write a report about it ?

    • Yes, we have a team that’s covering the event and I will also be apart of it as well! I will be writing an article about the event as well as creating graphics to be used there by fans and the banner CNBLUESTORM will be using at their booth/ or section where they will set up! So I’m going to be involved even if I can’t attend!

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