*PLEASE READ* [Site News] Message Regarding Updating Posts

Hello BOICE Family,

As you may know there are broken links throughout the older posts on my site due to my main Media Fire account that was hosting to files being suspended. I have been busy updating most of the more recent posts but the task seems to be more difficult than I originally thought. If I had another computer and perhaps more time, I would be more efficient but that’s not the case.

So what I plan to do is to upload the files on a “Request to Upload” basis. What this means is if you see a post with broken links that you want to download, let me know by leaving a comment on that post and I’ll upload it as soon as I can! Once the post is updated, I’ll put *Updated* in the title. Please make sure to visit the site often or Follow my blog or my twitter as I often post updates info there.

Also, I will try to focus now on the list of Requests that I had received before my MF account got closed down. This list I have is as follows in no particular order:

  • Bluestorm ISO
  • Making the Muzit perfs
  • 110424 Rising Star
  • 110429 Love Girl @MB
  • Directors cut eppys Re-up
  • Where You Are Perfs on Music JP, LiveB, & Heyx3 Music Champ
  • RE-MAINTENANCE ~ @ Zepp Tokyo Re-up

If anyone has any requests for me, please visit the Requests page and USE THE FORM to leave a request. Please DO NOT leave a request in the comments! Using the form sends me a email directly and helps me keep track of the requests I get easily so I dont lose track of what you guys want me to share! As always I love your feedback so if you have any suggestions, general site comments or advice for me, please visit my About page and use the form there!


**BTW: PLEASE KEEP YOUR REQUESTS REASONABLE!! I am only one person who is running this site as you should all know, its just Me and I have a life aside from this site so please understand that! Don’t ask me for ALL of CNBLUE’s performances during a promotional tour or all of their DVD’s at once! I’m trying to do my best to share stuff with my followers and other BOICE so please appreciate that and dont get too greedy hehe!!**

Thank you again for all your continued support!!

  ღღ♬♪ YOU GUYS ROCK ♬ღღ


2 thoughts on “*PLEASE READ* [Site News] Message Regarding Updating Posts

  1. thank you so much and hope everything goes back to normal soon ^^ fighting ! you are the best ! I don’t know what I would do without your site

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