[News] 120720 Jung Yong Hwa Composes AOA Single “Love Is Only You”

CNBLUE fans and netizens spotted an interesting tidbit of information today. In a scan of the Korean Music Copyright Association‘s newest listing, it was found that credits to Jung YongHwa was made for lyrics and music for FNC‘s newest girl group, AOA (Ace of Angels).   In the single titled “Love Is Only You“, attribution to lyrics was made to Jung, together with FNC’s chief executive Han Seung Ho.  Attribution to composition (i.e. music) was solely made to YongHwa.

This information positions YongHwa’s strength as a well-rounded musician. With FNC boasting a new concept for AOA, it would be exciting to learn what Yong Hwa has contributed. This can also mean a wider variety of possibilities for future CNBLUE music, with Yong Hwa at the band’s helm and his recent experiences producing and co-composing with Juniel and now, AOA.

This is literally breaking news from BOICE and was posted on CNBLUESTORM just hours ago! Wow, to think that just a few months ago, some BOICE were needlessly  ranting with frustrations on online communities about the fact that FNC wasn’t ‘allowing’ the members of CNBLUE to release a self composed/written title track on Korea despite their successful self composed/written title tracks they had released in Japan. I guess all they had to do was wait awhile and just let CNBLUE be themselves and prove what they were capable of all on their own, in their own time!! But yeah, the past is the past, I’m just really glad to see things play out this way, for the betterment of CNBLUE. To see Yonghwa and Jonghyun getting recognition for their compositions and their lyrics, really warms my heart! I’m so proud to see them evolve their talents. So proud to be a BOICE!


Written by: D @ CNBStorm

Sources: Boice @eternalfor_JH ; Boice @saturnkr 

Posted by Mari @ Colormecnblue

26 thoughts on “[News] 120720 Jung Yong Hwa Composes AOA Single “Love Is Only You”

  1. Love is only you yonghwa oppa…i listned to this song and i loved it from my first listen.yong hwa has a god given tallent in composing.he is a veteren,always impress me with whatever he does..i hope in the future he will compose more and more songs..i love to hear a song which is composed by all the cnblue members.i love them…love you boys..but i am a bit dissappointe coz love is only you is not the title song of AOA’s album.i think love is only you is better than elvis.

    • Yes I feel the same! I think he has an awesome talent for music, so does Jonghyun so I really expect that the other members will follow suit!

      I will be posting the show and the song featured in the love on party special that CNBLUE filmed recently really soon so stay tuned for that! Yonghwa wrote & composed that song too!

  2. well I have a reason to at least check them out and see how they sound… I’m not really excited about this group , everything from the concept to the backstory and names makes me cringe tbh :/ if only it was a girl band maybe I can change my mind xD

    • We have no clue yet if they will play instruments but their bios suggest they do so we have to see but their teaser just posted a while ago!! You to their YouTube page to see it!!!

  3. i read this last night and almost scream! i have to hold myself or my mom will wake up ahahahah!!! i am so curious for this, very very curious. i just cant imagine him doing kpop song for a girl group with all those upbeat song for dancing????? i just hope yonghwa will not get bashed for this again just like in juniel. when i first read that it is 6+1 girl group i feel it is a dance group so i lost interest because its like fnc broke their image of debuting “instrument” band or musician group. but now fnc succeeded in getting me attracted to aoa hehhehehe

    • Yeah I know what you mean. But I dont think Yong actually got bashed for working with Juniel, it actually helped his image because people could now see him doing music for other artist aside from CNBLUE so I think it helped him.

      Yah I can’t say I’m excited for AOA just yet, I really am not really interested much in Girl Dance groups but I am eager to hear the song/ songs Yonghwa is involved him though. We’ll see how things play out, shall we? 😉

      • I guess Yonghwa got bashed for the duet with Juniel by some Juniel fans cos he took away too much attention (see how the 1st teaser is focused only on Yonghwa).. 😦 but for the general public it surely does help his image! I mean, when you compose for your own band people may just think you are a band member but when you compose for other artists they will consider you as a true musician/songwriter! I’m so happy to hear Yonghwa composing for another artist, and the music is SOLELY written by him, not in collaboration with other FNC producers!! Really expecting to hear the song!

        • Thank you for your comment!

          Yeah I can see that happening as far as Juniel fans not being happy with the amount of attention Yonghwa took away from Juniel, I agree he took attention away from her.

          Yes, i’m so happy that Yonghwa is getting the recognition he deserves for his hard work. I believe the song for AOA was written by him but co-composed by him as well so yah, his flavor is going to be in the song. Wonder how he will do with an upbeat dance song?

          • Yeah I’m very curious too! An upbeat dance song by Yonghwa.. wow, i really can’t associate Yonghwa with dance song! keke. But then, a talented musician should be able to write all types of music, keke.
            Btw, mind to tell where you got the pictures at the top of this post from? I got all cds they released in japan n korea (except cd singles released in japan in their earlier days), but seems i have never seen those freaking awesome pictures!! Producer Yong~~~!! The most good looking producer ever in the world’s music industry, LOL

          • Hehe yes he is freak king gorgeous Isn’t he?? I thought those pictures would be perfect for this post! It’s a scan from the cd booklet for ‘ThankU’. It was really hard to find but I’ll share it with you if you need it!

  4. Ok,NOW FNC succeeded in making me want to check out the new group AOA….but only to check that song out tho ehehe~

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