[News] 120720 CNBLUE’s Busy Schedule Has Reached Mid-Year, What’s in Store for The Band Later This Year?

CNBLUE has announced on their Japanese Official website that they will be holding an Arena Tour in Japan this October. Details revealed by FNC Entertainment were shared through the band’s website on July 18th and have sent fans into a frenzy of excitement over the news.

The band recently put their musical schedules on hold for a few months to focus on individual activities and have been busy recently focusing on acting. Kang Minhyuk and Lee Jonghyun set their sights on becoming drama actors involving themselves in two very popular and highly viewed shows ‘My Husband’s Got a Family’ and ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ respectively. Youngest member, Lee Jungshin made his acting debut with a cameo on Minhyuk’s drama ‘My Husband’s Got a Family’ after reportedly taking acting lessons earlier this year. Finally, Jung Yonghwa, who is no stranger to acting having starred in both the dramas, ‘You’re Beautiful’ and more recently, ‘Heartstrings’, also appeared on ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ with a cameo role playing himself.

Along with numerous other endorsement deals such as CJ Olive Young and Bang Bang, CNBLUE have just signed on as the new endorsement models for T.G.I. Friday’s and have completed filming for two new CF’s for the restaurant chain. Reps of T.G.I. Friday’s have stated regarding the band, “We chose them (CNBLUE) as our models because the powerful energy they gave off on stage was the exact ‘youthful’ and ‘fun’ image we were looking for. We hope to get closer with our consumers in the 20-30 age range through the band.”

Despite being super busy with their extracurricular activities, CNBLUE have apparently been working hard on more music to be released in Korea before the end of the year. In fact, FNC has stated, “Right after the ending of the ‘My Husband’s Got a Family’ drama, CNBLUE will release a new Japanese album & have promotions in Japan for 2 months. Then after they perform their Japanese activity, they will reveal new album in Korea by November.”

Their mid-year activities are set to begin with the new mini album, ‘Come On‘ which is also the band’s 3rd major Japanese release, is scheduled to be in stores on August 1st. CNBLUE also have a still untitled LP, also to be their very 1st full length major album, is scheduled to be released on August 29th so with all the new music releases in the works, the announcement of an Arena Tour is exciting news for fans who have been patiently waiting to see the band perform after being on hiatus.

Beginning on October 2nd, the tour will kick off a total of nine tour dates with the first live stage at Nippon Gaishi Hall, Nagoya and run to various high capacity venues throughout the course for the month concluding the tour on the 21st at Saitama Super Arena. The name of the tour has not been established as of yet but concert promoters predict that the arena venues will attracted an estimated 100,000 fans in attendance indicating sold out seats at most if not all of the concert dates. There’s still no word yet if the ‘Unnamed Arena Tour’ will be visiting any other Asian countries besides the scheduled dates in Japan.

The end of the tour won’t mean the end of activities however; as we should expect that FNC will keep their top artists, especially CNBLUE very busy for the rest of the year. More than likely, this band of hard working men with their seemingly never ending bountiful energy will be on to the next project whatever that may be. As of now, we can only speculate that indeed November will provide another opportunity for the band to share an additional album release in Korea with their fans as well as yet another round of promotions to follow suit.

Though there’s no telling what CNBLUE and their management company FNC have up their sleeves for their fans with regard to new music and new appearances for the rest of the year, no doubt it will keep up with their current record of highly rated music and never cease to be consistently exciting.

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Photo cr.: FNC, As Labeled

Source: cnblue.jp, FNC,

written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

4 thoughts on “[News] 120720 CNBLUE’s Busy Schedule Has Reached Mid-Year, What’s in Store for The Band Later This Year?

  1. busy busy cnblue guys. aahhhh~~~ i remember before that yong doesnt look good during last year gayo daejun with all those continuous schedule in japan. and again last quarter of this year: concert in japan then new album in korea follows. im excited and worry for them . but the again im a selfish fan i want to see and hear news about them everyday hahahahah!

    • Yeah, being a fan is difficult sometimes because you do want to see and hear about them all the time but then, you have to realize that even though they are young, they need rest and they are ALWAYS busy doing something! All we can do is pray that they get some down time between their Japan promotions and concerts before they have to do the Gayo Daejuns’ and their Korean promotions this year!!

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