[News] 120718 CNBLUE Officially Announce an Arena Tour 2012

CNBLUE has announced that they’ll be going on an Arena Tour in Japan this October!

Tour Title: *To be Determined*

Tour Dates: October 2012

2 (Tues) – Nippon Gaishi Hall  (Nagoya)

3 (Wed) – Nippon Gaishi Hall  (Nagoya)

7 (Sun) – Toki Messe (Niigata)

10 (Wed) – Osaka Castle Hall  (Osaka)

11 (Thurs) – Osaka Castle Hall (Osaka)

13 (Sat) – Hiroshima Green Arena (Hiroshima)

16 (Tues) – Shizuoka Ecopa Arena  (Shizuoka)

20 (Sat) – Saitama Super Arena (Saitama)

21 (Sun) – Saitama Super Arena (Saitama)

Ticket Price: 7500 yen


Official BOICE Japan Fan Club members can apply 2 tickets for each venue.
Non members can enter as long as they have tickets.
This time, the ticket will be paper type (member name printed), not plastic card like before.

I really dont know how to process this new information considering that CNBLUE are supposed to be promoting their new mini and EP album releases in Japan next month and were supposed to have another Korean release in October as per several statements released from FNC and some comments Jung Yonghwa has made during some interviews about working on more music for another album to be released in Korea by October. So honestly, I’m confused and shocked that they would have a another tour in Japan this year. No word yet if this ‘Unnamed Tour‘ will be visiting any other Asian countries but at this point, there’s no telling what CNBLUE & FNC have planned for the rest of the year. I will certainly keep you posted on any new details!


Source: cnblue.jp
Translated by Nao@cnbluestorm

Posted by Mari @ Colormecnblue


32 thoughts on “[News] 120718 CNBLUE Officially Announce an Arena Tour 2012

  1. oh my god am i the only one who got excited??? i’m actually planning for a travel around end of Oct and my original destination is Korea but after seeing this i’m seriously considering to change it to Japan!!! but i’m not the fan club member… do anyone know if the tickets are only exclusive to fan club member? Or part of it will go on public sale later? >__< i'm dying to know!!

    • Actually I believe the tickets will be available to non club members but there are certain restrictions on ticket amounts and such. It’s not to late for you to join the Japan BOICE actually! They approve you and you get an official card and welcome package within a month so you have plenty of time to join just to make things easier!

      As soon as I get more info about the tour, I’ll update you guys!!

      • yeah i’m thinking to join and checking out their website now.. but i don’t read japanese.. seems it requires japan address and telephone on the applicaiton form?! god, i wish i am a japanese now! ><

  2. I didn’t know about that, but now that you mention it, I hope them to make an official announcement about the coming months. I wouldn’t like that.. [don’t know how to write this in english and the translator doesn’t help me XDD] … that the company place a heavy burden on your shoulders as this would affect them and their presentations.

    • Are you trying to say that you are worried they are being overworkd with super tight schedules? If that’s the case yes, I worry too but think about it this way….Music is what the guys love to do! They wanted to become famous musicians and knew what they were in for when they signed their contracts. Sure I worry about them too, if they are getting enough rest and food and social time but I know that they are for the most part!

      They are really young still and have lots of energy…*pervy Noona thoughts, STOP* but the reality is this is their job and our job is to support them, no matter what!! ^^

    • PSH, I gave up on getting excited about their tours cuz I know they wont ever be attending here but I am excited about a possible new concert DVD and getting to see new songs performed!! hehe

      • oh concert dvd! from the final stop of the tour i guess!! i want! lol it’s not even happening yet! more importantly, gotta save money T__T

        • Ahh the anticipations of a fangirl!! hehe I should write about book about it! YES, I cannot wait to see what this tour is going to look like…I picture the ‘Come On’ PV on stage…UNF to the 10th degree!!!

          • oooh~~yong’s Come on PV outfit!!! i dont think he’s gonna wear the same outfit in concerts tho~~but let’s pray at least for sleeveless shirt HEHEHE

          • Hahaha I know I doubt hea gonna dress up at all but yes, I’m sure a sleeveless shirt will make an appearance…. Let’s pray it’s on one of the concerts that gets filmed!!! Gaaahh I can’t wait to see it now ^^

          • Hahah I know I need to!! BTW, I am still waiting for someone to share LM 7!! I friggin love that concert although it’s short but it’s packed with awesomeness!!! Did you buy it or plan on getting it soon?

          • hehehe..since LM7 has live perf, i bought it^^
            but i haven’t received it yet~~ i have to be patient a bit longer 😦

          • LOL i can share, but it’ll be late because i haven’t got it yet~ and u have to tell me the fastest upload site ehehe~

          • I DO NOT CARE HOW LONG I HAVE TO WAIT!!! I’ll give you all the details you need, even show you how to rip the DVD if you don’t know how hehe! Whatever you need sweetie pie, it’s yours =))))))

          • Yup! I’ll email you about it! I was just about to go to sleep, it’s almost 5am here, jeez I can’t sleep like a normal person lately! But yeah, I’ll help you when you get it! Nite or g’day luv!

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