[Pic] 120716 Jung Yonghwa @ Heartstrings Fan Meet in Japan

Gaaah, there’s so much I wanted to get off my chest so I’ll start with this fan meet! First of all the fact that they will probably NEVER have events like this one here in the US and I can understand that! Plus, the reason this fan meet was held in Japan was to celebrate the fact that ‘Heartstrings‘ just got picked up to air on Fuji TV Japan, I’m guessing that’s the reason why a fan meet like this wasn’t held in Korea which I’m sure the Korean fans of the show wish event promoters had done. Either way, the two actors seemed to have a really good time interacting with fans and with each other. I’m happy for Yonghwa if he enjoyed himself!

I’m not sorry to say, I do not ‘ship’ YONGSHIN, in fact, I don’t ship Yonghwa with anyone! I think these type of pairings make no sense because they dont have any relevance on my being his fan and what’s the point of ‘shipping’ someone you like with a girl he has NO romantic relationship with? So yeah, I just wanted to get that off my chest as some people have asked me about it.

On another note, this man, Jung Yonghwa never ceases to amaze me. He’s physically beautiful, has more talent in his pinky toe than most people ever imagine to have in their entire life, and is a total sweetheart to boot! Do I sound biased? Hell yeah, I know I do and I’m proud of it! But you know what, I’m biased about Yonghwa because he’s my favorite member of CNBLUE but you what the difference with me and many other Yonghwa biased BOICE is? I may love Yonghwa, but I also love Lee Jonghyun, Lee Jungshin, and Kang Minhyuk each for their own qualities and strengths! I may single out one member but if you notice, I shine my ‘love light’ on all the members in my own way!

With that said, It feels good to vent my thoughts and what better place to do it then my home on the inter-webs, my site, hehe! Obviously these are my own personal thoughts and opinions and do not reflect anyone else but me!

Let me know how you guys feel too! What do you think about pairings or biased love? I love to read and respond to your comments too


Photo credits: As tagged where it applies
Source: @CNB_YongHwa_ID, Naver, sina ent. via klaritia
posted by: Mari @cnbstorm/colormecnblue


10 thoughts on “[Pic] 120716 Jung Yonghwa @ Heartstrings Fan Meet in Japan

  1. Hi, it’s my first time to leave comments here. I have to say I agree to every word you said about the pairing. I can’t understand why some fans who call themselves boice love to pair Yonghwa with Shin or Hyun. It’s alright to love them both but loving both doesn’t mean you have to pair them up every minute in every single day, and act as if you know what they are thinking and how they are feeling for each other. I love watching WGM myself cos we can see the funny and real side of Yonghwa in the show, but after all this is just a variety show among many others Yonghwa has done and it has ended now. Sorry to say but I dislike how some gogumas relate every every little thing about Yonghwa to Seohyun, esp how they associate every song Yonghwa writes to Yongseo!! Maybe just me but I do think this is a disrespect to his music works and to other CNBLUE members. I feel sick whenever i see those goguma related comments flooding all over the boys’ youtube videos.

    • Agreed, completely! If you like one or both star fine, But there no reason to relate every single thing Yonghwa does to a girl he’s WORKED WITH! But alas, people will have their delusional thoughts no matter what!

      It does take away from the integrity of the music and the video posts when these people continually inject their personal wants or thoughts into comments and such…. It sucks IMO

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave you comment! I would love it I’d you left them more often ^^ take care Luv

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