[News] 120716 CNBLUE’s Lee Jungshin’s Successful Transformation from Idol to Actor

CNBLUE’s Lee Jungshin has stepped up to being the next well-rounded star to emerge from the band. With his recent cameo in ‘My Husband Got a Family‘, his plans to take on acting as a follow up to his modeling activities met with huge success.

Lee Jungshin at 187cm tall is known for his long-limbed figure, a characteristic which brought in many modeling offers since his debut with the band in 2010. He has been featured in several magazine publications including his recent solo spreads in Singles and Cosmopolitan Korea.

His leap forward into acting came with his recent cameo in ‘My Husband Got A Family‘, alongside ‘nation’s little brother’ and fellow band member, Kang Minhyuk as ‘Cha SeKwang’ which aired on July 15th, has further demonstrated his eagerness to perform on the small screen.

“Making my first TV appearance in ‘national drama’ ‘My Husband Got a Family’ really made me happy and nervous at the same time. But it’s also meaningful because I got to film it with Minhyukie (Kang Minhyuk), who has received a lot of love from the drama,” stated Lee regarding his work on the role.

Lee Jungshin played as ‘Oh Yeon Suh’s’ new boyfriend has received many compliments for his acting abilities despite his novice status. The online community was busy posting compliments to the new actor soon after his long awaited TV appearance. Fans have also been praising his efforts for the hard work he put into practicing his lines and learning about his character for his first acting experience.

Lee’s cameo appearance seems to have made an impact on the show’s ratings; episode 42 was the first episode to achieve an over 40% rating since the show first aired which is attracting much attention to the lanky bassist. The drama ‘My Husband Got a Family‘ has broken their ratings record by reaching 41.9% rating. When KBS2 TV aired ‘My Husband Got a Family‘ on the 15th, it went up 3.7% from last week’s 38.2%, reaching 41.9%.

With Lee Jungshin now being the last band member to successfully get bitten by the acting bug, we can now begin to look forward to more silver screen appearances from him and his band of brothers CNBLUE in the future.

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Photo credits: As tagged, KBS2

written & posted by: Mari @cnbstorm/colormecnblue


9 thoughts on “[News] 120716 CNBLUE’s Lee Jungshin’s Successful Transformation from Idol to Actor

  1. From the beginning I always thought Jungshin is a very cool, and its presence is overwhelming in good sense, I think his role as an actor is only a little more accentuated this. 😀

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