[News] 120714 CNBLUE: Taking Over the Silver Screen

The Korean Rock band, CNBLUE is known for their music and as a result of their widespread popularity has become known as a Hallyu Star band.

Music, however, is not the only talent this band of four possesses. But music is not their only niche. The members now have all officially become active on the silver screen turned into actors thanks to Lee Jungshin’s recent induction foray into the acting world.

Many would perhaps recall Leader Jung Yonghwa was as the first member of CNBLUE to break into acting even before the debut of the band pre-debut with the supporting role ‘Kang Shinwoo’ in the drama, ‘You’re Beautiful’ in 2009. Thereafter, Kang Minhyuk made his debut on the small screen in 2010 with the supporting role ‘Hwang Yeon Doo’ on the SBS drama ‘It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl’, portraying the supporting character ‘Hwang Yeon Doo’. Later, In the summer of 2011, Yonghwa then again made his second acting appearance on the popular musical drama, ‘Heartstrings’. This time, Yonghwa snagged a role as the lead male his first lead role as, ‘Lee Shin’, a Rock musician who plays in a band along with fellow real life band member and drummer, Kang Minhyuk as ‘Yeo Junhee’, thus confirming their acting abilities to the public cementing their acting capabilities.

In March 2012, Kang Minhyuk once again graced the small screen as he stars began working on the currently airing and highly rated KBS drama, ‘My Husband’s Got a Family’, a role which has gotten the Idol idol star wide attention and high reviews on his portrayal of the playboy womanizer, ‘Cha Se Gwang’.

While Lee Jonghyun has formerly acted in the vignette movie, ‘Acoustic’, Lee Jonghyun, this guitarist and vocalist for the band, finally made his greatly anticipated small screen debut this spring with another highly rated, romantic comedy drama, ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’. Alongside a stellar cast of Hallyu actors, Jonghyun stars as playing the mysterious ‘Colin’, a young man who comes into the lives of four male middle-aged friends, determined to figure out a huge secret among them set to unravel a huge secret among them. ‘Colin Black’ is an American born Korean, who was brought up in Japan. Jonghyun’s image of the 19 year old Japanese-bred, American-born ‘Colin Black’ is cool and suave with an air of cockiness, which has resulted in the SBS weekend drama getting a lot of attention from the viewers. Lee has gotten rave reviews from both critics and his co-stars for his role on the drama. On a recent episode which aired July 7th, Jung Yonghwa, made a cameo appearance on the drama as himself, cast as a former student of Isu’s (Kim Ha Neul) visiting his old high school teacher. His cameo appearance was requested by the drama’s writer and was highly commended as well. ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ is aired every Saturday and Sunday at 9.50 p.m.

Making headlines most recently, Lee Jungshin joins the CNBLUE boys in the acting world with his first ever small-screen appearance, acting on Minhyuk’s drama, ‘My Husband’s Got a Family’ set to air on the its July 15th broadcast of the KBS2 drama. Jungshin’s appearance will be a cameo role, similar to what Yonghwa did on ‘AGD’. The handsome bassist Jungshin will cameo in a fellow member’s drama, just as Yonghwa did on ‘AGD’. No other details about his character were revealed by the agency or drama staff, as it might spoil the content of the forthcoming episode.

Lee Jungshin, while excited, is also very nervous about his cameo and stated, “I’m honored to be able to appear as a cameo on the nationally popular ‘MHGF’ My Husband Got A Family’. Minhyuk is appearing in it, so I always watch it with the other members on weekends, and I’ll work hard so that I don’t become a burden to the show. I’ll do my best.”

With all the members enthusiastically acting in their various roles during their musical hiatus, CNBLUE seem to be taking over the TV is ever present by way of the small-screen scene with their undeniable charisma and onscreen presence. CNBLUE continues to show and prove that they can not only take over the achieve “All-Kill” on music charts but they can also reel in credible viewership ratings on TV have a strong hold on the silver screen as well. Once Again demonstrating there is nothing these guys cannot do once they set their minds to it.

**Featured on KpopStarz.com on behalf of CNBLUESTORM**

written by: Mari @cnbstorm/colormecnblue

Edited by:  D@cnbstorm

5 thoughts on “[News] 120714 CNBLUE: Taking Over the Silver Screen

  1. I really wanted Jonghyun to make at least a cameo in shut up flower boy band , it was a good drama . On the other hand I am so happy for them , even if they try acting and doing other things their commitment to CN Blue is still strong , and maybe these acting experiences will help them explore other sides from their personality . Anyway I hope they can continue doing what they enjoy 🙂
    pd: Jungshin look so hot lately omo T_T

    • Haha, well said! I’m happy for them and so proud! And yes, despite their love of acting, they still focus on music which is their No.1 love!

      Yes, maknae is looking really handsome, even more than before, so is Minnie! They are growing out of their baby-face looks ^^

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