*PLEASE READ*[Site News] ColorMeCNBLUE’s Mediafire Account Has Been Suspended

Hello Everyone,

I woke up this morning to find an email informing me that my Mediafire Account, that I have been using to host all of the files I have shared on my site, has been suspended. What this means is I no longer have access to the account that my files are connected to which means that all the links on my site are void and no longer useable. You can imagine what this must feel like for me, I have worked hard to split, upload, then post the file links online to share with all of you and now I have to start all over again, almost 300 posts!

What this means moving ahead, I wasn’t sure. I really dont want to let this be the reason to shut down my site but I feel a bit overwhelmed now thinking of the daunting task of re-doing all the work I started over two months ago. Of course, posting media files isn’t the only thing I share, I also post articles and other news info and images so I know that shutting down would not be the best thing to do. I just made a Thank you post yesterday regarding all the visits I have had on my site, so I know that you like to come here, and so that alone is motivation to keep going. So for that, I Thank You once again.

Therefore, with all that said, I will plan on re-uploading every single file I have shared on ColorMeCNBLUE, eventually. Luckily I still have all the files I originally shared so nothing is really lost, just the links. At this time, I need your support and patience more than anything. I ask you to please understand that this rebuilding process will take some time so please do not rush me in this process. I ask that you refrain from submitting any new Requests for content and asking for Passwords as obviously all the links are dead. I still have all the Requests already submitted noted so I will resume those as soon as I can. I will definitely keep you all informed of my progress. Thank you once again for your support and understanding and I really hope that you continue to visit!


In order to raise money for a media storage upgrade and also to afford to purchase the domain name, ColorMeCNBLUE.com, I have decided to use Tinypaste and Adf.ly connected to the links.Β  I am also trying new hosting sites during this time until I find one or several that I find suitable for both my readers and myself that are easy to use and fast to download. Most of the hosts allow for bigger files sizes than Mediafire so that means it should be less files for you to download! I will also still be using Mediafire but only for small files such as scan and picture zips and the like. Nothing will change, all you would have to do is click the links and wait the 5 seconds, then click SKIP and you will be then taken to the download page, that’s it! I won’t require for anyone to have to request Passwords anymore since you have to click the links to download which in turn will benefit my site so you dont need to worry about having to ask for the passwords, they will be located in each of the posts if there is one required for download.

Unfortunately, these changes needed to be put into place in order for me to upload the links that were lost faster so please bare with me and continue to support my site! I appreciate you all so very much, I’m doing this to share CNBLUE with all of you!



33 thoughts on “*PLEASE READ*[Site News] ColorMeCNBLUE’s Mediafire Account Has Been Suspended

  1. i really don’t know why midiafair doing this

    i used (adf )and it’s really good ^^ i’m already urend 30$

    like (hotfile) , its really good host . he’s give you 15$ for file 100-1000MB if the file has bean download 1000 time ^^ i’m sure you get a lot of pepole that download your program ^^ and with the adf link short ^^ i’m sure you will be Rich kekeke ^^

    and their also a good host but he does not Pay for you like (JumboFiles)

    if you want to ask me anything ^^ i’m happy to answer you ^^

    • Thank you so much for the info!!! Hopefully I can earn a bit of money to get the upgrades I want :)))

      I will definitely bother you if I need more advice hehe, thanks for offering!

  2. i’m already familiar with dl links from adfly n tinypaste, no difference to me hehe~i understand why u need to use it~

    • Thank you for undestanding! I’m so pissed cuz I really do think Mediafire is one of the best hosts out there! You can DL multiple files at a time and the speeds are always good too….Haiish stupid idiots tho…They are cracking down on alot of other sites! I’ve seen a few of my friends and sites that I follow say that they had accounts suspended

  3. That’s so sad 😦 but I’m glad you won’t let this stop you and you should take your time , don’t stress yourself ^^ , FIghting !! Also about the hosting thing I’ve seen many sites using jumbofiles and I have downloaded single files of 400mb from there .

  4. I can only say that I hope things get fixed somehow πŸ™‚
    I send you a hug. I’ll keep watching your blog as it has become my daily habit. XD


    • Thank you so much!! I’ll still be positing stuff!! I’m not going anywhere! All my readers have assured me they don’t want me to close and I won’t!! Like I said, I just need to re upload alll the links in the posts which will take some time but in the meantime, I’m still posting new content, articles, images and other video! Nothing’s gonna change so please keep visiting!!

  5. what :O omg!!! *le comforts* it’s gonna be okay πŸ™‚ I’m just a KKT away if you need any help πŸ˜€

  6. Oh =( I’m so sorry girl *hugs* Keep your spirits up, us Boice stick together through thick and thin. And please don’t be overwhelmed about posting all your links again. You take your time =)

  7. Really sorry for this situacion, don’t worry, I hope everybody will understand. THANK YOU for ALL!!! … and Keep Fighting!!

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