[News] 120708 CNBLUE’s Agency FNC Announces First Girl Group Debut in July

FNC Entertainment, home to F.T. Island, CNBLUE, Juniel, and more, is gearing up to finally debut its new girl group.

A representative of the agency revealed, “We will be revealing our rookie girl group through the teaser website on July 13th and the group will officially begin their activities. The team is a 7+1 member girl group, so please show lots of interest.”

As F.T. Island, CNBLUE, and Juniel are all known for their talent and individual colors, many are now highly anticipating the debut of FNC Entertainment’s first girl group, curious to know about the group’s musical flavor as well as their concept.

On July 8, FNC Entertainment announced it would soon launch its first girl group.

The agency shared, “Our first girl group will make a debut sometime between late this month and early next month with an entirely new concept.”

Though additional details on the upcoming girl group has not yet been released, many are speculating that the agency, which has made its name as the home of idol bands and musicians, will follow a similar ‘idol band’ mold.

We aren’t really sure what “7+1″ means, is it the name, the number of members?  Hopefully, the upcoming teasers will provide some clues. FNC added an official teaser for the new girl group would be released on July 13.

I dont know why I found this newsworthy enough to blog about because its probably going to be a bunch of typical girls dancing around and making mediocre music but since it had to do with CNBLUE‘s management company FNC Entertainment, I figured to post the ‘news’.  So the article boasts FNC stated this group “will follow a similar ‘idol band’ mold.” whatever that means! Is it going to be a group of girls who play instruments because that would be the only thing I think we haven’t seen yet from the Korean music market. But if that’s the case, then why name them 7+1? Weird name for a girl group to say the least. People are speculating that the ‘+1’ represents a transgender person or perhaps a ‘little’ person LOL… so who knows what it means but I guess we’ll all find out on July 13th when the first teaser for the new group will be released. I wont be holding my breath, will you?


Source:  allkpop, enewsworld

Posted by Mari @ Colormecnblue

8 thoughts on “[News] 120708 CNBLUE’s Agency FNC Announces First Girl Group Debut in July

    • Meh, I’m just assuming they are but its FNC we’re talking about. They have a pretty good track record going on so I doubt they would just ruin it by releasing some half-ass group…we’ll have to see what happens

        • I would think so, I mean, who would just leave a group like that knowing there was something good coming for them! But then again, it could’ve been a management change…who knows!

          • Korean entertainment industry just like well organized mafia organization..its hard to dig …full of secret codes and policies..haissh.sometimes i even have wild imagination n asked myself “is there anything about the boys tailored by management? “..its not likely but…i always got “expect the worst” mindset..:D

          • I’ve thought the same thing at one point, but the way they were started was different from other “idol” groups though so you have to think perhaps they are really different! But you dont know the true intentions of the Music label, after all they are out to make money at whatever costs!

            I dont care how or why CNBLUE were started but I do care if they are happy and are able to live their lives and careers the way they see fit. Things may have been different for them in the beginning cuz they were unknowns but now they are popular and have proven to be money makers for the company so that should be enough to secure a safe future for them. Lets hope they are well taken care of and continue to grow ^^

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