*1 Year Anniversary* [Vid] CNBLUE ~ In My Head ~ Limited Edition

CNBLUE – In My Head PV & Special Feature Type A

Release Date: 2011/10/19

Format: DVD ISO

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To be quite honest, this song/PV marked the first time I actually looked at CNBLUE as a Rock group! Before this song and PV was released, I didn’t really see them as Rock even though they had some rock influenced in their music, with ‘In My Head‘ they were able to come with a harder, more edgy sound that really caught me by surprise and I liked it!! I just happen to love all of CNBLUE‘s different colors, if I had to give  ‘In My Head‘ a color it would have to be black for the dark imagery and lyrics to boot!


**Click on Image for DL / Please leave a comment if you want to download**

Source: bambimiri

Posted by Mari @ Colormecnblue

40 thoughts on “*1 Year Anniversary* [Vid] CNBLUE ~ In My Head ~ Limited Edition

  1. Thanks Mari for re-uploading this. My laptop charger broke while I was downloading this so I had to wait until my new one came to watch it.
    I’ve really been enjoying your website, it’s great what you do here.

  2. I need to to thank you for this fantastic read!
    ! I definitely enjoyed every bit of it. I have got you saved as a favorite to check out new stuff you post…

    • /touched/ You have no idea how much followers like you mean to me! You actually read the stuff I write heheh, its so touching really!

      Thank you for taking time to leave me a comment & I really hope you find other things to comment about here! This site is for BOICE ^^

  3. What a nice way to wake up this morning and find your post. Thank you for sharing, you’re really generous.. 🙂 Is this the one where they performed in front of Shinjuku Station?

  4. I hadn’t this MV, I’ve seen it once u.u
    Thanks for uploading ^ ^

    {I just remember how good that Yonghwa looks with that black shirt *¬* }

  5. Thank you thank you thank you!!! =D This is also when I started to notice CN Blue’s rock side. They already had Just Please and One Time which were rock, but whenever they would perform, they had yet to release their inner rock, especially Yong Hwa. I read a fan account somewhere of when they performed in L.A. and they described him as a caged animal being released on stage lol After watching those fan cams, I’d have to agree. Totally wild, rocker Yong Hwa = Heaven *-*

    • Yes, totally agree! Lately, maybe since In my head, you can plainly see the evolution of CNBLUE’s inner rockers come out during performances! This is my opinion but I feel that the Korean music market stifles them musically and perhaps that comes across in their performances. If you notice the difference between when they perform on Japan and Korea, they are totally different!

      I only wish I were able to attend the LA concert but I was so broke at the time, still am lol! I’ve seen lots of fan cams too and Yonghwa for sure seems to have found a home for himself on stage, no matter where he is! I love that about him, he’s really matured musically and performance wise, I’m so proud of him hehe!

      You’re welcome for the file! Did I send you the PW yet?

      • Agreed, there really is a difference between the Korean and Japanese performances. Not just in the style of their performances, but even the way the concerts are filmed. Compare the Bluestorm DVD to 392 or Winter Tour DVD. The shots in the Japanese concerts are amazing and the lighting is so unique for every mood of each song. It looks like a movie compared to their Korean DVD. Another perfect example is the MTV Unplugged DVD, it’s a work of art 🙂 I always look forward to their Japanese releases, because I know they’re performances are gonna rock and the visuals are to die for. The only downside is that they’re a lot more expensive than the Korean releases T-T

        I was so depressed when they came to LA. It’s one thing to hear about their concerts overseas and wishing you were there, but this time they were actually in the US and I still couldn’t go *sobs* Why couldn’t I find $1000 bucks laying around somewhere…is that too much to ask? :/ aigoo..

        One day *crosses fingers* =p

        Thanks again for the ISO! And yes you already sent me the password 🙂

        • OMG I feel your pain Unnie, I wanted to go to but I just couldn’t afford it what with the travel expenses on top of ticket prices and then I’d have to pay for a hotel too! I just couldn’t! I live on the opposite coast too!

          But yah, totally agree! I think they feel this too. Its probably why they are really working hard to make their music their own in Korea too so that it can almost mirror their Japanese sound I’m guessing! Only time will tell though!

          Let’s hope they can have another US show and we can get together a bunch of us BOICE and go together if we can! BTW, where you from?

          • I’d like to comment on what two you were talking about above. XD I was writing a term paper about Korean music last semester and I have so much to say why I’ve been supporting CNBLUE ever since then.

            When you’re saying that you feel as if the Korean music market is stifling CNBLUE musically, I tell you, it’s not just a feeling, it’s true. The Korean music scene has always been like that ever since Seo Taiji and Boys (a hip-hop trio led by Seo Taiji in 1993. YG of YGEnt was also part of this.). Then comes Lee Soo Man (SM Entertainment) who succeeded in finding the “perfect” formula that, according to him, made Koreans love Korean music. Since then, the Korean market has always been looking for something like Seo Taiji and Boys. Also, according to a friend, Koreans are pretty closed minded towards everything. So the issue about entertainment companies standardizing Kpop is something I personally believe in.

            If we compare all these to the Japanese music scene, Japan already has a stable music market way before Korea started having its own. Japanese are very open minded towards music, giving their artists a lot musical freedom. A perfect example is the genre visual kei which I believe most Koreans will never accept. Seeing this music opportunity, CNBLUE brings out their inner rocker self in Japan rather than in Korea. Through their Japanese songs and with the internet today, they are able to show Korea and the world that they’re not the, if I may say so, laid-back band FNC wants them to be. Remember, all of them has the goal to make Koreans accept band music. They can change the Korean music scene if they’re able to.

            *I wanted to include the issue that CNBLUE cannot play their instruments when they debuted, then there’s FTI too, but that would make this comment too long already. XD haha… btw, I never finished that Kpop paper I mentioned above. I started judging Kpop (not counting Korean band music and a few other idol groups) so much that I might not be able to stop myself from being too subjective. ^^;;; sorry about butting in in your conversation. >.<

  6. I agree and I think they’re going with the same with come on .. I honestly prefer this CN BLUE but then it’s nice to listen to their other more pop rock songs and the calm ones . I wouldn’t like them this much if they always did the same , any musician searches for variety in their work but in CN Blue’s case they always stay true to themselves no matter what they try . Thanks for posting this ^^ I only have the mv and I haven’t been able to find the bts , can you send me the pw ?

    • Yes, well said! Its always nice for a new band like CNBLUE to experiment with different sounds before finding their niche musically. We also have to remember, they are only less than four years old as a band, they are still growing!

      CHeck ur mail shortly for the PW luv!

    • Mmhmm, I love Rock music but I also like other genres too. Rock/ Alt Rock are my favorite. I just love how CNBLUE can give me the Rock sound I crave but then change it up here and there! I enjoy their music because of it’s many colors! *Note* that’s why I named this blog ColorME CNBLUE!! lol Check ur mail

      • I think the same!! I also like other genres too ^_^ and when I say other genres, I mean very diferents genres, but my favorite it’s Rock or alt Rock ^_^


  8. were you able to read my tweet? or maybe you can read my mind. :)) i was asking if you have this and now you have it posted. you’re fast. :> i love you and your blog. but i love you more. ♥ can i ask for the pw of this one too? thanks~ ♥

    i dont know what i can do in return. i’ve been leeching a lot from your blog recently. XD

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